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Book Tour: Book Review: This Wicked Fate

TheWickedFate copy

Have you read This Wicked Fate yet? Check out this exciting new dark fantasy by Amanda Aggie! We'll be touring all week and there is an amazing giveaway so make sure to visit one of our hosts on Instagram!

Amanda Aggie - This Wicked Fate (1)

This Wicked Fate (Realm of Monsters #1)

Publication Date: May 31, 2023

Genre: Dark Fantasy Romance

Arranged Marriage
Mad King
Monstrous FMC
Inspired by Brave
Touch Him and Die
Can’t Sleep without You
Who Did this to You?

For fans of The Witcher and Brave, this fantasy romance, featuring a fierce heroine and a druid with Golden Retriever energy, is both steamy and swoon worthy!

I’m the Princess of Solaria, a realm full of beasts that could make the Devil cower. Except that title means nothing, because I’ll be dead by the week’s end.

Like my sisters before me, the moment I turned twenty-three, my father announced a gauntlet. A fight to the death, where the most ruthless of the land could try to claim me as their bride.

Desperate, I entered the gauntlet and fought for my own hand. Only the mad king is a twisted monster who loves to play tricks, and now instead of wearing a crown, I’m a prisoner, set to be executed for defying the king’s tradition.

I start to fear that things can’t get any worse, but I’m quickly proven wrong when I’m shoved into a cage with a man I’ve never met before. Who knows why he’s in chains… but if he can lend me a hand, we might have a chance to escape this wicked fate.

Trigger Warnings: Gore, steamy scenes intended for those 18+ years of age, monsters, animalistic behavior, blood, murder, dismemberment, and violence.

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Book Review 

I received This Wicked Fate in return for an honest review from the author as part of the book tour hosted by R&R Book Tours.

Eva wanted to believe her father when he told her she was special. That she wouldn't have a gauntlet like her sisters before her had all faced as the prize. On her 23rd birthday she's not surprised her father lied he's still hunting for an heir. However, she's not going to be willing and volunteers to fight for her self in the gauntlet. When things go horribly wrong she's forced to flee into the forest, and ends up captured.

I love Eva right from the start I found her just the right balance of sweet and savage. I just loved her right from the start and as she grew as a character I loved her even more. She stole my heart. I think Finn just complements her in all the right ways and how he was willing to risk everything for it just made me love him more. They have this sweet insta love thing going on but I feel like the fates threw them together when they needed each other the most. I loved that Eva and her beast have this running internal conversation arguing over everything but in the end it's because her beast wants to see her live. 

I knew the moment I read it's compared to the Witcher and Brave which are two of my favorite show/movies. This is my first book by the author and I'm addicted to her captivating storytelling. The story just flowed it's action packed, steamy and kept me wanting more till the end. I devoured the book in just one afternoon. The author has done a beautiful job creating a complex world that captures the heart as well as the imagination.

I really enjoying meeting the cast of her series Dark Halos it was just the perfect tease that I needed to pick up the first one. I love the world that the author created it's a unique twist on mythology. I'm enchanted by realm of monsters where Eva is from, as I'm a little hooked on monster books.  I truly enjoyed every moment of the book and didn't want it to end. I need more of Eva and Finn. This one is going to be a re-read book for sure. I can't wait for the next one to come out as well as explore the Dark Halos series. 

About the Author

275130719_420441066497468_6981442446862619359_n (1)

Best known for her #1 Amazon bestselling series, Dark Halos, Amanda Aggie writes steamy dark fantasy romance. She’s a wife, a mother to two beautiful tiny humans, and has a stellar caffeine addiction. More importantly, she writes choking-hazard fantasy romance that will have you laughing out loud, swooning, and biting your nails all in one sitting.

Almost all of her books take place in the seven realms of Hell, which she’s often described as, “If Hell and Wonderland got together and had a baby.” You’ll find creatures of all kinds—fae, demons, dragons, witches, and more—along with morally gray villains, and steam. So, grab you some pearls to clutch before you enter the seven realms, and get lost in the chaos.

Amanda Aggie

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Thursday, June 29, 2023

Throwback Thursday!


Happy Throwback Thursday! 

A new week all new books to share. On an adventure to the thrift shop with the munchkin we happened across these for only $1 couldn't pass them up. I used to have all the Nancy Drew books as a teenager but sadly they ended up lost within the many moves. I've been hunting them down over the years if I happen across them. I've read them so many times some of my favorite mysteries and started my love of mysteries. 

Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene 
Originally Published May 1st 1930 
The series consists of 163 volumes 
She's written several other Nancy Drew Mysteries as well over the years. 
Find them on (Goodreads

Since it's Throwback Thursday I'm watching a classic that came out 37 years ago this week. 



