Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Book Review: Filthy Rich Vampire

  Title - Filthy Rich Vampire 
Author - Geneva Lee Albin 
Series - Filthy Rich Vampires #1  
Genre - Paranormal Romance
Format - Kindle
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“It was as if my life had been marked by her absence…” Sensual, dangerous, provocative — step into a daring new world of dark magic, primal attraction, and breathtaking romance.

Julian Rousseaux has a problem. He’s single, and for the world’s wealthiest vampires, the social season is about to begin. Julian would rather stake himself than participate in the marriage market. But as the eldest, eligible Rousseaux he’s expected to find a wife before the season ends—whether he likes it or not.

When cellist Thea literally stumbles into his life at a gala, he knows she's the last person he could ever fall in love with. She's too innocent, too kind, and way too human. But now that she knows about his world, she's also a walking target. She needs protection. He needs a fake girlfriend to discourage overzealous vampire matchmaking.

So, Julian makes Thea an irresistible offer: pretend to be his lover and he’ll change her life. For one year, they’ll attend the season’s social events together in exchange for his protection and a way out of her mother’s crippling medical debt.

She can’t say no. But the vampire world is impossibly decadent and darker than Thea ever imagined, and Julian’s filthy rich vampire family wants her out of the way. But with each moment they share, new dangers emerge: a desire as forbidden as their stolen touches, an awakening of a long-dead heart, and secrets that could tear them both apart.


Julian has been forced to wake up from his long sleep to take part in the marriage market. It's been a long time since the rites were enforced and the season has gone into full swing. When a chance encounter brings Thea into his life the perfect solution to his problem is staring him in the face. Thea knows nothing about he vampire world until she's forced to face the truth, and thankfully Julian shows up at just the right time to save her. 

Neither of them can deny the attraction to each other, and when Julian gives her an offer she can't refuse she's whisked into the vampire world. However, not everyone is happy to see the eligible bachelor has been taken off the market least of all his own mother. As Thea struggles to take on the rites darkness is looming in the shadows intent on causing bloodshed. Are they strong enough to survive the season or will it be too much for them? 

I have had my eye on this one for a while it's a Crazy Rich Asians meets Bridgerton with vampires. I finally decided now was the time as the 2nd one is out, and it fit for my bingo game. I was hooked by the first chapter it's a captivating story with characters you can't help loving. Julian is just as I hoped he would be and Thea is as sweet and adorable as could be. I devoured this book in just a few reading sessions as it was hard to put down.

I love the story I was hooked before the end of the first chapter Thea and Julian quickly becoming my favorite couple. I was so nervous as it reminded me of two of my favorite books but the author did it beautifully with her own twist. From start to finish it was a fantastic read it left me wanting more and wanting to toss my kindle across the room. I can't wait to start the next installment which is already on my kindle ready to go....This one could be top 3 for 2023 best books I've read this year. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Book Review: All Work and No Slay

 Title - All Work and No Slay 
Author - Skye Sullivan 
Series - Witches of Devil's Orchard #1  
Genre - Paranormal Mystery
Format - Kindle
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Bobbi Brooks has enough trouble keeping her cafe from burning down on the best of days. Learning she has fire-magic? It's bound to go up in flames...

It's a beautiful day in the small town of Devil's Orchard when Bobbi's grandmother informs her she's actually a witch. Not just any old witch, either.

Bobbi is part of a long line of demon-slayers.

Bobbi, who can't step on a cockroach without squealing, is a demon-slayer? Yeah right. She's tempted to write the whole thing off as a stress-induced hallucination. Especially when the dumpster-diving fox starts talking...

But then she stumbles over a body that's unfortunately very real, and very dead, and life gets even more complicated. Because people in small towns love to talk. Like about how great a shot her grandmother is with her little .22 pistol. And how her dislike of the dead guy gives her motive. Or how she's just crazy enough to pull the trigger.

They're not technically wrong, but Bobbi knows her grandmother's innocent, and she'll do whatever she can to prove it. Even if she has to find the killer herself.

She'll have to use her newfound magic to do so, but a spell is just a recipe, and Bobbi's good at following those.

This witch thing should be easy... Right?

All Work and No Slay is a hilarious, full-length paranormal cozy mystery filled with plenty of sass, snark, sarcasm, spells, snooping, snacks, spirits and sleuthing. And one of Bobbi's prized recipes!


