2022 Goals

2022 Goals

Covid kinda tossed my world all around with the munchkin home I sort of lost my way. I kind of lost myself and just settled into a strange world revolves around the munchkin and some very toxic friends. I have since cut out the toxic friends. I'm working on finding myself again. 

So I have lots of goals wants dreams and plans for 2022 but it's going to be a baby step process. Lots of starting over in the next year. I need to find my new identity you could say or the one that was lost. Anyway onto the my goals of 2022. I won't bore you with the details as much of it is still being planned out. 

More Books
I want to read more, so much more. 
My goal for this year is to read 200 but currently I'm only 1 book in. 
I think I've been in a funk and just need to find something to read. 

I want to post and share my foodie posts. 
I'm always cooking, baking or trying something new. 
I just need to make the time to write the recipes and post them 
More Air Fryer adventures, as I'm currently in love with this thing. 

I've always been crafty but I'm terrible when it cones to finishing projects.
I do finish a lot of stuff but not nearly as many as I have started. 
I want to post and share my work in progress and finished projects. 

This one is a big one I want to post more original content. 
I have so many ideas that I never get around to sharing. 
I want to grow and evolve as a blogger. 
I want to be more active. 

I've always wanted to be a photographer but I never took the time to learn. 
I'm hoping this year that I would be able invest the time in improving my skills. 
Maybe one day a little business plus I'm sure my social media pictures will be better. 

I love to journal and design my bullet journal but then I don't use it enough. 
I plan to use it every week and to use it for extra stuff. 
Find the love I used to have using it daily for everything. 

More hydration (water well tea) 
I've been bad the last year but I need to change that. 
More water is my goal. 
I already drink a bunch of tea but more tea on the agenda. 

More artsy 
I wish I had a fraction of the skills my munchkin has when it comes to art. 
I'm determined this year to get better and start drawing anima characters at least. 
Maybe more painting too. 

More spin (working towards a 5k) 
I love my spin bike but I've not used it enough. 
Hoping to get back in the groove and get a bunch of miles this year. 
Plus lots of walking and back into running on the list. 

Not too bad of a list. Which is of course subject to changes. 

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