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S&S Review: Captured

Title - Captured
Author - S.J. Harper
Series - Fallen Siren .5
Genre - Urban Fantasy
Format - Kindle Freebie
Published - June 10th 2014


Join FBI Agents Emma Monroe and Zack Armstrong.

She’s a Siren. He’s a Werewolf. 
Their mission is redemption.

Emma Monroe is a Fallen Siren, cursed by the gods and banished to Earth for her failure to prevent the kidnapping of Persephone. She’s had many names and many lives, but only one mission: redemption. Now she works for the FBI and is on temporary assignment in Charleston. Solving this next missing persons case could be the key to ending her ancient curse—unless the temptation that’s her new partner gets in the way.

Zack Armstrong is a Werewolf. Tall, dark, and dangerous, he currently works for one of the bureau’s elite Child Abduction Rapid Deployment teams. In many respects the man is every bit as mysterious as his secret and perilous past. But there are two things he’s certain about, that he’s going to get his man and his woman.

When Zack finds himself suddenly shy a partner and a third child goes missing in Charleston, Emma goes from consultant to CARD team member in the space of a few hours. The abductions of the first two boys ended in murder, an outcome that neither Zack nor Emma can abide. As they race against time to track down the kidnapper and rescue the latest victim, they find themselves fighting something just as treacherous—a growing attraction that can’t be ignored or denied.

Emma Monroe is first a Siren banished forced to live as a human keeping her abilities dormant for fear of facing the wrath of the one who tortured her. Emma has been consulting with another agent who's in Charleston working on a kidnapping turned murder when another boy is taken. Wanting to find the boy alive Emma fly's in so the two can go over the prior murders and catch the killer.

While putting in long hours Emma develops a slight interest in Zack her partner but in a non-business fashion but she refuses to let it get in the way. She also had a inkling that Zack was a werewolf and after meeting him in person it has been confirmed to her that he is. As the two work the cold cases again they find a link but the reason the boys have gone missing has nothing to do with a ransom but something my chilling.

I liked Emma right from the start she's one of those characters you can't help liking. I find her back story interesting being a fallen siren that has a mage touchstone who helps her downplay her looks. Very interesting and since this is a prequel we received a little insight into who Emma really is which I enjoyed. I also really liked Zack he's just a good guy who might just be what the Siren needs so we will have to wait and see.

I instantly was drawn the concept for Captured the idea of a fallen Siren plus the added bonus I haven't read my siren books it sounded like a must read. It doesn't hurt that the cover is beautiful and looks beautiful on my kindle hdx either. I found the concept for Captured to be captivating the authors have taken the siren idea and added their own unique spin. The authors have done a great job creating characters that are easy to connect with that you can't help falling in love with. Captured had everything I needed for it to be a perfect story. The story is loaded with mystery, action packed, hints into the paranormal world and a little romance. I've become a quick fan and can't wait to read the next installment because I really loved this one.
5 out of 5 stars 

Review: Nightshifted

Title - Nightshifted
Author - Cassie Alexander
Series - Edie Spence
Genre - Urban Fantasy
Published - May 22nd 2012
Publisher - St. Martins Press

From debut author Cassie Alexander comes a spectacular new urban fantasy series where working the nightshift can be a real nightmare.

Nursing school prepared Edie Spence for a lot of things. Burn victims? No problem. Severed limbs? Piece of cake. Vampires? No way in hell. But as the newest nurse on Y4, the secret ward hidden in the bowels of County Hospital, Edie has her hands full with every paranormal patient you can imagine—from vamps and were-things to zombies and beyond...

Edie’s just trying to learn the ropes so she can get through her latest shift unscathed.  But when a vampire servant turns to dust under her watch, all hell breaks loose. Now she’s haunted by the man’s dying words—Save Anna—and before she knows it, she’s on a mission to rescue some poor girl from the undead. Which involves crashing a vampire den, falling for a zombie, and fighting for her soul. Grey’s Anatomy was never like this ...

Edie has accepted a new job working in Y4 as a nurse for the paranormal and in return her they will keep her older brother clean. Edie has watched all the training videos but nothing prepares her for raging dragons, vampire blood ceremonies, zombies or shapeshifters that look like fellow nurses. It’s going to be a lot for her to handle but she can’t give up because she needs the money to feed her cat and keep her brother drug free. When Edie’s patient accidentally dies she compelled by him to find Anna but it isn’t ill she arrives at the man’s apartment does she know who Anna is.

