Thursday, March 30, 2023

Book Review: Bastet

Title - Bastet 
Author - Laura Greenwood 
Series - Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld 
Genre - Paranormal Romance 
Format - Kindle Copy 
Published - July 5th 2022 
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Bastet knows better than to fall for her ex, and yet she can't seem to help herself.

The last person Bastet expects to connect with while at a speed dating event is her ancient ex, but as soon as they cross paths, it seems inevitable that she'll fall for his charms all over again.

But she isn't the only one who wants Ptah, and when he fails to turn up for their date, she knows something is desperately wrong.

Can she save him before it's too late?

Bastet is book seven in the Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld shared world, filled with shifting gods, a second chance romance, and more.


Bastet has been hiding away in her cat sanctuary but her sister seems determined to bring her back into the dating world in the form of speed dating. When she shows up she encounters her ex who she's not seen in a very long time. Phat was at the speed dating but wasn't planning to join in till he saw Bastet was taking part in. That was all the needed to reconnect and this time fate seems to be on their sides. However, Phat suddenly goes missing but only Bastet is looking for him. Will she find him before it's to late? 

I really like Bastet right from the start she was easy to connect with you couldn't help liking her as she has her cats all around her. I wasn't sure about Phat because they had issues in the past but he ends up having changed so the timing was just right. They have this sizzling connect that just works after all they were fated mates who now can focus on their relationship. 

This isn't my first book by the author so I knew I would enjoy her storytelling which I did. This is a sweet little steam romance with a little kidnapping and an adventure that changes both of their lives. I've always found the Egyptian gods interesting and feel like the author did a great job telling their HEA. A quick fast paced story that I devoured in just a few short hours. I can't wait to read more of the Speed Dating of the Denizens of the Underworld series. 

Monday, March 27, 2023

It's Monday! What Are you Reading?


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It's a new week with all new book goals. A new TBR pile. Since it's the last week of the month my goal is to clear off my Manga pile and finish off a few kindle reads. I also have one physical novel on the pile. A few light manga novels as well. Time to get caught up or at least make a little headway. 


Currently reading 

Rest of the week
Attempting to catch up on my Manga Pile and finish some before the end of the month. 

What are you reading? 

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Book Review: Moonlit Citrine

Title - Moonlit Citrine 
Author -Emmy Dee 
Series - Moonlit Falls #5 
Genre - Paranormal Romance 
Format - Kindle Copy 
Published - July 1st 2021
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What do I want most in the world?

Chicken nuggets.

No, Citrine! That isn’t a normal answer. What I want most is a family.

Since my grandma died, I’ve been on my own. It's lonely, but the least of my worries when you consider my hairy little problem.

Fate must hate me... or maybe not.

After a destined date at Jewels Cafe, everything changes. My mate bond activates, and boy is it a doozy.

Now I’m being pulled in four different directions, and I must say…it’s not a bad thing. But when problems arise at my birthday party, I question our bond.

I just got this new family, and I won’t be giving it up that easy.

Watch out world. I’m Citrine Shephard, and I’m about to unleash the beast.

I just need one more chicken nugget… for the road.

**Moonlit Citrine is Book 5 of the Moonlit Falls series. It can be read as a standalone. This is a why choose novel, meaning the main character has more than one love interest, and it is intended for audiences 18+.**


Citrine has lost her grandmother her only family, thankfully she finds a cat to love Mr. Mistoffelees. After an incident she couldn't control she finds herself fired from her job but she decides it's time to do something she loved and starts her own business Mystic Thrift. When fate brings her just what she always wanted she didn't expect to find her mates. When one of her mates ends up kidnapped they all rush to rescue him and she finally figures out what's going on with her hair. 

Citrine is a fast paced cute reverse harem fated mates story. This whole series is all centered around the Moonlit falls each book by a different author. I enjoyed the story our girl is a little obsessed with chicken nuggets but sometimes that's just what you need something to hold onto. The guys are steamy perfect complement to Citrine the whole why choose concept works and the guys all work well with each other. 

I've not read a book by the author before but have had it on my kindle for ages and decided now was the perfect time to check it out. The characters are quirky, easy to connect with you can't help laughing through the story at the misadventures keep coming. This was a quick fast paced story that I was able to finish in a few short reading sessions. Perfect for fans looking for a quick cute romance. 

