Monday, February 29, 2016

Book Tour Review: Witch hunter

Title - Witch Hunt
Author - Rachel Rawlings
Series - Maurin Kincaide #2
Genre - Urban Fantasy
Format - Kindle Review Copy
Published - October 31st 2012
Publisher - Hound Publishing Inc.

Maurin Kincaide is back in this action packed follow up novel to The Morrigna. No longer a member of Salem's Preternatural Task Force Maurin is the new liaison for The Council, governing body of Others. During what should have been a routine meeting with her former Captain, Maurin is brought in on a murder investigation. 

Three dead witches, three cryptic clues, no sign of the killers and the Salem coven is losing allies within the Council. If Maurin and her unlikely partner Captain Matthison can't stop the killers, the Witch City might be without its namesake.

I received Witch Hunt in return for an honest review from the author for the tour hosted by Bewitching Book Tours. Maurin survived her encounter with the tribune but has lost her job working with the Preternatural task force. However when witches start turning up dead her old boss turns to her for help solving the case. With her new job as liaison to the Council does have it’s perks she has connections to help her with the case. Teaming up with Mahalia and Mattison the trio set out to catch the killer before all the witches are taken out.

When they learn that it’s the inquisition a group of witch hunter using magic Mahalia decides that the only way to stop them is calling in a Necromancer but the vampires are less than thrilled. Still they allow the necromancer to come to town but with the understanding that she doesn’t mess with the vampires. As if Maurin doesn’t have enough going on Graives the necromancer has taken claim over her current love interest Oberon. At least he’s not the only man in town, and she may just find herself realizing her attraction is based on the goddess. Will they stop the witch hunters?

I like Maurin she is an interesting character who just keeps learning more and more about herself as the series progresses. First off I’m glad that the whole Oberon thing is over I didn’t care for the insta love thing but the more we learn about her connection to him it all works out. I like her new potential love interest much better, and I’m curious to see if it’s going to work out. I really like the other members of the council while this one is mostly about the witches we did have a little more about the vampires.

I started this one right after finishing the first in the series it starts just a few months after the big battle between the council and the tribune. She’s grown so much through the second book learn about her parents who she’s really meant to be. I find the concept for Maurin as well as the world that she lives in interesting, it’s unique and captivating. Witch Hunt is a fast paced action packed novel filled with just a little romance, a killer to catch and just enough suspense to keep me on the edge of my seat. I’ve become a huge fan of Maurin she’s a kick ass character who works with the supernatural and is an executioner. I love the authors storytelling it’s beautifully written flowing from start to finish. While this is only my 2nd book by the author I’m hooked on Maurin and can’t wait to read the next one. Highly recommend if you’re an urban fantasy fan.

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