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Review: Northern Bites

Title - Northern Bites 
Author - Nikki Jefford 
Series - Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter #2
Genre - New Adult Vampires
Format - Kindle Review Copy
Published - July 27th 2013
Publisher - Acorn Valley Publishing


Love bites.

Probation sucks.

Thanks to Dante’s recklessness, Aurora is now partners with Valerie: the redheaded, backstabbing vixen. 

Dante is in full flirt mode. Fane’s tactics are more ruthless. Something carnal has awakened in Aurora and neither boy is helping tame her cravings.

When a member of the unit’s team is found dead, Aurora and Valerie are sent after a vampire in Sitka, but Aurora suspects the killer’s much closer to home.

I received Northern Bites in return for an honest review from the author. I only wish I hadn't taken so long to review the book. Northern Bites is the second book in the Aurora Sky Vampire Hunter series which starts off just after the end of the first book. Aurora has been assigned to work with Valerie who happens to be her least favorite person after she blackmailed Aurora to break up with Fane. The whole goal is to find the vampires who killed a pizza delivery guy and get them to bite Aurora while Valerie takes them out. Since the accident Aurora’s blood causes a rare reaction to vampires knocking them out. After taking care of the vampires Aurora hopes to be partnered back up with Dante her mentor but instead Melcher sends them off on a month break.

The break will give Aurora a chance to focus on school so she can graduate in a few months and move out of her mom’s. Aurora still hasn't gotten behind the wheel of a car just being in one hasn't been easy so her mom has to drive her across town twice a day. When the idea of moving into her grandmother’s home comes up its quickly shot down. She even decides to attend the Valentines dance at Marcus’s house with Noel where she encounters Fane which spurs old feelings. When the bodies of Agent Crist and Mike a boy Aurora knew from school are found murdered by vampires. They are divided into teams and sent into the field to find the vampires. Aurora is again partnered with Valerie and Jared a recruiting agent. When things go bad will they all make it back? What happens when they learn the truth about Jared?

I like Aurora she’s a great character easy to connect with and handles being a vampire slayer well even if she stuck in cold Alaska. I’m not a huge fan of love triangles but she does have two potential love interests in this book Fane her ex and Dante her mentor. I’m personally rooting for Dante I just love his character and Fane is a broody vampire. I also really like Valerie we learn a little more about her story which I found interesting plus she reminds me of that 80’s song every time I read her name.

I've been looking forward to reading Northern Bites even more so after the new covers came out they are absolutely beautiful. I like the Aurora sky is a vampire hunter but she doesn't just kill every vampire she see just the ones who deserve it. The author has taken the vampire hunter concept and put her own unique twist creating a captivating story. The characters are easy to connect with, engaging and you can’t help cheering them on through the whole book. Northern Bites is one of those books I had a hard time putting down the story is action packed filled with killer vampires, sassy vampire hunters, sexy men and a whole lot of suspense. The author has done a brilliant job of writing a story that flows smoothly from start to finish. It’s one teens as well as adults will enjoy I know I did. I really enjoy reading Aurora’s stories and love the book. I can’t wait for the next one to see what will happen in the next book. I need to listen to the song Valerie one more time, before I post this review. I won't be calling on her though. 
5 out of 5 stars

I just had to share the rest of the covers. 

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