Book Review: Zeus' Spark

   Title - Zeus' Spark
Author -Ember-Raine Winters
Series - Halfling Academy #1 
Genre - Urban Fantasy 
Format - Arc Review Copy
Published - March 23rd 2023
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Welcome to Halfling Academy, where the Greek Gods are real and danger lurks around every corner.

Students at Halfling Academy are going missing, and with each passing day, the wards around the school are failing.

The monsters of myth are on the attack, and even Zeus’ daughter, Beth, is helpless to stop it.

So when the oracle names Beth the champion who will save the school, she and her friends all fear that their eagerness to do whatever it takes won't be enough.

But for Beth, bravery isn’t the only thing this quest will require. It will require that she trust the boy who once betrayed her heart: Jayden.

Whoever is bringing the monsters back doesn’t just want to destroy the academy, though. They have plans. Plans to overthrow the king of the gods and devastate the entire world.

Fans of Zodiac Academy and Half-blood Academy will love this fast-paced Urban Fantasy academy romance.

Scroll up and one click to start reading Zeus' Spark today!


I received Zeus' Spark in return for an honest review. 

Beth has only been at Halfling Academy for a short period of time when classmates start going missing. She's only just learned about being the daughter of Zeus, and his demigod heir at the moment. It's up to Beth and her bestie Raven to figure out what's happening to the Academy before it's to late. They are sent on a quest with Raven's boyfriend Greyson a wolf shifter and the one boy that Beth was hoping to avoid Jayden. Together to set out to save their missing classmates but along the way they learn that this is only the beginning. 

I really liked Beth she's perfect as our heroine she's not perfect but I think that's what makers her so charming. Next is Raven the daughter of Ares which makes an excellent fighter and supportive best friend. The guys are Greyson who is a werewolf shifter his mate is Raven which is a unique pair. Last but not least is Jayden he broke Beth's heart and ever since has been trying to win her back. The more time they spend together the harder it is for her to stay mad at him. 

I love the demigod concept as I'm a little obsessed with mythology fiction novels. I only had one complaint I wanted to read Beth's story before she arrived at the academy I felt I missed out on some key information. Plus I would have enjoyed Beth and Jaydens love story from the beginning. However, the story is peppered with little teasers of what happened in the past which I liked. The story was fast paced, action packed and steamy all my favorite things. I had a hard time putting it down because I wanted to know what they would encounter next. The author has done a beautiful job creating a captivating story that captures the heart as well as the imagination and I can't wait for the next one. Perfect for fans of mythology. 

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Book Review: Azazel

  Title - Azazel 
Author - A.L. Kessler 
Series -
 Speed Dating with the Denizens Book 5 
Genre - Paranormal Romance
Format - Kindle copy 
Published - June 21st 2022
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Hidden powers, a fallen angel, and a witch, what could go wrong?

Sybil is being hunted. When she decides it’s safe to venture outside her normal routine, she’s chased into DeLux Café. Unexpectedly invited to participate in the Underworld’s speed dating, meeting the fallen angel Azazel brightens her night, but can he calm the power within her and keep her safe from the looming threat?

Azazel never expected to find his mate at the speed dating night at DeLux Café, but the fates had a different idea. When he learns that Sybil is being hunted for an ability he bestowed on her bloodline, he knows that he has to protect her at all cost.

Azazel is book five in the Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld shared world, filled with badass fallen angels, sassy witches, and more.


Sybil been hiding for a long time and just when she started to feel like she was safe she's forced to hide in DeLux Cafe and into the speed dating that night. It's there that she encounters a fallen angel Azazel who's struggling with his own demons. The connection is instant as Sybil just happens to be a witch that was blessed with her powers from Azazel himself. When he learns that he's the reason she's been hiding the whole time and his gift has caused her to lose someone she loved. Will they be able to stop who's hunting Sybil and realize they are mates? 

I love Sybil she's a sweetheart who's just trying to survive after everything she's had to overcome. Azazel has his own personal demons but he see's that Sybil needs him and is willing to do anything to help her. They have this steamy sizzling chemistry that started at the cafe and continues through the whole story. 

