Thursday, February 11, 2016

Book Review: Unbound

Title - Unbound
Author - Elle Thorne
Series - Woodland Creek
Genre - Urban Fantasy Romance
Published - November 17th 2015
Publisher - Barbed Borders Press
Format - Kindle
Glory Aleman is bound… 
…bound to her duties, and bound by ancient law. She’s pledged to a shifter of another family to keep old bloodlines alive. 
Mae's nephew, Dane Forester has been anything but bound… 
He’s a freewheeling, sexy, successful, movie star who uses every role and every woman to escape and forget the heartbreak he left in Woodland Creek. 
Great, right? 
Sure, right up until a will-reading brings him back to Woodland Creek, and back to that which he never really escaped. 
Again, no problem, right? 
Oh-so-very wrong. Glory’s bound to another man, slated to become his in less than a month. 
This was the role Dane Forester was meant for. He better not choke. 

Unbound is a novel in the Woodland Creek series. Glory has been betrothed to another Ivy shifter since she was a toddler but that didn’t stop her from falling in love with Dane when she was a teenager. While Dane’s family was hunted by rovers shifters who kill other shifters it was Glory’s parents and sister who ended up in the line of fire. When Dane leaves all the sudden the loss of her parents as another tragedy Glory withdraws into a hibernation with her Ivy. Dane left Woodland Creek behind after Glory was killed becoming an actor but when his uncle dies he returns home to find things aren’t always as they seem.

Finding out the real reason the one you left abandoned you and that the love you lost isn’t really dead comes as a shock to both of them. While it’s been years since they saw each other the passion they shared hasn’t died if anything being together it’s gotten stronger and neither one is willing to let the other get away again. However Dane’s uncle’s murder are closing in and Glory ends up in the crosshairs. Will Dane save her in time? How will Glory feel when she learns even more truth that she expected?

I love Glory she’s a very unique shifter considering she’s a plant. I totally would have done what she did withdrawing into my Ivy having dealt with the tragic loss she did. I admit I wasn’t sure about Dane when it first starts off he’s kind of known in Hollywood as a player. Yet he does have some redeeming qualities like his love of Glory. The chemistry between these two is very steamy and hot!!!!

I’ve been working my way through the Woodland Creek series which has become one of my new favorites. It’s multiple authors creating unique stories set in the same town with a variety of supernatural creatures and some similar ideas. This one contains an Ivy shifter which I found very unique and interesting to see how her shift worked out. I like the idea of a snow leopard it’s not something I’ve seen before. I really enjoyed reading Unbound’s unique story set in Woodland creek a perfect mix of story and steamy moments. This isn’t my first book by the author so I had a bit of an expectation and it doesn’t disappoint. I very much enjoyed Glory and Dane’s story it’s a perfect example of a romance at Woodland Creek. 

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