Monday, February 29, 2016

S & S Book Review: What Zoey Doesn't Know

Title - What Zoey Doesn't Know
Author - R.L. Naquin
Series - Monster Haven #3.5
Genre - Urban Fantasy
Format - Kindle
Published - April 7th 2014
Publisher - Bottle Cap Publishing

Maurice the closet monster is an amazing cook, efficient housekeeper, fantastic problem solver, and the best friend anyone could ever have. 

But nobody really knows what he does all day. 

Bank robbers, a rare disease, and a visit from a bad-luck pooka are no match for a closet monster with time on his hands. 

But don’t tell Zoey. She worries. 

7,00 words 

“What Zoey Doesn’t Know” is a short story in the same world as the Monster Haven novels from Carina Press. This story can be enjoyed without having read the novels, but it takes place between book three, Fairies in My Fireplace, and book four, Golem in My Glovebox. 

What  Zoey Doesn’t Know is told from the point of view of Maurice her best friend and closet monster. I always assumed that he was just a housekeeper and cook during the day but this short story show’s that there is much more to Maurice that we always thought. First off he’s tasked with saving Zoey’s neighbors rom a sickness that they all seem to have caught that is affecting them. Next up is bank robbery; add in some quiches and you’ve got a busy day. However Maurice is like his own personal superman.

I’ve always been a fan of Maurice he’s the best friend that Zoey has needed and a perfect companion to guide her along on her journey as a protector. I honestly have always had a soft spot for Maurice and secretly wish that every time I open my closet he will pop out. Now having a chance to see what he deals with on a regular basis I found interesting.

I’ve had this one on my kindle for ages but it’s slipped my mind so since I’m reading the other novella’s it’s a perfect chance to add it to my list. I loved every moment of Maurice’s world it’s great seeing that’s he’s more than we all thought and how much he really helps Zoey out. I love the world that they all live in hidden from the humans a whole secret world. The characters are amazing and the stories are captivating. The author has done a beautiful job creating a unique series. One of my favorite Urban Fantasy and I highly recommend. 

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