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Status update 12/8/2015
Currently accepting a limited amount of review books. 
I'm trying to catch up on a backlog of reviews that I have. 
I would love to read them all but to be honest I just don't have time in the day. 
I will try to respond to every request but I'm sorry if I can't get them all. 
(Since I am doing limited requests I would be open to doing a guest post, interview, or promo post for your book)

Reviewing Books.
I love reading books more then anything else, and I love to be able to voice my honest thoughts on books so I created a blog just for that. I'm always willing to read and review almost anything I'm not a fan of documentaries or biography unless it's someone I really like. 

That being said I am always willing to give a book a honest shot. I know I'm new to the whole blogging thing so I'm still getting started but if you would like to let me read and review your book I'd be honor'd to do so.  I always post my reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and my blog.

Book Reviews Rating System
5 Stars - Amazing book, clearly something I can read over and over!
4 Stars - Great book enjoyed reading maybe one day I might read it again.
3 Stars - Good it wasn't bad but it didn't hold my attention enough to read it ever again.
2 Stars - Ok it wasn't the worse thing I read but it wasn't amazing odds are it was a struggle.
1 Star - It was so hard to read I was unable to finish it for some reason.

I will try to read and review your book within 90 days.
I am a mood reader which changes daily. 

Format - I'm a physical book type of girl so I do prefer that format. However I do use my kindle to read also.

You can contact me at

Thanks Mandy

FTC Disclaimer:
The Reading Diaries does receive free books in return for honest reviews based on how I feel about the book. I do not receive monetary compensation for my reviews. 

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