I really liked the concept for this one as I've heard about Azazel over the years and wanted to see how this would play out. The characters are easy to connect with you can't help loving all of them. I enjoyed the authors storytelling it's a captivating action packed story from start to finish. I actually finished Azazel from start to finish in one reading session it was hard to put down.  This is my first book by the author and I look forward to reading more of the authors stories. 

Friday, March 10, 2023

Book Review: Fallen Mate

    Title - Fallen Mate
Author - Sara Snow
Series - Fallen Blood #2 
Genre - Paranormal Romance
Format - Kindle copy 
Published - March 10th 2023
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“You two look cozy,” Johnny said, eyeing Aria and I. “Last I saw, you were either at each other’s throat or pretending to hide your attraction to each other. What changed?”

“Besides the near-death experience you mean?” I asked dryly, as Aria squirmed.

Things have taken a nosedive into proverbial hell for me.

But at least I’ve got my mate with me. And a hot smart-assed angel, plus my favorite human being on the planet, a witch with a bad temper and the retched wolf who betrayed us.

We’re a rag tag bunch but we’ll survive this. Together. Hopefully.

Even if ‘this’ is being hunted by the Upper Council, and unraveling our world as we know it. At least we have each other. And sure we may have almost died multiple times, and there is of course the matter of the bounty on our heads, but like I said. At least we have each other.

Except Sariel and I might be on the verge of making a decision with potentially catastrophic consequences. Something our friends can’t help with.

I received Fallen Mate in return for an honest review. 

Fallen Mate is the next installment in the Aria and Sariel adventure. The book starts off just after the first book ended they are on the chopping block with the council but at least they have some friends willing to risk it all to save them. Which puts them on an path that will change all their lives forever. 

I love Aria and Sariel they are adorable together with his angle and her wolf. They started out at each other's throats and now they are crazy about each other. I was a little nervous about Johnny in the first one but he redeemed himself in this book. I love that Reece is back she was such a great character in the first one. I'm honestly loved the whole rag tag group they just complement each other. 

I love this series I can't say that enough, it's one of my top favorites. The whole fated mates and half blooded beings concept is very interesting and I found it unique the way that everything worked out. I mean Sariel has one white wing and one black wing based on his parents. I loved this installment it was hard to put down and I ended up reading it in one afternoon. I really love the authors storytelling it's beautifully written and just flows so well. I can't wait for the next one and see what happens next. 

Thursday, March 9, 2023

Book Review: Hecate

   Title - Hecate
Author - Ariel Dawn 
Series - Speed Dating with the Denizens 
Genre - Paranormal Romance
Format - Kindle copy 
Published - June 28th 2022
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Sometimes you need to unleash the beast inside...

Cate's solitary life as a goddess is turned upside down when she agrees to attend a speed dating event with her mortal friend. When she's paired with Gunner—a shifter with an attitude—sparks fly, and she soon finds herself entangled in a fate she cannot fight. The night will not last forever, and she must find a way to set Gunner’s caged spirit free.

Can Cate fulfill her duty and link her destiny with his—before time runs out?

Hecate is book six in the Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld shared world, filled with badass witchy goddesses, broody shifters, and more.

Cate's been hurt before and sworn off on finding love she's very happy running her animal rescue and living alone in the woods. When her friend ropes her into attending speed dating she has no intention of finding Gunner a grumpy werewolf who has yet to shift and his time is running out. It's almost as if there meeting was fate because they are just what the other needed. 

First off look at the stunning cover it's what first captured my attention plus it's in the Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld which I have been devouring. I love Cate (Hecate) she's the sweet caring animal loving girl who enjoys her quiet life in the mortal world. I think Gunner is a perfect counter part to her. I'm a sucker for a happy ever after and this one checked that box. A captivating whirlwind story that I didn't want to end. I would love another book of Cate and hope to see her in other books of the series. 

This is my first book by the author but I have several of her books on my TBR list that I hope to get to in the near future. Her storytelling is beautiful it flows from start to finish. I actually had a hard time putting it down and had to finish it in one reading session. I had to get that happy ever after from Cate and Gunner. 

Monday, March 6, 2023

Binge Watching


I've always got something on even if it's binge watching something I've seen a dozen times the quiet is just to quiet lately it seems. 


