Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Book Review: Awakened

Title - Awakened 
Author - Ednah Walters
Genre - Young Adult Paranormal
Series - Book one of the Guardian Legacy

Most teens turn sixteen and get the license to drive, but Lil Falcon gets the license to kill demons. Orphaned as a child and raised by an eccentric grandfather, Lil is concerned with surviving high school and is unaware that she's a Guardian-a being with super powers charged with killing demons and protecting humanity. When she meets Bran, a mysterious boy with amazing abilities, his psi energy unlocks her latent powers. But Bran has a secret that can ruin their growing relationship, and the truth she discovers may destroy everything she believes in unless she finds the right balance between love and sacrifice.

Received this book in return for a honest review. The book is about Lil Falcon a sixteen year old girl, who just moved to town and has to start all over. She lives with her grandfather who has raised her since she was little, because her mother and grandmother died in a car accident. Having been raised as a gypsy all her life she's had a hard time fitting in at school and never really made friends before. As if being a teenager isn't hard enough she learns that she's not human but a guardian a demon hunter. 

When Bran shows up asking for help getting his sister and brother from the demons. However he speaks to her using telepathy, causing Lil to think he's a ghost. Afteralking to Bran she learns about her abilities, that she's not just a human girl. She talks to her grandfather about what Bran had said and learns that she comes from a long line of Guardians who protect the humans from the soul harvesting demons. With this knowledge Lil is sent off to school, and told to keep her eyes out for the other guardian trainee's who will help her. Her first day she meets several human girls who become new friends as well as the guardian trainee's. Lil set's out to learn the powers that the guardian posses in hopes of being able to control them better, along the way she needs to fig ture out how to help Bran, and stop the demon queen. 

I loved this book. It had my from the first page I was drawn in and couldn't put it down. Lil is this sweet shy girl that reminds me a lot of myself at that age. Throughout the book we watch Lil grow from a shy girl to a powerful set to save the world. I enjoy reading about Lil and Bran's growing chemistry. I really like the rest of the trainee's in Lil's guardian group at first I wasn't sure but the more I got to know them the more I started to like them. 

The book has it all action, romance, fireballs, daggers and hot guys. The characters are well written I felt like I was with Lil though most of the book, and I love that when I read a book.  I like the aspect of the guardians, how each one is different is unique in their gifts, and that it's a team effort. I just really loved this book, it was one of the best books I've read all year. I don't know what else I can say but it's an amazing book that didn't let me down and left me wanting more. I'm so lucky that I have the second book from the author I can't wait to start it. 

Blog Tour - Book Review: Empyreal Fate

Title - Empyreal Fate
Author - Rachel Hunter
Genre - Young Adult Fantasy
Series - Book 1 in the Series
Published - May 8th 2012
Publisher - Hydra Publications 
Filled to the brim with forbidden love, an ancient evil, and a nation in disrepair, Empyreal Fate is a tale of riveting bravery and mortal corruption. 

The land of Llathala lingers on the brink of war between men and elves, a dark history surrounding each race. Stirred by tensions of the land, a shadow of the past reemerges, taking precedence in reality and consuming the very soul of mans’ mortal weakness. Darrion, the son of a poor laborer, is ensnared in a hostile world, forced to choose between loyalty to his king or the counsel of the elves. Yet Fate has other plans in store, tying his course to Amarya, an elven royalblood of mysterious quality and unsurpassable beauty. But this forbidden connection incites betrayal from members of their own kin, marking them as traitors to the crown. In a land torn asunder, only Fate’s decree can allow such love to coexist with an ancient enmity.

Behold: A Llathalan Annal: Empyreal Fate – Part One.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review and I understand my opinion will be respected by the tour organiser/hosts and the author. The book is the story of Llathala a land where humans and elves stand divided. The humans kingdom is Erandor, ruled by King Rhothdyn and the Lady Saydra. King Rhothdyn rules with cruelty and causes fear of the unknown in his people. He fears that the people will rise against him because he has not created a heir, but their fear of the elves keeps them at bay. 
The elf kingdom of  Androth is ruled by Sethran who's wife passed with the birth of his daughter and heir Amarya. He's unlike King Rhothdyn, he rules with compassion and hopes for peace between the two kingdoms. 

The book focus's around the lives of Amarya and Darrion two people from different worlds who's fate is crossed. They instantly form a connection on a chance meeting each attracted to the other. Amarya has a suitor Laervyen who follows her everywhere and catches her conversations with Darrion.  He also catches another mortal human in the forest and shoots him with a arrow at the time unknown that it was Darrion's older brother he had shot. Darrion returns to Erandor to learn that his brother is missing, he later finds him in the forest dying. 

