Thursday, January 2, 2014

That's what HE said Thursday #1

That's what HE said Thursday
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Every Thursday we post a favorite line from your book boyfriend to his heroine. These are direct quotes from dialogue in a book. 

This one is a new one for me but it sounds like fun. I don't have book boyfriends but I do have favorite couples. 

Mine this week: 

Much Ado About Nothing by C.E. Wilson

 Bennett to Bea 

“I’ll agree with that,” Bennett said, kissing the top of her head.   God he loved the smell of lavender and sage.   “You and I, we really are too smart to be paired up together.   Are you sure you want to do this again with me?”

It may not be swoony but it makes me smile. 

What's your's this week?

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  1. I have not heard of this book. Is it just like the play or does it differ?