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Review: Werewolf in Seattle

Title - Werewolf in Seattle
Author - Vicki Lewis Thompson
Series - Wild About you #3
Genre - Romance Paranormal
Format - Kindle Ebook
Published - April 3rd 2012
Publisher - Signet


The last thing Colin McDowell wants is to inherit his Aunt Geraldine's mansion in the San Juan islands off the coast of Washington. As the pack leader of the Trevelyans in Scotland, he had little time to travel halfway around the world to take care of his inheritance.

But the trip takes a pleasant turn when he meets Luna Reynaud, the young secretary his aunt hired shortly before she died. He isn't sure which surprises him more-Luna's clever plan for turning the mansion into a resort of the fact that she's drop-dead gorgeous. Both intrigue him-until he learns that Luna is only a half-breed. There's no way a pack leader can mate with a woman who's partly human...or is there?

Werewolf in Seattle is the third installment in the Wild About You Series. Colin is returning home to spread his aunt’s ashes as well as get her house on the market. Unfortunately being the alpha werewolf and Laird in Scotland the trip to Seattle is a long one that he hasn’t made very often. He knew returning to his aunts home would stir up memories from long ago but he didn’t know her assistant would change his life forever. Luna doesn’t want to see Whittier House sold because it would mean she’s out of the job. When Luna has the idea to turn the estate into an exclusive werewolf resort she just has to get Colin to agree.

When Colin shows up Luna didn’t expect to be attracted to him much less be willing to tell her secrets as well as open up to him. Colin is also attracted to Luna but he’s against were to human mating and she’s a half breed which is just as bad for the young alpha leader. Colin doesn’t want to see his aunt’s home sold so when Luna gives him a chance to save the house he jumps at it. Even though it is just a fling Luna is losing her heart to Colin even though she knows it will never be. What will happen when Colin returns to Scotland?

I really wanted to like Luna but she frustrated me I didn’t care for the whole virgin losing and learn from a stranger.  I like Luna as a character she’s had a rough life, but she’s worked hard to be where she is and isn’t willing to give up. I think if she hadn’t gone crazy with the whole sex obsession I would have liked her more. Colin is the same way, he’s in town to do what needs to be done but he quickly falls for Luna’s charms.

I really wanted to love the book because I loved the first two. I like the concept of the two who shouldn’t end up together finding love. I love the idea of chic lit romance with the supernatural twists but I prefer more storyline to the steamy parts. I really enjoyed the story like the little parts of shopping in Pike’s Place it was great to see the pair shop for old books. I just didn’t connect with the characters like I have with the past books which was a little disappointing for me. I feel bad because I love the idea just didn’t love all the smut in the story. However I think it’s more of a personal preference I’ve been on a clean romance kick recently. Even though I didn’t love this book I still liked it, and plan to read the rest of the series because I have high hopes. 
3 out of 5 stars

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