Edie knows she needs to find Anna but when she finds her and happens to save her she has no idea she will be held responsible for the death of her vampire captors. Soon Edie will have to track down the girl she saved before the vampires force her death. With the help of a former zombie patient she sets out to do just that but will she find Anna in time? Will she survive her trial with the vampire even if Anna is found?

I love Edie she’s a broken girl with issues but doesn’t let them drag her down because she does what needs to be done. Edie is my favorite type of character she’s a kick ass heroine who doesn’t rely on a man to help her. She also has a good heart risking her life to save others even those who would try to kill her. Edie has an interesting taste in men but I like that she looks for the good ignoring what’s on the outside. She has a lot of potential as a character who may be a nurse but is a lot more.

I’ve had Nightshifted on my bookshelf forever just never seemed to find the time. After having finished the book in my free time over the last couple of days I can’t believe I waited so long. Edie lives in a world where humans don’t know the supernatural exist but they have a medical place, and their own councils that rule. I really enjoyed the unique idea of using a hospital as the backdrop for Edie’s story it was fresh, and exciting. I really like the way the author mixed the different supernatural beings throughout the story even giving us new ideas like the zombie Ti. I just loved Edie she’s a great character who I was easy to connect with and can’t help cheering her on through the book. I honestly really enjoyed Nightshifted I can’t think of anything I didn’t enjoy it’s well written and exactly what I hopped for when I picked it up. I can’t wait to get current with the series I have the second one and plan to order the rest.  A brilliant first installment in an exciting new series. 
5 out of 5 stars

Cover Reveal: Let Me In

Title - Let Me In
Author - Erin McCarthy
Series - Blurred Lines #3
Publication date - September 25th 2014
Genre - New Adult, Romance

A girl in danger…
Aubrey Walsh never dreamed that she would find herself in an abusive relationship, but after her boyfriend hits her so hard he breaks her tooth, she flees the University of Maine to hide on a remote island with her best friend.  Only to discover that she is pregnant.  Terrified of what will happen if Jared finds out, she is walking along the rocks, deciding her future, when she slips.
A guy with a secret past…
After a job gone wrong, Riker has left the assassin business and is incognito as a ferryboat operator off the shores of Maine.  It’s a lonely life, and when he sees a young woman almost fall off the rocks, he doesn’t hesitate to save her and take her in, though he’s determined to stay unemotionally uninvolved.  But when the truth about her situation is revealed, he will do anything to protect Aubrey and her unborn child.
Even marry her. Even kill for her.
When Jared comes looking for the only girl who has ever rejected him, Riker won’t allow it.  And Aubrey is torn between protecting herself and her child, or protecting the mysterious husband she has come to love.
And when chance brings them together but fate tears them apart, can their love survive the storm?
USA Today and New York Times Bestselling author Erin McCarthy sold her first book in 2002 and has since written almost fifty novels and novellas in teen fiction, new adult, and adult romance. Erin has a special weakness for New Orleans, tattoos, high-heeled boots, beaches and martinis. She lives in Ohio with her family, two grumpy cats and a socially awkward dog.

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Cover Characteristic - Pirates

Cover Characteristic - Pirates
 Hosted by Sugar & Snark

Each week we will post 5 of our favorite covers to go with the theme of the week. 
I'm a huge cover fan so this is a great meme for me. 

This one is a little challenge. Off the top of my head I can't think of a single book. Now to start the search. 

Top 4 
The Pirate Queen: The Story of Grace O'Malley, Irish Pirate by Alan Gold
Black Heart by Justin Somper
Pieces of Jade by Lani Woodland 
A Pirate's Night Before Christmas by Philip Yates 

Dark Tides Rising by Andrew Clawson (Goodreads)

What's on your list this week?

W...W...W... Wednesdays

W...W...W... Wednesdays July 30th 2014
W...W...W... Wednesdays is a weekly meme hosted by MizB at Should Be Reading. Be sure to link up to her so others can see what your reading.

To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions..
1.What are you currently reading? 
2.What did you recently finish reading? 
3.What do you think you'll read next? 


1.What are you currently reading? Nightshifted by Cassie Alexander (Goodreads)
2.What did you recently finish reading? Wrecked by Alyssa Rose Ivy (Review)
3.What do you think you'll read next? Songbird by Jaymin Eve (Goodreads)
What are you reading this week?

