Thursday, March 27, 2014

That's what HE said Thursday

That's what HE said Thursday
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Every Thursday we post a favorite line from your book boyfriend to his heroine. These are direct quotes from dialogue in a book. 

This weeks is a little steamy only because my book I'm currently reading is a little on the steamy side but oh so yummy. I can't believe i waited so long to read this book. Everyone has been telling me for years how amazing it is. 

On Dublin Street 
by Samantha Young 

His lips touched mine, soft, gentle, and he pulled back, those pale blue eyes of his bright with heat. “Joss is a girl’s name. Possibly a tomboy’s name.” He smirked. “Jocelyn, on the other hand, is a woman’s name. A really sexy woman’s name.” He pulled back. “So strip, Jocelyn.”

This works as a perfect teaser if you haven't read the series and reminder if you have. 

What's your "That's what HE said" today?

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