I've been on a reality kick recently TLC/Discovery 90 day everything so it seems. I'm kind of a reality romance fan. So I'm just going to make a list of everything I finished recently. 
Newest season of Love is Blind 
Newest Season of Married At First Sight 
Part 1 of Season 4 of You next one comes out next week I think. 
Finished Derry Girls 
Love Island 
The most recent ones I've watched. 


I've always been a huge fan of Sailor Moon one of my first anime's. Currently available on Hulu and perfect for binge watching. A blast from the past since it came out in 1992

We started the new season of The Mandalorian on Disney so far it's only episode 1 but already I can tell it's going to be an amazing season.  

What have you been watching? 

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?


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Welcome to It's Monday! Every week we share what we just finished reading, are reading or plan to read over the next week. 

Working my through the never ending list. 


Currently reading 
Up Next

Rest of the week

What are you reading? 

Friday, March 3, 2023

Book Review: Filthy Rich Vampires: Three Queens

     Title - Filthy Rich Vampires Three Queens
Author - Geneva Lee
Series - Filthy Rich Vampires #3
Genre - Paranormal Romance
Format - Kindle copy 
Published - February 7th 2023
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All magic will die, and with it, all who carry it. Every last one of us...

Thea and Julian have made their choice, but can they survive the fallout? Experience the decadent, magical world of Three Queens, the third book in the Filthy Rich Vampire series from New York Times bestselling author Geneva Lee.

Returning to the world of the vampire elite as Solstice falls, they must navigate new dangers, treacherous allies, and morally grey friendships. When information leads them to Venice, the couple finds themselves at odds. Following the clue isn’t just dangerous, it could be deadly. With the fate of her family on the line, Thea rushes to Venice, and Julian follows despite his haunted history with the city.

The past might hold the key to their future, but to find out, Julian must face the monster he was once, and as forgotten magic stirs in Thea's blood, the search for answers leads to devastating consequences.

With the future of the magical world hanging in the balance, tensions rising in their family, and war looming on the horizon, will their love triumph, or will they pay the ultimate price?

Three Queens starts right as the second book ended with Thea and Julian headed into city for the winter solstice where their relationship status is announced to the whole vampire community. However, they aren't the only surprise to show up that night. The past has come back to haunt them and Thea ends up kidnapped forcing Julian to risk it all for his mate. 

Impossible to put down finished it in one session only to end with a cliffhanger and now I'm stuck waiting for the next installment to see what will happen next. I love Julian and Thea they are quickly becoming one of my favorite vampire romance couples. I loved every moment of Three Queens the author has done a amazing job creating a steamy action packed romance. I love this series and can't seem to stop recommending it to people who love vampire romance with a little Crazy Rich Asian meets Bridgeton. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Waiting on Wednesday

   Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking The Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases we're eagerly anticipating.

My list of can't wait to get my hands on is long and each week it grows leaps and bounds.
I've really enjoyed Gretchen McNeil books. Her new one sounds amazing I can't wait.  

Three Drops of Blood 
 - Gretchen McNeil 
Expected Publication March 21st 2023 
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A Good Girls Guide to Murder meets Hitchcock in this novelfrom celebrated author Gretchen McNeil. A mundane office job takes a dark turn when a girl witnesses a double murder through the window.

Being an actress, Kate is no stranger to drama. And when her chance at a leading role gets cancelled, she is willing to do whatever it takes to get her acting career back on track even if that means getting a boring office job at her best friend's father's law firm so she can prove to her parents she can to support herself rather than go back to high school. Now, rather than living life on the big screen, she is stuck filing mundane contracts and watching the people in the office across from hers live their equally boring lives.

But when Kate sees things heat up between a woman and her assistant, her new source of entertainment take a turn for the worse when she witnesses a double murder. Now, she must get anyone to believe her and find out who this mystery woman is to get answers. But as she learns more and more about the circumstances leading to the gruesome act, she begins to realize there is a bigger mystery under the surface...

In this voyeuristic thriller filled with twists and turns, can Kate get anyone to believe her before she becomes the next victim?

What are you waiting on?

February Wrap Up

 February Wrap Up 

First up I devoured My Gently Raised Beast by Yeo Seulgi this month. Not as many novels as I would have liked but always next month. While I may not have finished as many as I would have liked the ones I did finish are fantastic books. 

My TBR list is always growing and I have a lot of almost finished books. The reading multiple books at once is becoming more second nature. 

How many books did you finish last month?