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Book Blitz: Honey Queen

Title - Honey Queen
Author - Christina Mercer
Release date - 05/31/14


 Love is honey sweet, but it comes with a fatal sting . . .

Melaina Maris needs wings to fly the gap between loving Sam and her family’s ancient curse that forces carnal love and then kills the male lovers. She won’t let the same fate that killed her father befall another. She refuses to allow her goddess-created bloodline to continue. But there’s no easy way out, especially after the curse turns her into the Honey Queen—savior to honey bees—intensifying her charms.

To help her fulfill the curse’s demands in the least harmful way, her grandmother takes her to mate with terminally ill Boyd. But Boyd’s gay. And an expert in mythology. Instead of having sex, Melaina learns how she might summon the goddess who created the first ancestor bee-charmer and cursed her bloodline. Melaina's magic—tears to save honey bees from endangerment—could be enough to persuade the goddess to end the curse. But an unexpected discovery soon changes that hope, spinning Melaina into a swarm of love, friendship and death.


On my way home, I stop and grab the mail at the end of our drive, and Sam rolls up in his white pick-up with the words Leonard’s Dairy Ranch painted across the side. “Hey, Mel,” he says, chocolate eyes melting my insides. “Been a while.”

I swallow hard, hoping the rush of heat to my face doesn’t show. “Yeah, well, I’m trying to graduate early, and you know, busy helping Gran.”

He nods, and his eyes flicker over my car. “You ever feel like riding shotgun in that thing, I’d be more than happy to take the wheel.”

I get back in my car and toss the mail on the seat next to me. “I’ll remember that.”

He laughs, and just as I shut the door, he calls out, “Go out with me.”


I take a deep breath and roll down the window. His brown shag drapes around his smile. His perfect, irresistible smile. “Sam, you’re my best friend. I don’t want to ruin that. Besides, I have to stay focused on school.”

“That’s bull, Mel, and you know it. Having a little fun isn’t going to turn you into your mom.”

He knows me well, has since I was in the first grade and he was in the second, but he still doesn’t know what I am. Gran calls us Apis charmers; I call us Apis slaves. And I’d bet him the pink slip to my car, he’d feel differently about dating me if he knew the truth.

“You’re right. I’m not going to end up like my mom, and the best way to make sure I don’t is to stay away from distractions.” With a wave, I speed down the drive.

I don’t realize how hard I’m biting my lip until I taste blood. Sometimes I wonder if it’d be easier to run away
and let the sickness take me. Sam is pure torture—the sweetest hot fudge sundae, the rarest orchid, the love I can never know.

About the Author

Christina Mercer is an award-winning author of fiction for children and young adults. She took Writer’s Best in Show at the 2012 SCBWI CA North/Central Regional Conference, was a Semi-Finalist in the 2010 Amazon Breakout Novel Award Contest, and won Honorable Mention in the 21st Annual Writer's Digest Self Published Book Awards. She holds a degree in Accounting from California State University at Sacramento and a Certificate in Herbal Studies from Clayton College of Natural Health. Christina resides in Northern California enjoying life with her husband, two sons, four dogs, and about 100,000 honeybees.

Author Links:

1 ebook of Honey Queen (INT)
1 "Honey Bee" swag pack (USA). Swag will be bookmark, buzz card, beeswax lip balm, honey sticks, honeybee charm.

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

It's Monday! What Are You Reading? June 30th 2014
Welcome to It's Monday! is a weekly event hosted by Sheila at Bookjourney to share with others what you've read the past week and are planning to read the next.

Last week
I only had time for one book but it was really good. 

Unseen by Lauren Stewart (Review)

Currently Reading
Burning Bright by E.J. Stevens (Goodreads)

Rest of the week. Not sure yet. I have a lot of review books and non-review books I really want to read so we will just have to wait and see. 

What are you reading this week?

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Stacking The Shelves

Stacking The Shelves
Stacking The Shelves June 29th 2014
Stacking the Shelves is a meme by Tyngas Reviews that let's bloggers share their new books and swag, whether they are physical or virtual. I'll include books I've been sent, emailed, purchased, won and for review.