This man started my addiction to alpha, morally grey characters. I just loved him growing up and was so sure I would marry him. Sadly that didn't happy but Jareth will always be one of my favorite fictional men. The puppetry for this movie was amazing back in the day and I still think it's magical watching it this am. 

Anyone else in love with the Goblin King Jereth? 

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Book Tour: Book Review: To Trust and Protect

 Title - To Trust and Protect
 Author - Christina Mattingly  
Series - Claimed Book 2
Genre - Dark Shifter Romance
Format -  eBook Review Copy
Published - May 1st 2023
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Owen is a wolf shifter who works as a deputy and paramedic in the small mountain town of Pinehurst. He wants to find the right mate to share his life with but is happy to take things slow.

Caitlin is hiding from her abusive ex-mate when she meets a guy who seems like he's too good to be true, but she's willing to try being in a relationship with someone who just wants to keep her safe and make her feel loved and valued.

What they don't know is the past Caitlin is working so hard to heal from isn't as far away as she thinks... and it's threatening to burn down the life Owen and Caitlin are building together.

Note from the author:

This book contains dark themes that may be disturbing to some readers, including stalking, assault, kidnapping, sociopathy, domestic partner violence, pregnancy loss, and abuse (mental, physical, emotional, sexual, and financial).

The consensual spicy elements of the book also contain MFM scenes, degradation, choking, and impact play.

Please be kind to yourself and be aware of your triggers.


I received an eBook copy in return for an honest review as part of the Book Tour hosted by R&R Book Tours. 

Caitlin has already left her past behind but even after being safe with her sister she can't let herself feel safe. She's knows he's out there and part of her is sure that he will eventually come for her as he always does. When she meets Owen he's nothing like the man she's running from can he keep her safe and show her what it means to be loved?

 Caitlin is my spirit character she loves books and baking it was instant connection for me. She went out an got a dog when she didn't feel safe that is totally something I would do. Her scone combos are on my to try list I'm actually going to make some this week because of her flavor combos. I just adore her even if she feels she's a little crazy and broken some of the best people are. Owen is just perfect for her he's everything she needs and wants in a mate sometimes she doesn't even realize she needs it. They have this sizzling chemistry in the bedroom that made me blush a bit. 

This is the second book in the claimed series it includes character from the first book and several new characters. I really enjoyed the first book but this one blew it away. I just loved the story for Caitlin and Owen it was rough, emotional and sweet as can be. It captured my heart right from the start with Caitlin's story it's just so traumatic but filled with hope and baked goods. I ended up finishing in just an afternoon. To Trust and Protect is an emotional read it had me in tears a few times but not all are bad. 

I truly enjoy the authors story telling she's telling stories that aren't my typical reads with so much pain but not always bad. I admit these pulled me out of my comfort zone but I liked that I was able to discover a new world. I love the shifter concept how they each have a wolf that they share a thought process. The internal conversations between them are perfect complements to the story. I'm hoping for more, I see a whole pack of singles who could use some happy ever afters. Can't wait to see what the author brings out next.

About the Author


Christina Mattingly enjoys spicy romance novels with strong characters and phenomenal world-building.

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Christina Mattingly

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Book Release Blitz: Dark Magic

DarkMagic copy

The day has finally arrived!!! Dark Magic by Raluca Narita is now available and we strongly recommend you grab a copy right away! Psst! You can win a gorgeous book box which includes the book if you visit us on Instagram and it's open internationally!  

Dark Magic (The Chronicles of the Underworld #1)
Publication Date: June 27th, 2023 (Today) 
Genre: NA Fantasy/ Paranormal 

The Goddess of Death, the Grimm Brothers, and the Devil collide in a thrilling new paranormal fantasy series. 

 Primrose Titan is the Goddess of Death, an ancient deity who reaps the souls of the dead and rules the Underworld. All life ends with death, and in death, there is no happiness. Primrose knows this better than anyone, and her heavy responsibility has twisted her reality, purging her of all feelings for humans—or so she believes. 

 When the Demon King Lucifer escapes his prison in Hell and threatens chaos on the human world, Primrose must hunt him down. The High Court, a council of deities, is skeptical Primrose can handle Lucifer on her own and appoints the handsome yet icy Atlas Grimm, one of the fabled Grimm Brothers, to assist her. Strange, dark magic and supernatural creatures sent from the Devil himself stand in their way, along with political enemies acquired over the millennia. 
Add to Goodreads Get it Here!

About Author

DSC_2577'' 2 
 Raluca Narita was born in Romania and grew up in Southern California and West Texas. She currently resides in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex and loves to travel in her free time. Raluca is the author of The Chronicles of the Underworld. For each book sold, 99 cents will be donated to the Win STEM Foundation to support women in STEM. Raluca Narita Dark Magic 

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Monday, June 26, 2023

Book Review: Shot Taker

Title - Shot Taker 
Author - Piper Lawson 
Series - King of the Court #2 
Genre - Basketball Romance, Second chances, 
Format -  eBook Review Copy
Published - June 27th 2023
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He leads the league in scoring. My heart won’t give him another shot.

