Wednesday, March 5, 2014

S&S Review: Evil Red

Title - Evil Red
Author - Nikki Jefford 
Series - Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter #2.5
Genre - YA Paranormal 
Published - February 2014
Format - Kindle Review copy


L.A. is one tough city, especially while sharing a trailer with four thieving sisters.

Valerie’s plans for a better life and Hollywood grandeur are interrupted after a fateful stabbing lands her in Anchorage, Alaska where government agents expect her to play the role of a vampire hunting La Femme Nikita.

The redheaded vixen is back in her own novelette.

I received Evil Red in return for an honest review from the author. The story starts with Valerie living in L.A. in a trailer with her sisters and mother with big dreams of getting out and making it to the big screen. Her dreams are cut short when she’s attacked outside a club fatally stabbed three times. What should have been the end is really just the beginning as to her friends and family she’s dead but in Anchorage Alaska she lives to become a vampire hunter.

While Valerie isn’t thrilled with the prospect that there are vampires she doesn't really have a choice. After successfully slaying her first vampire she has contact with and attempting to slay the second one she’s sent off to bootcamp to learn to protect hunt. Her first assignment is an informant because her blood doesn’t have the lethal effect they hope. She’s sent to high school to start dating a very old vampire named Fane. What was supposed to be easy is anything but, and what if Fane isn’t just any vampire.

I’ve read all the books up to this point and now that I know why Valerie is the way she is makes sense. Her store touched my heart she’s not had the best life and her situation sucks but she’s made the best of it and grown into a tough vampire hunter. I’m hoping to see more from here in the series because I enjoy her character.  I'm still not sure how I feel about the whole Fane thing, I want to like him but I'm just not sure.

Evil Red is another fantastic installment in the Aurora Sky: Vampire Hunter Series. The story focuses around Valerie her transition to vampire hunter which I found fascinating. She’s one of those mean girls you just have to root for because deep down she’s not a bad guy. I love the unique concept for the vampires and how the hunters are created based on their blood type. The characters are easy to connect which makes it easy to fall in love with the story. The author has written a beautiful story that captures the heart as well as the imagination. While the Novelette is short its action packed from start to finish I found it impossible to put down till I was done. The Aurora Sky series has quickly stolen my heart because my favorite vampire series so far, and it’s my first I suggest when you save vampire books. I really love this series, and what’s not to love with the beautiful covers. If you love vampires who don't sparkle and kick ass heroines this is the series to check out. 
5 out of 5 stars

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