Added a few ebooks this week and a bunch of kindle freebies.


None this week

Better Homes and Hauntings by Molly Harper (Goodreads)
Into the Fae by Quinn Loftis (Goodreads)
Forsaken by Sophia Sharp (Goodreads)
Demonica by Preston Norton (Goodreads)

Kindle freebies
Firefly Hollow by T.L. Haddix (Goodreads)
Anywhere But Here by Jason D. Morrow (Goodreads)
Be the Death of Me by Rebecca Harris (Goodreads)
Winged by L.M. Pruitt (Goodreads)
What did you get this week?

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Review: Unseen

Title - Unseen
Author - Lauren Stewart
Series - The Heights #1
Genre - Urban Fantasy
Published - May 29th 2014
Publisher - Off the Hook Publishing


Job security isn’t something Addison is all that concerned with. 

Death, however? Yeah, death is a major concern.

After Addison finds a nearly-dusted vampire in the garbage outside her building, her ability to stay off the paranormal radar is deader than the vamp. Almost as dead as she’ll be if anyone thinks she put him there. Even though she’s basically shoving a stake into her own chest, she has no other choice but to get him indoors before he dusts in front of a human. And just when she thinks life couldn’t possibly get any worse, she finds out who he is.

As vampire king and Prime to all races of supernatural beings in this zone, Rhyse gets what he wants when he wants it. But after being ambushed, he wakes up chained to a bed with a hole in his chest and, unfortunately, he needs help to discover who tried to kill him. His only ally is his captor, someone unaware she has the power to bring down their entire world.

While a prophesized war brews in the Heights, Addison and Rhyse must decide which carries more risk—trusting someone who could destroy you or trusting someone who could love you?

* * * 
The Heights not only protects the secrecy of vampires, shifters, demons, angels, and other supernaturals, it protects the humans unaware of the world hidden within their own.

 I received Unseen in return for an honest review from the author.

Addison job isn’t glamorous but cleaning up the bodies of dead supers can’t be that pretty. As a disposal it keeps her out of the box and safe from the supers. Yet everything changed the morning she came home and found a vampire almost dead outside her building. With no other choice she brings him into her home hoping he would die because she didn’t want to stake him. Only after Addison has the stranger vampire in bed with her silver jewelry holding him chained does she learn that he’s actually the Prime leader of the supernatural world.

Intent on only giving Rhyse enough blood so he can leave she drops her blood into his mouth but his reaction isn’t one she expects when he tells her to run. After Rhyse curbs his blood lust he explains to Addison that she’s a long since dead super that has been hunted to extinction. With Addison’s blood she offers humanity which will prove fatal to all other immortal supers but Rhyse isn't willing to let her go yet. As the two spend more time together trying to figure out who attempted to kill Rhyse they also find themselves falling for each other. Will being the Prime be enough to save Addison from what’s coming?

I love Addison she’s one of those characters you secretly wish you could be. She’s been thrust into the supers world, and everything she knew is suddenly changing as her real identity comes out. I wasn’t sure at first about Rhyse but as the book progressed I fell in love with him too and think he’s perfect for Addison. The book also has a few supporting characters I really found interesting like Tempest, Logan, and Micah we saw little insights into their lives.

I was super excited by the opportunity to read Unseen it’s not my first book by the author but it’s clearly my favorite so far. The author has created her own supernatural world mixing humans with vampires, seers, werewolves, demons, angels and more to form The Heights. I found the whole concept for Unseen captivating right from the start it’s well executed. The book is action packed, with the right amounts of mystery, as well as romance that kept me on the edge of my seat.  I loved the characters Addison is an amazing character with lots of potential to grow through the series. I was able to connect with Addison which is why I enjoyed reading her story she’s one of those characters who captures your heart. I wasn’t able to sit down and finish Unseen in one sitting like I would have like to much real life but it was one of those books I thought about when I wasn’t reading. I stayed up last night to finish because I wanted to know how it would end. I can’t wait for the next book because already I miss Addison and Rhyse. While the book does have adult situations they don’t overwhelm the story but enhanced it. That being said I think mature teens as well as adults will fall in love like I did. The Heights series very well could be my new favorite vampire series plus I the cover is stunning. Highly suggest you check it out if you love urban fantasy.
5 out of 5 stars