Waiting on Wednesday

Waiting on Wednesday July 30th 2014
Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event, hosted by Jill at Breaking The Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases we're eagerly anticipating. In my case not so patiently waiting for the new releases, which I lack.

So many amazing books coming out in the future picking just one I can't wait for is so hard. This week I had to go with one of my favorite authors and I cant wait to see what the final covers for this one looks like. 

The Dead List
by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Expected Publication March 31st 2015

It’s Ella’s senior year of high school and she and her best friend Linds plan to make it the best year ever. At Brock Cochran’s end of summer pool party, the girls vow to have as much fun as possible before they head off to different colleges in the fall. 

But when Ella is mysteriously attacked on her way home from the party, everything changes. Ella’s carefree senior year plans disintegrate as she finds herself at the center of an attempted murder investigation.

Ella is determined to move on; to get her life back to normal, but she can’t seem to shake the feeling that she’s still being watched. Suddenly, the people closest to her seem the most suspicious, like the elusive Jensen Carver. In her seemingly safe West Virginia town, Ella starts to wonder who she can actually trust.

What are you waiting for this week?

Wishlist Wednesday

Wishlist Wednesday
Wishlist Wednesday is a book blog hop where we will post about one book per week that has been on our wishlist for some time, or just added (it's entirely up to you), that we can't wait to get off the list and onto our wonderful shelves. 
Hosted by Pen to Paper

I'm on a vampire kick recently. I can't seem to get enough of them. I've seen this series before and I've always been a paranormal romance fan. Plus the vampire is a shapeshifting vampire I can't wait to check it out. 

My choice this week is:
Dark Awakening
by Kendra Leigh Castle

Enter the world of the Dark Dynasties...

For centuries, shapeshifting vampire Tynan MacGillivray has prowled the night as an outcast, valued only for his ferocious hunting skills. When a feud among the immortals escalates into all-out war, he is ordered by his ruthless queen to locate a Seer - a human woman with a special gift - who can secure victory for their clan. Ty's search leads him to a quiet New England town, but once he has the Seer in his grasp, her touch awakens within him a hunger like he's never known...

Lily Quinn has always been different. Since childhood, she's had vivid nightmares and an eerie sixth sense. When a sexy, silver-eyed stranger demands her help, Lily plunges into a new world of danger and sensuality. With Ty, she discovers sizzling passions she cannot deny and powers she cannot control. Soon, it is clear that Lily is much more than a Seer - she holds the key to ancient secrets and unthinkable destruction. But will a vampire's vow of eternal protection stop these evil forces...or unleash her dark destiny?

What's on your wishlist?

Book Blitz: If Ever I Would Leave You: Arthurian Stories For A New Generation

If Ever I Would Leave You: Arthurian Stories For A New Generation

Release Date: 07/2014

Summary from Goodreads
Bronwyn Green

A year after Tabby Nolan’s sister vanished from the Lake Michigan shore with her boyfriend, Liam, Tabby visits the spot where the two were last seen– and finds herself pulled into the crumbling world of Avalon.

Since his disappearance, Liam has been trapped in the mythical land, with no link to the world he knew. Now, their shared memories of Tabby’s missing sister are all they can cling to as Avalon dies around them.

But Tabby doesn’t want to be a replacement for her sister, and her growing attachment to Liam feels like a betrayal. As Avalon fades around them, Liam and Tabby must rely on each other– or be lost with the ancient kingdom forever.

Albion’s Circle: The Deepest Cut
Jessica Jarman

For nineteen years, Anna has been plagued by dreams of lives lived only in legend. Finally free from the family that believed her hopeless and worthless, she’s ready to start her life over—alone.

When Anna meets an enigmatic stranger claiming to be the legendary wizard Merlin, she is forced to question the very reality she’s struggled to accept. With the mythic figures from her dreams intruding on her waking life, Anna learns that she’s been reborn to fight an ancient evil alongside King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

Caught in an ages old conflict, Anna is the key to stopping a dark magic that will destroy the world—and Merlin wants to make sure that this time, Anna isn’t alone.

A Choice Fit For A Queen
Jenny Trout
writing as Abigail Barnette

For perpetual overachiever Madison Lane, a summer studying Arthurian mythology in the Welsh countryside with professor Thomas Evans is a dream come true, and the adventure of a lifetime.

Of course, the enormous crush Madison developed on the professor after a semester of his lectures at U of M has absolutely nothing to do with her desire to learn more about the enduring legend of Camelot. At least, that’s what she’s telling her parents.

