Friday, March 21, 2014

Review: Werewolf in Denver

Title - Werewolf in Denver
Author - Vicki Lewis Thompson
Series - Wild About You #4
Genre - Chic Lit Paranormal
Published October 2nd 2012
Publisher - Signet 


Love at first woof.
When Denver-based Were blogger and founder of Honoring of Werewolf Legacy (HOWL) Kate Stillman agrees to take on political “bad boy” Duncan MacDowell in a public debate about werewolf segregation, she’s confident she'll sail through the challenge without letting down her guard.

And what can go wrong while hanging out with the sexy Scottish founder of Werewolves Optimizing Our Future (WOOF) long enough to convince him his views on interspecies mating are mistaken? Plenty, when Kate discovers that she’s actually wildly attracted to her opponent—who by all accounts prefers dating human women!

But what hope can there be when this irresistible werewolf-with-a-cause believes their future depends on Kate losing the argument?

A werewolf in Denver is the fourth installment in the Wild about you Series. Kate is the leader of HOWL a group that is pro were to were relationships. They don’t want to come out to the human community. While she’s up against Duncan who’s in town for the Woof side werewolves who want to come out to the humans and have human were relationships. For months prior to the meeting the two have been going back and forth on their blogs. They use public social media to debating their views each with their own reasons to support their side choice.

Kate picks up Duncan at the airport he’s not what she expected and when a snow storm has them stranded they are forced to find shelter. After spending the night stranded in a cabin the two can’t deny the attraction to the other. The only problem for Duncan is that Kate is everything he’s against. As the debate heats up the two will find themselves getting closer and realizing that maybe things aren’t one way or the other. Will the two be able to see eye to eye? Or will it blow up in their faces.

I like Kate she’s a blogger who happens to run a matchmaking site, which I thought was unique. She’s smart, stubborn and not opposed to using her body to get what she wants. Duncan is an attractive Scotsman but I didn’t really care for him as much as I would have liked. I’m not feeling the whole insta sex thing when characters jump into the sack right from the start.

The author has created a captivating series of werewolf romance novels each one has its own unique relationship that ties them together. All the packs are connected this book is focusing around the Stillman and MacDowell. The MacDowell we got a teaser of from the prior book while Stillman is new but I like them. The author has taken the werewolf concept and put her own little spins, like they don’t have to shift, when they shift it’s magical, they have telepathy in wolf form, and the way pairs mate for life. I enjoyed the story it’s fun with a little humor mixed in with the romance. While I feel like it’s a little steamy heavy I think it’s part because Kate and Duncan are just so attracted by each other. I could just be in a prude mood too. Overall another great installment in the series, and I plan to read the next one.  I love the covers!!!!
4 out of 5 stars

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