She stumbled back until her ass hit the counter. It was over. It had been over ever since those chains came off. Ever since she brought him into her apartment. Into her life.
“I saved you. I could’ve left you outside until the sun came up.”
“I imagine you wish you had.”
“Can you…can you not kill me? Just take some, but not all?”
He brushed her hair behind her shoulder and curled his fingers around the nape of her neck, whispering, “Do you trust me that much?”
“I don’t even trust you a little.” She felt the sting of tears. “I don’t want to be turned. If you drain me, let me die.”
He ran his other hand up her shoulder, to her throat and slowly closed his fingers around it. One wrong move and her neck would break. “To drain you I would have to drink from you. And that, my pet, I will not do.”
She didn’t know what he meant, but now seemed like a bad time to argue.
The red in his eyes wasn’t as bright as it had been. “Did you know what you are? How many of you exist?”
She didn’t answer, partially because speaking required the air he was cutting off. Then his hands were gone, just like the rest of him.
Was it over?
One of the women behind the counter moaned. What the fuck? Addison went to make sure they weren’t hurt.
Rhyse was on top of her, his fangs obviously burrowed in her neck. The woman moaned again, her legs wrapping around him. One hand clutched his shoulder and the other slapped the wall, searching for a hold.
It had to have been shock that made Addison not look away. Or run away. The woman’s moans got louder, then crested, and her body went limp. Not in a dead way but in an I-just-had-the-best-orgasm-of-my-life way.
Get out of here.
“Leave and they will die.” His voice stopped her after only two steps. “Stay and they will wake up from a very pleasant, very erotic dream.”
She ground her teeth when she heard another moan. He must have moved on to the other woman. With two to feed from, there was less of a chance he would drain them, but… “Why should I trust you?”
The woman’s moans stopped and she whined, “No,” in frustration.
“I do not care if you trust me,” he said. “Only that you obey me.”
“Fuck you.” But she didn’t move. “Are they alive?”
“Of course. It is against the law to kill humans.”
“Then let me go.”
“You are not human, Addison.” His voice came from just over her shoulder.
“I am. I promise. Totally human.” Somehow he’d missed the fact that seers were human, despite her telling him at least five times.
She heard the shuffling of fabric and looked down to see him wrapping his already-bloody shirt around the arm she’d cut. He tied a knot with the sleeves and pulled it tight. Was he worried about a little blood slipping out and being wasted? There was no part of this that she understood.
She sucked in a breath when he put his hands on her hipbones. Then another as they slid to her belly and down, pressing her back into him. She felt his heat and a vibration on her back as he made a sound similar to a cat’s purr but scarier. Clenching her eyes shut, she waited for death.
“You should thank them.” His voice was all sex. Dangerous, risky, awesome sex. “They just saved your life.”
They did? “Thank you,” she called out with a shaking voice. “Now that your belly’s full, how about you back off a little?”
“I should kill you.”
“I totally disagree.”
After a moment he stepped away, sighing as if he’d just made a really tough decision and wasn’t sure it was the right one.
“So,” she said, heading for the door, “it seems like you’re feeling better, which is great. I’m really happy for you. Since you don’t need me anymore, I’m gonna go now. See you around.”
“Come to me, Addison.” His eyes were back to their original inhumanly beautiful color. Though he didn’t quite look calm, he did look satisfied.
“Come to me or I will snap your neck.”
“If you had simply brought a human to me, this all could have been avoided.”
“I was just thinking the same thing.” Total lie—she wasn’t thinking a goddamn thing besides, ‘Shiiiiit!’
“You and I have things to discuss and a few memories to alter along the way back to your home.”
Damn it on many counts. “Alter or wipe?”
“Alter, of course. Although my strength has returned, wiping that many minds would still be highly taxing. I prefer to save my power for other activities.”

