About Me

Hi, everyone! Thank you for visiting my little bookish blog.
I'm Mandy a book obsessed coffee drinking crafty nerd living in Northern California. 

A little about me:

I'm not a huge fan of pictures because I grew up with a mom who was taking pictures all the time of us. I think I have that problem too but I prefer not to be in the pictures. I wanted to share a rare picture of myself supporting my husband's team and playing with snap chat. 

I married my best friend just over 7 years ago. He the love of my life and the best man for me. He even supports my endless book buying addiction and crafty addiction. 

I eat sleep and breath books. I'm super obsessed with adding to the collection. I love to read and never leave the house without a book or loaded kindle. I love talking about books and given the chance I will ramble for days. 

I drink coffee for the taste the caffeine is just an added bonus. I'm been dabbling in latte art it's actually a lof of fun to see how they come out and drink them. I've had someone beautiful ones turn out. 

I love to create crafty stuff from jewelry, purses, and crocheting. I'm currently teaching myself how to knit but that's not progressing very fast. I have a habit of starting projects and getting distracted by another project. 

I also love to cook and baking is very relaxing. I've recently gotten into baking bread which has been awesome. I love fresh bread right out of the oven. 

I have two kids a kindergartner and a high school student. It's hard to believe how fast they are growing up. Not going to lie that few hours of kid-free has turned into reading time. 
I'm a huge Instagram fan check me out (Here)

These are the furkids. 
Grimm ~ Husky/Malamute 
Khaleesi ~ Blue Tick Coonhound
I love these two so much but they make me crazy. They can't seem to be best friends instead they have to torment each other all the time. They are both love bugs but gosh they brats too. The hound is my reading snuggle girl she just loves to cuddle. While my male likes to cuddle when it's convenient for him. 

Tv & Movies:
We do watch a bunch of different shows. My husband and I do have a slight addiction to new shows. I think most of it stems from the fact that he's gone all the time. So when he is on the road he can watch or catch up on old shows. Watching an hour of tv a day is great it gives me time to work on a project like a new hat or scarf or even my never ending blanket. 

A few of my favorites  
The Grimm - I can't live without this show. After all, I named my dog after it.
Wynonna Earp - This one is a new favorite but I'm a huge fan it filled the hole of Bitten ending. 
Project Runway - I've seen ever season plus I love Under the Gun the new season. The hubby even watches this one with me. He's so nice.
Are my trio of must-haves. However, this list has been growing but I'm sure they will get cut because we like them. 

I read lots of fiction not very much non-fiction. I'm currently working on my first non-fiction book in maybe 8 years. I have an endless list of fiction I hope to read in the near future. 
It's like they say read 1 add 10 to my To Read List.

You can contact me anytime at


  1. Hello! I nominated you for Liebster Award because I just discovered your blog and think it's amazing! Can't wait to explore your blog and read you reviews!

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  3. Hey Mnady, really enjoy your blog, love the layout! I've nominated you for the Beautiful Bloggers award due to its beauty ;) See the rules here: http://lessrealitymorebooks.blogspot.ie/

    Fellow book blogger Sinead @ Less Reality More Books

  4. Crafty people are always being distracted by a new project. I have a house full of "UFOs". These days I'm having trouble finding time to crochet or knit because I want to be reading. I need to start listening to audio books while I work with yarn so I can kill two birds with one stone (as it were).

    1. That's one of my goals for 2016. To listen to audios while I crochet and learn to knit =D Looks like we have the same mind set. I hate to admit I have so many "UFOs" =D

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