Bobbie is just a local cafe owner with a unique granny and trying to make it through each day. Her old best friend has moved home to be a local cop and he's not the tall lanky boy she remembers but he didn't return home alone. When the local thorn in everyones side turns up dead in her shop freezer the local's are pointing fingers and hr granny is looking a little more like a suspect. 

In order to prove her granny is innocent she needs to find the killer before it's too late and they strike again. As if finding a killer isn't enough to keep her busy she learns that she's also a witch and future Guardian of the Rift. At least she's come into her magic so she has some tricks up her sleeve and she's got her sassy fox familiar by her side. Will they find the murder before it's too late? 

I love Bobbie she's clearly my spirit character she spends her days making these amazing lunchbox's and spends her evenings reading. She's just adorable her character I found refreshing she feels so real and I just love her. Her sassy fox and granny are the perfect complement to Bobbi a perfect team. 

This is my first book by the author totally picked it based on the cover had a house which could be the haunted house in the story. I love the authors storytelling she's created a captivating hilarious story that was hard to put down I had to know what would happen next. I plan to continue on the series because I can't wait to see what happens with Bobbi in the next book and see what our next recipe is. I think I'm going to try them out. Highly recommend for fans of fun paranormal mysteries.

Friday, November 4, 2022

Book Review: Librarian Witch

Title - Librarian Witch 
Author - Ella Hendricks 
Series - Moongrove Academy: Wicked Spells #1  
Genre - Reverse Harem
Format - Kindle
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 I didn’t know I was a witch until a pair of cats started talking to me and I received an official summons to report to a training school for my supernatural abilities.

That’s when I’m shipped off to a highly esteemed university for the supernatural, Moongrove Academy. I go to class alongside shifters, vampires, and other creatures straight from the paranormal books I love so much.

When magical testing reveals that I’m a librarian witch, I’m ecstatic. Except, it turns out it means I’m a custodian of knowledge and creatures from beyond our dimension, rather than a curator of books. Librarians around here wield silver swords instead of decimal systems, and I’m about to find out why.

On my first day in the library, I accidentally release an ancient dimensional being from centuries-long imprisonment. It escapes and begins terrorizing everyone on campus.

My screw up wakes Geo, a duty-bound gargoyle who senses danger to his destined mate—me.

But he’s not the only one watching my back. I team up with Benjamin Cross, an enigmatic guy with a killer smile, who is searching for his lost little brother in all of this mess.

Yet the most mysterious man of all is Phaeron, the dimensional I freed. He claims he isn’t responsible for the murders across campus. If that’s true, then who is?

I must find out before anyone else is hurt and I’m expelled. Spare a little luck my way, I’m still in my first semester.

This is the first book in a medium burn, fated mates, enemies-to-lovers series with a strong heroine who doesn’t have to choose between her three love interests. It is recommended for mature readers.


Cress had no idea she was a witch until the day they showed up to send her off to Moongrove academy for her to learn her craft. Thankfully she quickly make some friends at the school so she's not going at it alone. When a mistake sets her down a path she won't be able to come back from now she's running from a dimensional who's hunting her, another who's determined to prove he's not the killer who she can't deny she's attracted to. At least she's not at it alone she has Geo a Gargoyle she happened to wake up as he must protect her mate. 

After losing someone very close to her she meets Ben he says all the right worlds and knows just how to charm her but he's also holding a secret that could destroy her world. With the help of her loyal Geo she's determined to fix the mistake she created and set things right. The shadows are a dangerous place and she may not make it out alive. 

I picked this book up for a reading Bingo game because it's about a witch and I've had my eye on it for a while. I loved Cress right from the start she's adorable and I found her easy to connect with. She's nerdy and reminds me a lot of myself aside from I don't have the skills to draw fashion but I always wish I could. I love the way that Geo plays out he's so unique as a character the way he transforms between both forms. I loved the way he was addicted to the internet and have so much hope for him in the future. 

Ella Hendricks is a new author for me so I was super curious to check out her writing style which I instantly loved. I found her storytelling captivating and hard to put down. The characters are easy to connect with but full of depth and personality. I truly enjoyed every page as I devoured the book and eagerly await the next one. I can't wait to see what's going to happen next for Cress and her men. Hopefully we won't have to wait too long. I highly recommend checking out if you are a fan of academy reverse harems with a spunky main character.