Like…? Nah, she didn’t want to know.
He opened the door and gestured for her to go first. Which he’d probably never done before. Minions opened doors for him and she doubted chivalry ranked high on his list of valuable traits. But she went because when you gotta go, you gotta go.
“Did you know?” he asked.
What was it with that question? “Know what? That your victims come while you feed? Yeah, I heard it happens occasionally.”
“Always. They always come while I feed. If it were possible, I would show you.”
“I just heard more proof than I wanted, thanks.”
“Yet it would be far more enjoyable to feel yourself come than to hear her do it.”

Author Bio

Lauren Stewart lives in Northern California with two of the most amazing children that the world has ever seen. She reads almost every genre so, naturally, her writing reflects that. With every book, every story, you'll find elements of other genres--fantasy, mystery, romance, paranormal, suspense, YA, women's literature, all with a touch of humor because what doesn't kill us should make us laugh.

Twitter: @ReadLaurenS
Add Unseen to your TBR list on Goodreads:

Lauren Stewart’s other work
Hyde, an Urban Fantasy (Hyde, Book I)
Jekyll (Hyde, Book II)
Strange Case (Hyde, Book III)
No Experience Required (a Summer Rains novel #1)
Second Bite

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Follow Friday

Follow Friday
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Coffee is serious business at my house. The coffee pot when the hubby wants coffee and my espresso maker when it's just me.
I've been known to drink a whole pot by myself depending on the day. 
I have a dozen or so of the owls. I'm sort of obsessed with them. The Minny my hubby brought back from his last TDY Tokyo Disney. The white cup is from my dad. He's a goofball. I have many other cups but these are my favorites at the moment.

Do you have a favorite coffee cup? 

Blitz: Blood Reign

Title - Blood Reign
Author - Tamara Rose Blodgett
 Series - Blood #4
Genres - New Adult, Paranormal 
Publication date - June 27th 2014

Julia’s sworn enemies are safely sequestered in a prison of the fey and her forever mate has been chosen. Not by blood, but by a circumstance shaped from coincidence. However, it’s not enough to save Julia and the others who came from Alaska their fate by the hand of the Alaska den, whose reacquisition has come alarmingly full-circle to capture them.

Tharell of the fey aligns with the Singers, Were and remaining vampire to take back the one Queen who could stop the interspecies wars and establish a truce of genetics that would free all the groups from extinction and conflict.

Can they rescue Julia and her allies before it’s too late? Will the Red Were’s lineage prove to be the catalyst of victory against a corrupt pack that’s grown too debauched by greed and power to be overcome?