I swore I’d never come back to Denver.

I’d never trust the wrong man again.

But here I am, back in the same place as the bad boy athlete who broke my heart.

Clay rules the basketball court, and now he’s gunning for redemption. But I'm not the same girl who fell for the man behind the all-star image and reputation.

He made me want him like I’ve never wanted anyone.

He made me feel like I was the only thing that mattered.

A single look can make me ache.

A whispered promise in his gruff voice makes my chest tight.

Clay’ll do anything to prove we’re worth another shot.

Shot Taker is a full-length grumpy sunshine sports romance and book 2 in the King of the Court series. Clay and Nova’s story begins in Game Changer and concludes in Play Maker.


I received a eBook copy of Shot Taker in return for an honest review from Valentine PR.

Nova has been given the chance to return to Denver work on her relationship with her sister and pursue her own career as an artist. What could possibly going wrong painting a massive mural in the stadium of the man who just told her only weeks before that their relationship meant nothing. When she's back in the line of sight will they both be able to keep it professional or will the intense connection force them to admit feelings? 

I love Nova she's just this sweetheart with her pink hair who fallows her heart and I just adore her. I admit that I've had moments where I want to stab Clay but he keeps redeeming himself. I spent the whole book cheering them on as they figure out how to make it work. I hope there connection and love for each other is strong enough to withstand what's coming. 

I've been dying to get my hands on this one and had hoped to savor it a bit as the final installment is just around the corner. I found myself completely lost in Nova and Clays story that I devoured it in one afternoon. Piper Lawson has done it again creating another beautiful story that captures the heart as well as the imagination. I loved the first book but this one blew it out of the water and she ripped my heart out with a cliffhanger. The author has done an amazing job balancing the story with the spicy scenes it's a perfect mix and it just enhances the story. 

I love all the supporting characters we've gotten to know in the series so far and hope to see maybe their stories. I really felt like I could connect with Nova and Clay they just feel so real not the ego basketball player I expected. I truly enjoyed every moment of reading Shot Taker it's my first basketball romance and now I'm addicted to them. Highly recommend if you are a fan of basketball romance with second chances and a sweet love story.

Cover Reveal: The Seldom Wings

Cover Reveal Banner

We are thrilled to share the cover for the first book in a brand-new series by Beka Westrup called, The Seldom Wings! Read on for more details!

The Winged Spirits Trilogy (Book One- The Seldom Wings) ebook

The Seldom Wings (Winged Spirits Series Book 1)

Expected Publication Date: August 29, 2023

Genre: Adult Dark Fantasy

For years, Sia’s hidden herself in the gnashing forest, dodging her father’s bounty hunters and ignoring the nameless magic in her veins. When she receives a letter from an estranged lover, she returns to the coast she used to call home, within reach of her father’s magical city hovering above the smog and the arranged marriage waiting for her. This place is not somewhere Sia wishes to linger—the land is noxious and filled with rebels, witches, and other humans who become walking corpses when they die. What was intended to be a brief visit turns into a death-bed promise anchoring Sia to Gwaith House for the foreseeable future. She agrees to look after her first love’s human child until her widower proves he can care for his daughter himself.

The thing with promises is: Sia can’t break them. No seraph can. At least, not without severe consequences.

While navigating the complex feelings she develops for the angry widower and her own grief, Sia becomes entangled in a mysterious string of dismembered corpses roaming the smog and a strange detective who refuses to leave her alone. As the desperate undead draw closer and closer to the child she is sworn to protect, Sia races to find the murderer responsible for creating them. She needs to figure it out quickly, or she may risk falling right back into her father’s scorching hands.

Pre-order Here

Pre-order Incentives - Here

About the Author

IMG_6419 2

Beka Westrup is a genre-hopping author of fantasy and romance. The Seldom Wings is her second full-length novel. She lives in the PNW with her husband and two children, collecting more books than she’ll ever be able to read and drinking copious amounts of iced coffee.

Beka Westrup

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It's Monday! What Are you Reading?


 Hosted by The Book Date 

New week new books. I'm all over the place with my reading tastes at the moment. I've got a few review books to read as well as some on my Dusty TBR list. I've been on a manga kick recently. 


Currently reading Shot Taker by Piper Lawson

Rest of the week 

Luna Mare by Pepper Winters

This Wicked Fate by Amanda Aggie

You Can Follow Me & Lose Me In The Shadows by Jo Brenner

Dinosaurs, Disasters & Albert Einswine by Sedona Ashe

What are you reading this week? 

Manga Monday

  Manga Monday 

Happy Monday!!! It's a new week with all new TBR list full of manga. 
I'm currently working on finishing Horimiya this week. I'm about half way through and hopefully should be able to finish it this week. 

