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Review: Strike: The Returning Sunrise

Title - Strike: The Returning Sunrise
Author - Charlie Wood
Series - The Strike Trilogy #3
Genre - YA Superhero
Format - Kindle
Published - December 10th 2013


Book Three of the STRIKE Trilogy

Tobin Lloyd has discovered the identity of the Daybreaker.

And it has shaken him to his very core.

Everything that Tobin knew has been destroyed. Boston, Massachusetts is under the control of super-villains. The world thinks he is a monster. And he can no longer even trust himself.

Now, Tobin and his friends--Orion, Keplar, and Scatterbolt--have only one chance at stopping Rigel and the Daybreaker: they must infiltrate the Daybreaker's skyscraper and uncover the next two phases of Rigel's plan for the invasion of Earth. If they don't, the entire universe is doomed.

No more questions. No more secrets. No holds barred.

It has all led to this.

STRIKE: THE RETURNING SUNRISE is the epic conclusion to the STRIKE Trilogy.

I received Strike: The Returning Sunrise in return for an honest review from the author.  This is the third installment in Tobin’s story continuing from where the second one left off. Tobin has learned who the real Daybreaker is and it has him confused because he saw himself. His world has fallen apart due to the real identity of the Daybreak everyone blames him for what’s happened to the world. Tobin isn’isn't the only one deal with his own issues the Daybreak (other Tobin) has his own issues as well.

Tobin learns that Rigel used the Chrono-key to leap back in time and intercept Tobin before he had the chance to meet Orion. A separate timeline was created where Tobin was put in the Daybreaker armor and trained to understand that he’s the real Tobin and Strike is a copy. Rigel used Tobin modeling him as the leader of the super villain to unite all the super villains from Capricious. He also created a dome over Boston with plans to invade earth.

With the help of his friends Orion, Keplar, and Scatterbolt they infiltrate the skyscraper to figure out what Rigel is planning. Tobin encounters the Daybreak who claims he’s just not real. When they learn what they are planning the return to Capricious to rally the Hero’s for the one moment that’s been building since his story started. Tobin will be pushed to his limits, risking the life of himself as well as the hero’s from Capricious in attempt to save the earth. Tobin will learn the answers to all his questions and even some he didn’didn't know he had. Will they save the day or will it all be for nothing?

I really enjoy Tobin through the last two books he’s grown from a boy worried about normal stuff to a super hero who has to save not only our world but the one his father is from. He has grown leaps and bounds improving with each book. I love his friends my favorite is Keplar a large husky like humanoid I tried to talk my hubby into naming our husky mix but he wouldn't go for it. I think Scatterbolt has his own unique personality which enhances the story in his own unique way.  Orion is the older wiser mentor 

Strike: The Returning Sunrise is the final installment in the Tobin’s story. I was super excited to receive a copy of the final book which I’ve been waiting impatiently for. I had lots of expectations for how this was all going to end and the author exceeded my expectations. The author has created a unique concept mixing a world of super hero’s with our world which I found fascinating. The author has done an amazing job creating a captivating story. Strike is a fast paced action packed adventure from start to finish. A book teens as well as adults will enjoy because it’s a clean story that has suspense, intrigue, action and a talking husky. The whole series is well written, it’s easy to get lost in the story cheering on the hero’s. I had a hard time putting down the book it’s one of those stories that keeps you on the edge of your seat till the very end. I really love the Strike Trilogy it’s filled with engaging characters that are easy to connect with. I love the Tobin has grown as a character from the first book. It’s a fantastic series a must read for anyone who loves superhero’s. I’m sad to see it end because I would love to see more from my favorite superhero. Loved it!!!! 
5 out of 5 stars

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