"... Jason caught Julia as she wailed against his shoulder. The sound lifted the heads of wildlife caught in the melody of her sorrow. A chorus of absolution, grief and determination buried in a song even the lowest of the creatures heard and took note of...."
BLOOD REIGN excerpt(s)
The Washington state border loomed in the distance. Armed by Canadian Mounties. The horses pitched around nervously, causing the men on their backs to tighten their grip on the reins.
The horses were not dumb. An alert as ancient as any had tweaked their internal alarms.
Julia watched her husband and the other two females move forward. All half-wolfen. This is what the horses sensed.
In a perfect world, they'd all be on horseback, and the horses' scent would mask the Were.
But the world was not perfect. They had upwards of fifteen Were trailing them by their fragrance. Eau de Body Odor, Julia thought with a thinly concealed snort. She figured they kept getting worse as they traveled. No baths, food where they could get it—sleep a luxury. It was a combo for smelly, grumpy and beat.
Jason glanced at her and she gave a tired smile back. When Julia had been taken, she'd been wearing cute but useless tennis shoes. The kind you buy for nearly free and walk to the mailbox in.
They were in tatters. Blisters covered every place she looked. They had been especially bad at the back of her ankle and alongside her toes.
Cyn had healed her from most of it, along with the broken ribs and dislocated shoulder, but the injuries kept returning. The Were changed and suddenly there were no problems—for them. They were in their element out here in the forest. Julia was a regular person who'd just walked fifteen miles on no sleep and inadequate footware.
Jason lumbered back to her position. She looked up into his face, almost seven feet of half-Were and sighed.
“I smell your wounds,” he said and she nodded.
“Likely—they're driving me crazy.”
She laughed out loud when he put his big paws on his hips, thinking about a solution to her shredded feet.
His red downy fur and spinning green eyes regarded her. “What?” he asked and it came out as a growl instead of a word. Julia was feeling the lack of sleep and it translated into giddiness. She so didn't need that, but the more she tried to stop laughing, the worse in became.
She was now the interpreter of wolf speak.
“What? Stop the noise please,” Slash said with more than a little irritation.
“I think she's tired,” Jason restated the obvious with a grin that looked like a grimace on features that were far from human....
Tires spinning, the car launched off in a lurching Superman dive.
Gravel, water from a swollen river below, and broken limbs showered in reverse as the car nose-dove into the shallowest part of the river below.
Tony waited, seconds sliding into a minute, and the gas tank cooperatively blew. Tony instinctively covered his face as it grew hot from the burning wreckage.
Fan-effing-tastic, he thought with satisfaction. Good old Doug was laughing to pieces down there in the trunk. Literally. Of course, the dead had no humor. It was too perfect.
He laughed at his cleverness and backed away from the inferno.
After about a quarter mile outside the immediate scent reach, he caught the one smell he'd been hunting before trashing the burning evidence.
And one in particular: Jacqueline.
The grin on his face reflected his satisfaction.
It fit him perfectly as he'd slipped his human skin to go to wolfen the instant his nose guided him into the thickest part of the woods where his prize lay hiding.
Tony ran, the small animals of the forest moving like water split by a ship's prow. They scampered as he tore through their habitat.
When he arrived where the Singers and demonic fought, he wore their small bodies to mid-shin.
If they did not move out of his way, he ran them into the ground.
It was this vision that filled Jacqueline's eyes when her gaze found him. He knew what she saw from the tenseness of her body.
Fucking weird, Tony thought. As he looked around at the Singers, he noticed they wore some kind of silver all over their skin.
He squinted, looking closer, and realized it was the blood coursing through their bodies.

Writing in Blood
If you're seeing this post, it's because my recent release, BLOOD REIGN, is making the rounds on my first-ever book blitz.
Thanks for stopping by!
A few words about The Blood Series.
First, should you read it? Only you can answer that. However, I make it simple by generally putting my first books in a series to free or .99 cents. Readers can try my dark fantasy stuff and decide for themselves.
If you like a really different take on vamps and Were's; Blood Singers is a sure thing.
There is a lot of omni-POV. What's that? Well, my editor explains the viewpoint like the author is “god” and knows what's in everyone's head and lets the reader know too (that gives me a chuckle for sure). I don't want to be a greedy writer and not let my reader's in on what all the character's are thinking, hence the many POVs in the Blood books. Is that all I write?
No. I write first person past and present, third person past and omni (though that last is not a fave of editor's).
Blood Singers follows the model of a lot of high fantasy authors where they write in many different POVs. However, Singers is a low fantasy (UK verbiage) or a dark fantasy book/series. It means there's some world-building, but it's not excessive. The descriptive voice is present, yet not overwhelming.
My supernaturals are bloodthirsty, violent and war-bound. My heroine goes from devastated to running a royal hierarchy at a [new adult] tender age. Though technically a paranormal romance, Singers can also be defined as urban fantasy and soft horror. There's a little bit for all.
My female MC, Julia, is orphaned as a child and raised by her aunt in rural Alaska. A traumatic experience occurs on the eve of her adulthood and she survives being pulled asunder by two different groups of supes. Or is that three? All the while she grieves for the loss of her one true love.
Is there an HEA anywhere in here?
My readers have come to expect a journey that is both raw and unexpected. Those two precepts are the most predictable part of my writing. Readers also expect me to tie the ending up with a bow on top. It might hang a little crooked, but it's there.
Blood Reign is the most explosive installment yet. Giving a reveal at the end that is shocking, but not overtly cliffy. It takes the four book series full-circle, causing all the nagging loose ends to make more sense. I've also grown my characters and allowed their flaws and strengths to show.
If you're a vampire or supernatural fan, who likes a complex storyline, comedic snark in the dialog in a tootsie roll with a dark center, The Blood Series might just be for you.
I hope you give Blood a try and come away with a unique take on a popular subject.