When Madison meets fellow student Rhys Crewe, sparks fly, throwing her plans for wild fling with Professor Evans completely out of whack—as do her unexpectedly complicated feelings for Thomas. With tales of Arthur and Lancelot haunting her every waking moment, Madison has to make the most difficult choice of her life.

Available from:
By Bronwyn Green
“It’s been a year.”
I shielded my eyes with my hand and squinted up at Jake. The last of the evening sun burned like a blinding halo behind his dark head.
“Not quite,” I responded.
He frowned and squatted down on the dock next to where I sat in the small sailboat, the water rocking it like a cradle. “Tabitha…” he began.
Jake was the only person who called me that. To everyone else, I was Tabby. And to my sister, Samara, I’d been Tabby Cat. Was, I corrected myself, tightening my fingers around the edge of the boat. I still was Tabby Cat to her, because there was no proof she was dead. No matter what my parents or Jake or anyone else said, there was a chance that she and her boyfriend, Liam, were still alive. I swallowed hard against the panic rising in my throat.
“You just got here, and it’s getting late.” Jake held out his hand to me. “At least, wait until tomorrow, and I’ll go out with you.”
I glanced away from his hand over the glistening expanse of the blue-green water of Lake Michigan, watching the sun sink lower on the horizon. In the distance, the shapes of both Manitou islands were dark shadows on the surface of the lake, looking more like holes in the water than land. Squinting against the setting sun, I thought I saw a third dark shape out there, but I blinked and it was gone.
Forcing my attention from the water, I reached for Jake’s hand. His fingers closed warmly around mine as he tugged me to a standing position. The wake from a passing speedboat rocked the small craft as he was pulling me onto the dock, and I fell hard
against his chest. His hands settled at my hips to steady me. Looking up, I met his dark gaze, and we jumped apart.
He quickly looked away, and embarrassed heat swept through my body, centering in my face. I knew he’d likely been thinking about the same thing I had been—the last time his hands had been on my hips. We’d drunk ourselves stupid with beer and grief the night the Coast Guard had changed the status of Samara and Liam’s rescue operation to recovery. One thing had led to another in our desperation to feel something other than fear and loss. I’d known it had been a mistake as soon as it was over. And I guess, so did he. We’d never talked about it. We just pretended it had never happened.

Albion’s Circle: The Deepest Cut
By Jessica Jarman
Albion’s Circle: The Deepest Cut – Excerpt #2
This life was no different than the others. She was absolutely beautiful. My Annwyl. Anna, I reminded myself. She was Anna now. I ached to go to her but held myself back. I had to be careful. I wasn’t going to make the same mistakes I’d made before. I wouldn’t lose her. Not again.
“Why are we just sitting here?”
I glanced at Galahad but said nothing. Nothing I said would shut him up anyway. It had only taken one lifetime to learn that about the guy.
“It’s been weeks, Merlin. Weeks. If your goal is to be a stalker, mission accomplished.” He ran a hand through his hair, causing the dark brown locks to stick up all over the place. “I thought the whole point was to bring her home, complete the Circle, defeat evil, live happily ever after. What the fuck are we doing sitting in a dark club watching her… Ah shit, I’m pretty sure she just took something. I’m going out on a limb here, and saying it’s not Tylenol. And…you’re not surprised. Not even a little.” He sighed.
“No,” I responded simply. It didn’t surprise me she would turn to that. It wouldn’t be the first time one of us used a crutch to deal with what we remembered and lived with. Of course, understanding that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt. It sure as hell didn’t ease the guilt I felt. It surrounded me, as it always did. I wished I had found her sooner, that I’d been able to shoulder some of the pain Annwyl…Anna experienced.
Galahad’s voice penetrated my thoughts, and I turned toward him again.
“What are we waiting for?”
“She’s… She might not be ready.”
“Ready for what?” he asked, eyes wide and disbelieving. “How is leaving her to deal with everything on her own helping her, or any of us?”
“She’s always been so fragile,” I murmured, almost to myself. “The fact that we found her this time, before she—” I could hardly swallow around the lump that appeared in my throat, let alone speak.
I’d never gotten to her in time. Every life, every fucking one, I’d been too late. Sometimes, by mere minutes. Her body still warm, as if she were simply sleeping and she’d open her eyes and see me. But that had only been an illusion, a desperate hope. It never happened that way. No, soon, even the hint of life leached out, and I was left with the empty shell, a glaring reminder of how I’d failed her yet again.
“Merlin.” Galahad laid a hand on my knee and leaned close. “You found her this time. The other times… Stop thinking of them. It doesn’t matter now.”
But it did matter, I wanted to scream. Of course it mattered. Because she would remember all of it. Know how I had been unable to save her time after time. The shame and guilt—my constant companions—wouldn’t be erased by kind words, even if they came from a well-meaning friend.
I turned my attention back to her, just in time to see the glass slip from her grasp and crash to the floor. It was clear, even from across the bar, that she was pretty well flying high. The bartender, the one who’d put her in that state in the first place, seemed to be checking to make sure she was okay. So, maybe he wasn’t a complete douchebag. Though, my magic flared, skittered along my body, just under the skin, wanting to knock him on his ass for daring to touch Anna. Then, it nearly exploded as they kissed.
“Throttle back,” Galahad said under his breath, and I realized the glasses on the low table in front of us were shaking, dancing on the shiny surface.
I cursed and reined it in, but fuck, it was hard.