Darrion begs Amarya to save his brother but she' can't leave Adroth, but instead asks the fairy Nisse if she would journey into the kingdom of man and heal him. Which she agree's to do, and the pair set off for Darrions home. Only when Nisse has a chance to touch Darrion's brothers head does she see the true darkness that hovers inside. Against better judgement Nisse heals Drevan from the poison of the arrow. 

I found the story entertaining, it keep me drawn in, and I couldn't put it down I had to know more about Amarya and Darrion. I find the characters are well developed you have enough to love them or hate them. It's a unique story to me because you start to connect with all the character, The creation of the world of Llathala is unlike anything I've read before, it's unique and fascinating. I'm curious to see how the next book will play out. 

Author bio & links
Born in 1993, Rachel Hunter has always been fascinated with words and the intricate way in which they combine. Since a child, she has been an avid writer, winding vibrant tales and elaborate stanzas on folded bits of paper.

As the years passed, her love of words never died; her adoration for reading fared no equal. Always with her nose in a book, Rachel took fondly to works spanning all genres. Yet it was the compelling grasp of fantasy and science fiction that wrenched her fascination above all.

In March of 2012, Rachel published her first short story with Trestle Press, titled, "Perfect Nothing", which recounted her harrowing relationship with an eating disorder and was also fueled by her passion for psychology. But her writing does not end there. While currently pursuing a degree in psychology and in the medical field at the University of Oklahoma, she aspires also to illuminate the creative spark of eager readers. In her desire to incite intrigue, she is simultaneously exploring new worlds and creating vast empires of her own. "Empyreal Fate" is only the first in her Llathalan Annal series. Indeed, it is only the beginning. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

Welcome to It's Monday! is a weekly event hosted by Sheila at Bookjourney to share with others what you've read the past week and are planning to read the next.

So last week my hubby decided to take two weeks of leave, plus the Olympic's started so almost no reading was done. Last week may have been unproductive but I'm going to make this one over productive. 

So last week I read 

Stuck with you


Empyreal Fate but that review will be up tomorrow

This week I plan to spend most of my time read. 

Awakened and Betrayed 

By Ednah Walters

Beautiful Disaster
by Jamie McGuire

Tara A Fuller

Under the Purple Moon
by Scott Cramer

Can't Buy Me Love
By Dan McNeil
Goodreads to author page
I don't have a cover for this one yet. 

Then if by chance I finish all of these I want to read these three next.

What Kills Me by Wynne Channing Goodreads

The Jazz Cage by Ray Chen Smith Goodreads

vN By Madeline Ashby Goodreads

So my week is full of reading. 

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What Are You Reading?

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Stacking The Shelves #8

Stacking the Shelves is a new meme by Tyngas Reviews that let's bloggers share their new books and swag, whether they are physical or virtual. I'll include books I've been sent, emailed, purchased, won and for review.

This week has been awesome for books, so many new yummy ones I to read. If only the Olympics weren't on....I'm a die hard Equestrian and Gymnastics fan.

For Review:

Night of the Purple Moon by Scott Cramer Young Adult/ Apocalyptic Published March 25th 2012  Goodreads
Received from the author

Blood Debt by Nancy Straight 
Paranormal Romance Published July 15th 2012 Goodreads
Received from the author

Sorcery and Scholarships by Ian Isaro Young Adult Fantasy Published January 12 2012 Goodreads Received from the author

What Kills Me by Wynne Channing Paranormal Vampires Published June 6th 2012 Goodreads Received from the author

Betrayed By Ednah Walters Young Adult Angels Published June 5th 2012 Goodreads Received from the author

The Jazz Cage by Ray Chen Smith Historical Fiction Published June 12th 2012 Goodreads Received from the author

I also have a copy of Can't Buy Me Love by Dan McNeil which doesn't have a cover or link yet but I wanted to link it because it's a sounds awesome but you'll have to wait for the review. I received Can't Buy Me Love from the publicist for review. 

From Netgalley I was extremely lucky to receive several titles. Super excited for them I can't decide which to read first =D

The Assassin's Curse by Cassandra Rose Clarke Fantasy Young Adult Publish October 2nd 2012 Goodreads Received from Netgalley

vN by Madeline Ashby Young Adult/ Sci Fi Publish July 31st 2012 Goodreads Received from Netgalley

Inbetween by Tara A Fuller Young Adult Paranormal Publish August 28th 2012 Goodreads Received from Netgalley

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire Young Adult Romance Published May 26th 2011 Goodreads Received from Netgalley

Purchased Books  

Working Stiff by Rachel Caine urban fantasy Published August 2nd 2011 Goodreads

Dark Heart Forever by Lee Monroe Young Adult/Paranormal Published October 1st 2010 Goodreads

The Cat Who Could Read Backwards by Lilian Jackson Braun Mystery Published 1966 Goodreads

The Mayfair Moon by J.A. Redmerski Young Adult  published February 6th 2012 Goodreads

Vampire Vacation by C.J. Ellisson Paranormal Published October 10th 2010 Goodreads

Eon by Alison Goodman Fantasy Published December 26th 2008 Goodreads

Grave Mercy R.L. LaFevers Young Adult/Fantasy Published April 3rd 2012 Goodreads

Dearly, Departed by Lia Habel Sci Fi/Steampunk Published October 18th 2011 Goodreads

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What did you get this week?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

From The Review Pile #3

From the Review Pile is a meme hosted by Stepping Out of the Page every Thursday.
The aim of this meme is to showcase books that you've received for review (or if you don't receive review books, any book that you own and really want to read/review) but haven't yet got around to reading, in order to give the book some extra publicity.