Tamara Rose Blodgett, is the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author of A Terrible Love; written under her pen name Marata Eros. Tamara has more than thirty-five titles in multiple genres including Dark Fantasy, Dark Romance and Dark Erotica.

Tamara lives in South Dakota with her husband, children and fur kids (dogs). She is an ardent reader of many genres. Tamara enjoys interacting with her readers via Twitter, blog and newsletter as often as possible. Please stop by either one and say hi :)

Never miss a SPAM FREE new release, update or exclusive excerpt!

Twitter: @TRoseBlodgett

Blitz-wide giveaway

10x eBook copies of Blood Reign - open INTL

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Diary Entry

June 26th 2014
It's Thursday afternoon the hubby is sound asleep on the sofa with the dogs asleep in the living room. I have the kids working on summer school projects to get ahead for the next year. I made them each a spelling list one for the 8th grader and one for my 4 year old. I'm hoping to get the older one writing reviews. I'm also thinking of writing reviews of the kids books my little one and I read. 
I've been watching more of Orange is the new Black on Netflix....such a weird show I still don't know how I feel. I like some of the characters and others no so much.

I heard they are trying to get Frostbitten the 2nd in the Vampire Academy series made into a movie. I'm super excited since I loved the series just worried it won't get the love that it deserves. I wish the CW would pick it up because it would fit great with Vampire Diaries and Supernatural.

Currently reading
I'm about halfway done with Unseen and so far I love it. May end up being my new favorite vampire series. 

Unseen is next by Lauren Stewart (Goodreads)


Job security isn’t something Addison is all that concerned with.
Death, however? Yeah, death is a major concern.

After Addison finds a nearly-dusted vampire in the garbage outside her building, her ability to stay off the paranormal radar is deader than the vamp. Almost as dead as she’ll be if anyone thinks she put him there. Even though she’s basically shoving a stake into her own chest, she has no other choice but to get him indoors before he dusts in front of a human. And just when she thinks life couldn’t possibly get any worse, she finds out who he is.

As vampire king and Prime to all races of supernatural beings in this zone, Rhyse gets what he wants when he wants it. But after being ambushed, he wakes up chained to a bed with a hole in his chest and, unfortunately, he needs help to discover who tried to kill him. His only ally is his captor, someone unaware she has the power to bring down their entire world.

While a prophesized war brews in the Heights, Addison and Rhyse must decide which carries more risk—trusting someone who could destroy you or trusting someone who could love you?

* * * 
The Heights not only protects the secrecy of vampires, shifters, demons, angels, and other supernaturals, it protects the humans unaware of the world hidden within their own.

Goodreads rambling
I was dinking around goodreads today because I set the laptop up instead of using my tablet or desk top. so while hanging with the hubby I did a reading. I've joined so many groups but I've noticed I haven't done much posting in most of them. So because I have all these great groups full of great people I've decided to start being more active. I'm going to read a few of the books  this month for some of the group reads so I have an excuse to be more social. So far the books I've chosen are: 
 The Promise of Amazing by Robin Constantine 
Midnight Crossroad by Charlaine Harris 

I've been making my list of to read books for July trying to get in as many as I can and stop slacking. I feel like I've been a huge slacker this year when it comes to read. I'm so far behind my goal this year. I've spent most of it chasing just hoping to catch up but by the end of summer I hope too. 

