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Diary Entry

January 26th 2013


I've been such a slacker this month when it comes to read. I'm so disappointed in myself at having read only 8 books. I hope to add 4 more before the month is over but its looking like I may not get there. I hate chasing my reading challenge but I'm six books behind my goal. It's looking like more and more short novella's to crunch in so I don't chase again all year. 

Currently reading 
Taken at Dusk by C.C. Hunter (Goodreads)
I really enjoy the Shadow Falls series and I'm dying to find out what Kylie really is. I'm tempted to cheat but I can wait the few days it's going to take for me to finish the series. I have them all on ebook but I've started picking them up as physical books. They have beautiful covers. I only need two more for a full set.

I've come to the conclusion I shop based on cover not so much the synopsis. I hate to admit it but it's true. When it comes to review books I always read the synopsis I would hate to accept or request something I'm not interested in. When I shop for me it's mostly cover based and I feel bad about it. There is just something about covers. 

Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin - I fell in love with the show but everyone says the books are so amazing so starting february I'm going to read each day. I need to read all five before the new season on HBO starts. 


Mine are all over the place and I think it's time I sorted and organized them. They are all over the place and need to be sorted. Do your's get out of hand? I only have two but they are loaded. The hubby keeps saying I can add more but he freaks out when the time comes. He hates that I'm a book hoarder but he's glad it's books over purses or shoes. 

I have a weakness for kindle freebies. I feel bad that I add them to my collection all the time and they never get read. However I hope to one day work my way through all the freebies. I'm only 32 so maybe I'll get lucky and have at least another 62 years to read them all. In addition to the kindle freebies I love the books for 3 bucks or less especially the $.99 books. I can't seem to get enough which is bad to. I've been finding all kinds of new books to read this month. This one grabbed me by the first line I just had to share. It's one of the new ones I just added this morning to my kindle. I love the cover it's beautiful and the synopsis sounds exciting. 
Chosen by Heather Fleener

In the beginning...there were Vampire

Man’s fall from grace sparked the birth of the Dark creatures from the underworld. To counter the explicit threat to mankind, divinely-created immortals were brought forth. The Witch encompassed seven Castes of power; their magic was most effective against the nefarious agenda pursued by the evil ones.

She is Chosen... 
Kaitriana’s gift of magic is unrivaled. A descendant of the most powerful Ancient in existence, her birth was foretold ages before her time. Destined to lead the Witch faction, she is betrayed by her own kind, destroying her birthright and all hope of delivering the Realm from the sinister shadow of the Ancient Dark. 

He is the Key...
Lorcan is a mighty warlord in the Vampire species. His animosity towards the magical immortals is personal - his mother was their Queen. Having long since severed all ties with his former kin, his existence remains plagued by the repercussions of her treachery and a secret that threatens to be his downfall. 

They are the Prophecy...

An arcane prophecy from the time of the Ancients proclaims that only two in all of creation can bring peace to the Realm. When Kaitriana miraculously appears seeking his protection, Lorcan must forsake his duty and disregard the dictates of his breed to shelter the female. Together they must combat the Ancient Dark and surmount the forces within their own factions that would oppose the Prophecy. Their fates have always been entwined and only when joined can they triumph over a blood feud that has shadowed the Light for millennia.

I have a addiction for signing up for challenges I just can't seem to get enough. I signed up for two on goodreads which I'm excited to get started. One starts on the 1st and one on the 7th of the February. Ideally I need to read at least 3 books a week which should help push me back into reading. Do you like challenges?

I've been really crafty this week. I taught one girl to crochet & another to cross stitch. I'm debating pulling my embroidery skills out of retirement. We will see in the coming week or two. I need a trip to the craft store. I also have been thinking of pulling the old paint out and giving it a go at some water color painting. I'm also thinking of cross stitching a quilt with my favorite book covers. It's a lot of work but it could happen in the near future. I also taught one of the girls how to make homemade bagels. 

I've been really productive this morning by making banana bread, doing laundry, and making my reading list for the next two months because of my new challenges. I'm also looking at all the tours starting and trying decide which I want to take part in. Ideally I like to get everything done so I can read. However lately with everyone in and out of the house this week and the hubby gone it's not been productive. I'll share with you my reading list for the next two months after I re-write it all pretty.

I've also been cooking up a storm this week, lots of baked goodies.  

What's new with you?

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