A Choice Fit For A Queen
By Jenny Trout writing as Abigail Barnette
To say that the Rose and Pig was off the beaten path would have been an understatement. There were no streetlights. The street wasn’t even paved. It was barely more than a dirt two-track leading past the low stone fence that surrounded the field. At the end, a two-story wattle-and-daub house stood, chimney smoking. The light spilling from its windows promised warmth and a place to get dry. Though my feet ached and stung with raw blisters from jogging around airports all day, I practically sprinted the last leg of my journey. Mud splattered onto the legs of my jeans, and I didn’t care. All I wanted was to get inside, away from the hellish downpour. I reached the door, prepared to fling it open and launch myself into the warm embrace of a charming Welsh pub.
It was locked.
No. Visions of sleeping in the cold, shivering in the dark, wet, pneumonia-encouraging night put urgency into my arm as I pounded on the door. “Hello! Hey, is anybody inside? Can anyone help—“
A guy opened the door. A hot guy. An annoyed hot guy. One look at him and my heart jolted. I froze in shock, but managed to stutter out, “m-me?”
He was absolutely gorgeous. Flawless dark brown skin stretched over a face that made the words “aesthetically pleasing” an understatement. His cheeks were full, like he’d retained baby fat in the exact right places, and his lush lips spread in a smile that was half “let’s be friends” and half “let’s be friends with benefits” as he looked me over.
Unfortunately, the longer I stared at him, the more his smile faded. He leaned his shoulder against the door and slung a white bar towel over the other to cross his arms over his chest. “Let me guess. American white girl, thinking, ‘What do you mean, they have black people in Wales?’” He held up his hands in mock apology. “Sorry, we’re everywhere. Hope you’re not too disappointed.”
“N-no, I wasn’t—“ Explaining was not going to work if I couldn’t talk like a normal human. I had to glance down and push my wet hair from my face to concentrate and steel myself against his good looks when I raised my head again. When I did, I managed a smile. I hoped I didn’t look goofy. “I was actually thinking, ‘wow, the guys are a lot hotter here than at home.’”
His smile returned slowly. “Yeah, all right. You’re forgiven. Come on inside.”
His accent. Oh god.

About the Authors

Jessica Jarman is an author, blogger, and rather
obsessive fangirl. Having grown up in Upper Michigan and currently living in Minnesota, she is a Midwestern girl through and through. And wouldn’t have it any other way.
When Jessica isn’t working to get words on the page, she passes the time with her amazing husband and four children, attempting to be crafty (and failing miserably), squeeing uncontrollably over her favorite shows or curling up with a good book. 

Bronwyn Green is an author, blogger and compulsive crafter. She lives Michigan with her husband, two sons and three somewhat-psychotic cats. When not frantically writing, she can be found helping in her youngest son’s classroom or binge-watching Netflix while working on her latest craft project. Bronwyn loves to talk to her readers and can be found at

Jenny Trout is an author, blogger, and funny person. Writing as Jennifer Armintrout, she made the USA Today bestseller list with Blood Ties Book One: The Turning. Her novel American Vampire was named one of the top ten horror novels of 2011 by Booklist Magazine Online. She is a proud Michigander, mother of two, and wife to the only person alive capable of spending extended periods of time with her without wanting to kill her. Visit her on twitter (@Jenny_Trout) or at her blog,


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Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday July 29th 2014
Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along! Just do the following:

~Grab your current read
~Open to a random page
~Share two (2) "teaser" sentences from somewhere on the page
~BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! ( make sure that what you share doesn't give away too much away! You don't want to ruin the book for others!)

