Sunday, February 28, 2016

S & S Book Review: Becoming

Title - Becoming
Author - R.L. Naquin
Series - Undercover Gorgon #0
Genre - Urban Fantasy
Format - Kindle
Published - October 10th 2015
Publisher - Bottle Cap Publishing

********This story was included in Transmonstrified and Unfinished Muse. If you’ve already read “Undercover Gorgon” in either of those books, skip this and wait for “Episode #1—Witches War” coming in December 2015.********

Episode #0—Becoming

Patrice has never been comfortable in her own skin. At midnight on her twentieth birthday, her magical Stealth Insurance lapses, leaving her with a headful of live snakes and an aversion to bright light. Now she understands why being human never felt quite right.

Finally in the green skin the gods intended for her, Patrice moves into her new life as a receptionist at the Mt. Olympus Employment Agency. The day job sucks. But sometimes, a problem comes across Patrice’s desk she believes only she can solve. After hours, the magical items in the offices upstairs are left hanging on the walls unused. Who’s going to notice if she borrows a pair of winged sneakers, an arrow tipped with love dust, or a pair of enchanted scissors?

Everything will work out fine—as long as she doesn’t get caught.

Patrice’s parents have been keeping a secret from her since she was born that she’s a Gorgon a descendant of Medusa and now that the insurance has lapsed she look just like you would expect. However Patrice isn’t as unhappy about the change as you may think finally feeling like herself at last, but sadly she’s got to live in the supernatural world. Not like she can attend classes with her hair full of snakes and green skin. Thankfully she has a place where she can be herself. Will the new life be everything that Patrice wanted? Will she find her hidden calling?

I wasn’t sure about Patrice at first but she quickly grew on me as the story progressed. I really liked her sneaky new job that’s she’s taken over even though she’s had to break the rules to do it. I’m curious to learn more about Patrice and who else happens to be working at the Mt. Olympus Employment Agency.

Becoming is a short little intro into an exciting new world filled with supernatural characters that capture the heart as well as the imagination. I’ve enjoyed the author books by the author so when I saw a new one I had to give it a shot and it doesn’t disappoint. I found the concept unique taking the concept of mythology and putting her own unique spin on it. The characters are easy to connect with and the story is hard to put down. One of my favorite story tellers she’s created another beautiful story that is hard to put down. I can’t wait to check out the new series.

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