I know that a lot of you have a huge pile of books that you want to read/review, but it understandably takes a while to get around to reading them all - here you can give a book (or two!) some of the publicity that it deserves, even if you haven't read it yet!

I stumbled across this one this evening and thought it was a great idea and would love to it to my regular line up. So this week will be my first From the Review Pile, so the real question was which book did I want to give a little extra publicity too. 

When, At Last, He Found Me
By Adrianna Stepiano
Book 1 in the Memoir of a Mermaid Series
Published January 29th 2012
Young Adult Fantasy

Seraphin Shedd can’t seem to escape the murky vision of her father’s death. She’s always felt like his death was a result of her defiant actions. When she meets Joseph Merrick, the nephew of her beloved teacher, her life begins to unravel. When Joseph opens her eyes to the impossible, her trust begins to waver. Is his interest in her purely for personal gain or will he prove to be a loyal friend? Follow along as Seraphin uncovers her true identity as well as discovers the evil surrounding her father’s death.

If you love mermaids, this is the young adult fantasy novel for you. See the raging sea through Seraphin’s eyes and struggle to make sense of the impossible. This isn’t an ordinary mermaid story, the mystery is as deep as the ocean. You’ll find intrigue and romance, as well as a dash of humor and action.

Caution: Memoir of a Mermaid has been known to cause “up all night reading” and “can’t put down syndrome”. You may find yourself addicted to the tension between Joseph and Seraphin. Due to the fact that this book is all you’ll be able to think about, do not begin reading the night before an important meeting or a final exam. The story will literally be swimming around in your head.

Excerpt: “Looking back, sometimes things are better off unknown. Sometimes the truth hurts more than a lie and being naive is a blessing in disguise. From that moment on, it was going to be difficult to distinguish between being protected and being lied to.”

My review 5 out 5 is here.

Welcome to the Summer Reads Giveaway Hop!

Welcome to the Lazy Days of Summer Reads Giveaway Hop!

This hop is hosted by:
I Am a Reader, Not a Writer (Here)
Colorimetry (Here)

There are over two hundred blogs participating and each has their own entry rules and geographic limits, so be sure to read the rules for each one. This hop starts July 27th and runs through August 1st, midnight. 

Here is what I have for one lucky winner: 

Option #1

Your first choice is this duo of books, one of my favorites, and one I can't wait to get my hands on. They are both hardbacks shipped out from the book depository so make sure they offer shipping to your area here.

Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard Goodreads

Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood Goodreads

Option #2

I decided a fun idea would be to pick out a bunch of the cheap ebooks I've had on my kindle TBR list, then put them in a ebook grab bag. By choosing option #2 you get all the listed below books from Amazon in kindle format. Only available from Amazon.com

All these great books could be yours.
When. At Last. He Found Me by Adrianna Stepiano Goodreads Wanderlove by Belle Malory Goodreads
Demon Kissed by H.M. Ward Goodreads Chosen by Sarah Swan Goodreads
Vampire Vacation by C.J. Ellisson Goodreads
Girl's Guide to Witchcraft by Mindy Klasky Goodreads
White Witch by Trish Milburn Goodreads
Otherkin by Nina Berry Goodreads
Sterling by Dannika Dark Goodreads
Destiny Binds by Tammy Blackwell Goodreads
Howl by Jody Morse Goodreads
Darkness Falls by Jessica Sorensen Goodreads
Feathermore by Lucy Swing Goodreads
The Secret of the Emerald Sea by Heather Matthews Goodreads
A Job From Hell by Jayde Scott Goodreads
Savor by Megan Duncan Goodreads
Betrayal by Mayandree Michel Goodreads
The Guardian by Katie Klein Goodreads
Verity by Claire Farrell Goodreads
Silver Moon by Rebecca A Rogers Goodreads
Glamour by Penelope Fletcher Goodreads
First Bitten by Samantha Towle Goodreads
Leopard Moon by Jeanette Battista Goodreads
Blood Singers by Tamara Rose Blodgett Goodreads

Number of Winners 1
Open to anyone as long as the Book Depository ships to your address. 
Check here first. Book Depository
How to enter!
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