~Share the title & author too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR lists if they like your teasers!

I'm hoping to finish today Nightshifted by Cassie Alexander 


Meaty saw me first, as I held up my mutilated hand in response to his/her/its raised eyebrow.

“Room three. Now.”

This one is a good one. It gives you just enough to make you want to know what's going on.

What are you reading today

Top Ten Tuesday!

Top Ten Tuesday!
Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke And The Brookish. Who doesn't love lists. They make life easy! And fun!! It's always a never ending topic.

I'm playing around with my own graphic I'll be trying a few out of the next month. I want one unique to me. 

This week's topic:
Top ten authors we own the most books of

1. Laurel K Hamilton - All of the Anita Blake series & Merry Gentry series- 24+9 = 33 I may not be current but I have them all.

2. Janet Evanovich - I have all of her books. She's an auto buy even though I have to play catch up on Stephanie because I've gotten behind. Rough guess I have over 50 of her books.

3. Richelle Mead - I have all the eBooks to Vampire Academy & all the hardcovers of Bloodlines. I've also picked up the first of each book in her other series. So roughly 15ish books. I've been debating buying VA as physical copies for my shelf but I don't care for the covers as much as Bloodlines.

4. Patricia Briggs - She's my auto buy I own all her books that are out in either eBooks or paperbacks. I've read all of Mercy Thompson & Alpha & Omega even dropping my current book to read them the day they come out.

5. Betty Neels - I have most of her romance novels. I'm constantly adding more all the time. She's one of my favorite go to books when I need a quick romance.

6.  Julie Garwood - I have most of her books in eBook form and several in paperback/Hardcover so roughly 24 books. I haven't read them all but she's an auto buy also.

7. Jennifer L. Armentrout & J. Lynn - I have all of her books from both names. I can't wait to add her new books to my collection.

8. Samantha Young - I have all of her On Dublin Street & The Tales of the Lunamorte as well as a few from her both books I've not started yet. I don't own a lot but I do own several.

9. Christopher Pike - I own so many of his books from when I was a teenager. I have all the Thirst Series as well as many others including his new series Witch World.

10. Rachel Vincent - I own & have read all her Shifters series. I also own all of the Soul Screamers series but I've not read them yet. I have the volumes in paperback. One day I plan to read them just haven't gotten around to it yet.

What's on your top ten list this week?

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Musing Mondays

Musing Mondays 
Hosted by Should Be Reading
Musing Mondays asks you to muse about one of the following each week…
• Describe one of your reading habits.
• Tell us what book(s) you recently bought for yourself or someone else, and why you chose that/those book(s).
• What book are you currently desperate to get your hands on? Tell us about it! 
• Tell us what you’re reading right now — what you think of it, so far; why you chose it; what you are (or, aren't) enjoying it.
• Do you have a bookish rant? Something about books or reading (or the industry) that gets your ire up? Share it with us!
• Instead of the above questions, maybe you just want to ramble on about something else pertaining to books — let’s hear it, then!

• Do you have a bookish rant? Something about books or reading (or the industry) that gets your ire up? Share it with us!

This week
:• Tell us what you’re reading right now — what you think of it, so far; why you chose it; what you are (or, aren't) enjoying it.

Currently I'm reading Nightshifted by Cassie Alexander (Goodreads) I'm not super far but I've quickly become addicted to her world. 

From debut author Cassie Alexander comes a spectacular new urban fantasy series where working the nightshift can be a real nightmare.

Nursing school prepared Edie Spence for a lot of things. Burn victims? No problem. Severed limbs? Piece of cake. Vampires? No way in hell. But as the newest nurse on Y4, the secret ward hidden in the bowels of County Hospital, Edie has her hands full with every paranormal patient you can imagine—from vamps and were-things to zombies and beyond...

Edie’s just trying to learn the ropes so she can get through her latest shift unscathed.  But when a vampire servant turns to dust under her watch, all hell breaks loose. Now she’s haunted by the man’s dying words—Save Anna—and before she knows it, she’s on a mission to rescue some poor girl from the undead. Which involves crashing a vampire den, falling for a zombie, and fighting for her soul. Grey’s Anatomy was never like this ...

What are you musing today?