Sunday, March 23, 2014

Review: The Secret

Title - The Secret
Author - Julie Garwood
Series - Highlands' Lairds #1
Genre - Historical Romance 
Published - May 1st 1992
Publisher - Pocket Books
Format - Kindle


It is the late 12th century and lovely Lady Judith Hampton is making plans to leave her home in England for a dangerous journey to Scotland. She is keeping a childhood promise to attend her dearest friend, Frances Catherine, in childbirth. But Judith has a private reason for visiting the Highlands: to locate the father she has never known. 

Nothing has prepared Judith for the sight of Iain Maitland, Frances Catherine's brother-in-law, the Scottish warlord who comes to escort her to his land. The Laird of his clan, Iain is the handsomest, most compelling man Judith has ever met. 

Though he finds Judith as stubborn as she is enchanting, passion rages between them from their first kiss--and grows into a love so great that he fears for their future together... for her father's identity is a devastating secret that could shatter the boldest alliance and the most glorious of loves!

Judith & Frances Catherine have been friends since they were four and five years old having met at the border festival. The only issues is Judith is English while Frances Catherine is Scottish but for them it doesn’t matter they are the best of friends. So when Frances Catherine is pregnant due to have a baby she sends for Judith. Her clan isn’t thrilled with the idea but being married to the Lairds brother does have its advantages. When the Laird Iain shows up expecting a fight at bringing Judith to Frances Catherine he’s shocked to see her ready to go.

It’s clear right from the start that Judith trusts Iain with her life, even his men are smitten with her and he can’t deny the attraction to her either. After arriving in the highlands Judith learns that the midwife who is supposed to deliver the baby has been tormenting Frances Catherine who already is worried about the birth afraid she won’t survive. When Judith learns that she’s not the only one with worries about having the midwife handle another wife’s delivery. She agrees to help her as well only to learn that it was up to her. What should have been a happy time is short lived when the midwife claims the birth doesn’t meet the requirements of pain. Thankfully Judith is able to prove the midwife wrong. After that Judith delivers several more babies getting ready to help Frances Catherine. Judith carries a secret that could change everything if the council as well as Iain finds out who her father is. Will Judith stay in the highlands? Will the secret come out?

Oh Judith how I love a strong determine English woman, paired off with a Scottish laird. Judith is the kind of character you can’t help loving, she’s just a good person with a good heart and mind of her own. I also have a soft spot for Scottish Lairds there is just something about the sexy warriors and Iain is no exception as he risks it all for the woman he loves. The supporting characters are great I would love to see more of Brodick he was a great warrior. Plus what’s not to love about Frances Catherine. I love a sassy Scottish lass as much as an English lady.

I’ve had this one my TBR for a while but it’s been ages since I’ve read a historical romance but when the option came up for a challenge I went right to my historical got to Julie Garwood. She did after all write one of my favorite series the Lairds’ Fiancees. The secret was a brilliant story filled with romance, secrets and intrigue. I was captivated right from the start and would have stayed up all night if I didn’t have to be up early this morning but I finished it as soon as I found a chance to read. The story is an original Scottish romance that has it all even a little steamy moment but it doesn’t overwhelm the story.  All the characters are easy to connect, I found myself so vested in what happened to them. The author has done a well job creating characters that steal your heart. I enjoyed every moment of the book it was spellbinding and beautifully written. I honestly can’t say enough about The Secret it might be my new favorite historical romance.  I love the covers they spark the imagination. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series as well as check out the other books by the author. I also can tell you that I'm 100% sure I will be reading this book again. 
5 out of 5 stars 

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  1. Ooo I read this back in 1993 :) you reminded me how much I enjoyed it. Great review Mandy