Off to read! Have a great day!!!
What are you reading?

My Dusty Bookshelf

My Dusty Bookshelf
I've got an addiction for adding books to my bookshelf but never getting around to them. I'm sure I'm not the only one either. It's just so easy with all the new books to forget about the older ones. I'd like to start reading some of the books I've had for years and just haven't read. I thought this would be a good way to share and rekindle some interest in my dusty books. Plus I love giving books a little extra spotlight when I can. 

I've had the hardcover sitting on my bookshelf for as long as I can remember. I purchased it new when it first came out just haven't seemed to find the time. I think the cover is beautiful and the concept exciting. I know the next two are coming out in 2015 so I really need to get on it. 

by Robin McKinley


On her twelfth birthday, Princess Sylviianel is ceremonially bound to her own Pegasus, Ebon. For a thousand years humans and pegasi have lived in peace, relying on human magicians and pegasi shamans to converse. But close friends Sylvi and Ebon can talk. As their bond strengthens, can their friendship threaten to destroy the peace between their nations?

What's on your dusty bookshelf? Do you have books that have been there for years? I do. I can't wait to see what you have to share this week. Be sure to leave a comment with a link so I can check yours out. Happy Reading!!!

What's Next?

What's Next? 
Hosted by IcyBooks

Picking out what to read has always been a struggle for me. I've got lots of review books and even more non-review books. 

My Choice's for what's next:  

I have a few choices from contemporary romance to young adult to finish off with my favorite urban fantasy. So many choices so hard to pick just one.  

Brownies and Boomsticks
 by Bailey Cates 




Katie Lightfoot's tired of loafing around as the assistant manager of an Ohio bakery. So when her aunt Lucy and uncle Ben open a bakery in Savannah's quaint downtown district and ask Katie to join them, she enthusiastically agrees.

While working at the Honeybee Bakery—named after Lucy's cat—Katie notices that her aunt is adding mysterious herbs to her recipes. Turns out these herbal enhancements aren't just tasty—Aunt Lucy is a witch and her recipes are actually spells!

When a curmudgeonly customer is murdered outside the Honeybee Bakery, Uncle Ben becomes the prime suspect. With the help of handsome journalist Steve Dawes, charming firefighter Declan McCarthy, and a few spells, Katie and Aunt Lucy stir up some toil and trouble to clear Ben's name and find the real killer..


Blood for Wolves 
by Nicole Taft 


As a wolf biologist, Caroline McKenna hates those old fairytales where the wolf is always the bad guy.

Except when she tries to keep a lost little girl from drowning in a pond, she ends up in the Kingdom of Red—where wolves are the bad guys.

And the girl she tried to save? Nowhere to be found.

Now, Caroline has no idea how to get home, and the Kingdom—once ruled by Little Red Riding Hood herself—is in trouble. Her only guide is a man named Wolf, whose golden eyes and oh-my-what-big-teeth-you-have are as startling as they are enticing. Caroline isn’t willing to leave without knowing the young girl is safe, but that means sticking with Wolf. Especially since her only other option is to wander around a fairytale forest alone.

But that means facing dangerous creatures and evil enchantments. There is more happening in the Kingdom than anyone realizes, and if Caroline wants to stay alive she has to figure out her role in this story—and she knows Wolf isn’t telling her everything.


the Mayfair Moon
by J.A. Remerski


After a nightmarish encounter with a werewolf, seventeen-year-old Adria Dawson loses her sister, but gains the love of a mysterious young man and his legendary family. Strange and tragic things begin to happen in the small town of Hallowell, Maine: residents come down with an unexplainable 'illness' and some disappear. In the midst of everything, Isaac Mayfair is adamant about keeping Adria safe, even from her sister whom he has warned her to stay away from. As unspeakable secrets unfold all around Adria, impossible choices become hers to bear. Ultimately, no matter what path she takes, her life and the lives of those she loves will be in peril. As she learns about the werewolf world she also learns why her place in it will change the destinies of many.

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