I've got 3 more volumes of Takane and Hana before I need to order the next ones. 

I'm also starting Can You just Die, my Darling something a little different. 

Do you read manga? Any recommendations? I highly recommend this series it's still ongoing so new volumes slowly pop up. 

Sunday, June 25, 2023

Book Review: Outlaw

Title - Outlaw 

Author - Nicole James 

Series - Evil Dead Vol 1  

Genre - Romance, Motorcycle Club, Contemporary, Dark, Age Gap, Secret Baby 

Format -  Paperback for review

Published - April 14th 2013

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From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Nicole James, comes a sexy age gap, secret baby, forbidden MC standalone romance.

Outlaw bikers and cop's daughters don't usually mix...

When outlaw biker, Cole Austin sees a young woman handcuffed and being dragged across the yard of the Dead Souls Motorcycle Club's remote clubhouse, he's stunned by the realization of just how dark his world has become. This scene is even more than his twisted soul can stomach.

Compelled to intercede and save her, he has no idea his whole world is about to change. He believes he's doing the right thing until a secret she's hiding makes him question if saving her may be the biggest mistake of his life.

The two strike a deal--a deal they may both come to regret.

Is there anything he won't do for her or are there some things he just can't?


I received a paperback copy free from Valentine PR in return for an honest review.

On a routine trip to visit a club that wants to patch up with the Evil Dead. Cole encounters a woman who will change his life forever as he changes hers. When he catches one of the members with a young women handcuffed clearly against her will he can't just stand by and ends up rescuing her from the member. Little did he know at the time she wasn't just a damsel in destress but the daughter of a cop that could send his whole world burning to the ground. The more they spend time together the harder it's going to be for her to leave as they both get attached.

I love Angel and Cole they went through so much it was a whirlwind rollercoaster but every moment left me wanting more. I like the chemistry between the two it was sweet but also sizzling in the bedroom. They have this banter between them that just works so so well they complement each other. Even after years apart they still had that connection for each other. I wanted to scream at the book when Angel left but we did get a very beautiful second chance romance which is one of my favorites. I think my favorite part though is Cole isn't the hero in the typical fashion he's morally grey but that's what made him so appealing. 

This is my first book by Nicole James and I'm hooked I loved every moment of the story. It's a new genre for me I've not read any Motorcycle club books before so found that aspect very new and interesting. The author has done a beautiful job creating a captivating story that captured my heart as well as my imagination. Outlaw is a dark, steamy romance with gritty raw parts that had me wanting to throw the book across the room only to have me swooning next.

 I love books that really make me feel and this one hit them all beautifully. I enjoyed getting to meet the side characters which I suspect will each have their own books. This one was perfect for fans of the morally grey motorcycle club genre. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series and getting to know more about the rest of the club. I devoured this book in was hard to put down.

Friday, June 23, 2023

Book Review: Wed to the Ice Giant

Title - Wed to the Ice Giant 
Author - Layla Fae
Series - Fallen Mate #5  
Genre - Paranormal Romance
Format -  Kindle Review Copy
Published - June 23rd 2023
Buy it here (Amazon)
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She is tiny, frightened, and all mine. I won’t let her get away.

As king of the ice giants, I must have heirs. But our customs do not satisfy me. I do not want a giantess who will bear me a child and then leave to be with another. I would much rather pursue a union the human way: find a partner who will share my bed, bear my children, and stay by my side.

Until death do us part.

One drop of blood is all it takes to get a match. And when I see her, my cool blood rushes faster in a daze of heat. Only one thought is clear in my mind: she belongs to me. I must claim her before my subjects to prove once and for all this female will not take lovers. She will be mine forever.

I will show her vigorously how different I am from puny human males. And once she knows what it means to be with the king of the giants, she will never want to leave.

The Temple, a matchmaking service for monsters, shifters, and aliens, is open for service.

Arranged Monster Mates is a series of novellas written by your favorite paranormal and sci-fi romance authors: Eden Ember, Layla Fae, and Cara Wylde.

Each of these steamy stories has it all: a possessive male, a heroine ready to sacrifice herself to the beast, plenty of spice, and a happily ever after to curl your toes!


This one has been sitting on my kindle for ages and I decided to give it a shot and I'm glad that I did because I was hooked right from the start. I found the concept for the arranged marriages interesting using blood to find the perfect genetic match. This story is about the king of ice giants Aldrig looking for a monogamous wife. While Lucy a human girl who entered to be matched that the money will help her family.

This is a fast paced steamy arranged marriage romance that captures the heart as well as the imagination. I admit I'm a little addicted to romance and this was my first ice giant. I wasn't sure how it would work out having children but the author did an amazing job of pulling it off. I finished this one in just a quick reading session it's a perfect introduction to the series and I look forward to read more monster romance. As well as checking out books by the author.