Monday, February 8, 2016

Book Review: Phoenix Reborn

Title - Phoenix Reborn
Author - Carina Wilder
Series - Woodland Creek
Genre - Paranormal Romance
Published - November 15th 2015
Format - Kindle

She was the same Ashling. As lovely as ever.
As lost as ever.

Life isn't easy for a fire-starter. And when Ashling discovers that Hawke Turner has come back to Woodland Creek, her mind reels with memories of pain and loss. But she once felt strongly for the man who has since become a world-renowned movie star.

Maybe, just maybe, she can overcome her past, conceal her secrets and find a way to open her heart to him.

That is, if no one murders her first.
Ashling hasn’t ever fit in but on the night back in high school she burned someone things changed forever. Keeping distance has always been the best choice because she doesn’t believe that she is good enough to deserve anything. When her old friend Hawke returns to town she can’t deny the attraction for him but he’s an actor filming a movie why would he want her. However Ashling may just prove herself wrong when she finds herself caring for him and opening up to the idea of a relationship.

However Hawke is just a human, one that she won’t risk hurting because she’s starting to realize that she’s not just a fire starter but a phoenix just coming into her powers at last. While Ashling is keeping a secret from Hawke he also has a secret that he’s keeping from her but will they accept each other’s secret? What about the dark creature hunting her looming in the shadows who happens to know more about her than even she does.

I like Ashling she’s a sweet innocent character who has spent most of her life alone without someone to support her. She needed Hawke to bring out who she really is and he’s had his eye on her for ages. I like the chemistry for the pair it’s a sweet romance that just keeps getting more steamy as the book progresses. Hawke see’s Ashling for who she really is and I love a hero who knows the real girl not the girl she pretends to be.

I’m a huge fan of the Woodland Creek series so many different authors adding their own unique stories to the community. I love that the shifters aren’t your traditional predators like a Phoenix, Eagle, and Vulture are the spotlight in this one. We also have a little activity from a local wizard which I thought was an interesting twist. Phoenix Reborn is a fast paced novel with a little action, some suspense and finished off with a happy ever after. I quickly devoured the book in just over an hour it’s a captivating story that is hard to put down. I really enjoyed the authors writing style it flows smoothly from start to finish and it’s beautifully done. I can’t wait to check out more of the authors work, I’ve become a quick fan. Phoenix Reborn is a perfect example of a quick supernatural HAE and I loved it!

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