Monday, February 29, 2016

Book Tour Review: Ill Fated

Title - Ill Fated
Author - Rachel Rawlings
Series - Maurin Kincaide #5
Genre - Urban Fantasy
Format - Kindle Review Copy
Published - February 11th 2015
Publisher - R Squared Publishing

Some things are destined to end in death. After the first attempt on her life Maurin wasn’t scared. Hell, she was almost flattered. But someone put a price on her head and things are getting complicated. Trouble is brewing in the fae courts and it’s spilling over into Salem. The UnSeelie Dark Guard have answered the call for her head on a platter and people closest to her are disappearing. 

Can Maurin master court politics and find her missing men before someone claims the bounty on her head? 

I received Ill Fated in return for an honest review as part of the tour hosted by Bewitching Book Tours. It’s been a few months since the end of the last book she’s now dating Mason who happens to be the right guy this time no more jumping into relationships. Someone has taken a hit out on Maurin the best choice is to lock her up for her own protection and let them handle it. After the failed attempt they decide to kidnapped her boyfriend, father and dog. The only option is to team up with her ex-boyfriend whose still has feelings for her to get them back.

Following the trail they find Conry at the hands of the blood witches who are draining him of his blood and replacing it with something sinister but they don’t find her father or Mason. While healing Conry she has a meeting with the Seelie Queen who is willing to help her find her men but she has to swear allegiance to the light court. Deciding that fighting the Dark court guards is just not working Maurin and Conry agree to meet with the king who attempts to force her to swear allegiance to his court by using her werewolf friends as bargaining chips. Will Maurin find her missing men before it’s too late? Will she be able to stop the enemy from that past who’s determined to get revenge?

I like Maurin she really works for me as a character even though she’s going through men. I hate to admit it drives me nuts but hopefully Mason will be the one because they just work together. I also have to admit that even though he doesn’t talk I have a soft spot for Conry her fae guardian dog that she received from her father the lord of the Wild Hunt. I also really like who Amelia has turned into she’s like Maurin growing into who she’s destined to be. I like Cash a lot but I’ve been secretly rooting through them all for her to pick him but I think it may just work out for the best. I want to dislike Aiden after everything but he’s grown on me.

I’ve been reading the entire series one after another after receiving them for an upcoming book tour so it’s been interesting watching Maurin grow so much in the last year. I knew it was coming each book has been primary based on one type of supernatural being so this one had to be Fae after all they just recently joined the council. I really like the supernatural world that she lives in with vampires being accepted just like werewolves. I’ve really grown to love Maurin she reminds me a lot of a fae Mercy Thompson she runs with the big scary guys and even is dating one. The author has created a unique story that captures the heart as well as the imagination. Each book is packed full of action, mystery, coffee and just a touch of romance all perfectly blended together. The author has a beautifully way of telling Maurin’s story it’s well executed and flows from start to finish creating a book that is hard to put down. While this is my first series by the author I’ve become hooked and can’t wait to see what comes next.  

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