Monday, February 29, 2016

Book Tour Review: Blood Bath

Title - Blood Bath
Author - Rachel Rawlings
Series - Maurin Kincaide #4
Genre - Urban Fantasy
Format - Kindle Review Copy
Published February 20th 2014
A serial killer in Salem? Not for decades, but the bodies are piling up and all signs point in one direction. Rogue vampire. Except things aren't always what they seem, especially in a murder investigation. 

With her current relationship on the rocks, her father playing match-maker and her neighbor tossing his hat in the ring, the body count isn't the only thing on the rise. Maurin is neck deep in magic, mayhem and murder. 

Can she catch the killer before the killer catches her? One things for certain, when hunting vampires there will be blood. 


I received Blood Bath in return for an honest review as part of the tour hosted by Bewitching Book Tours. Maurin has saved the witches, oversaw a battle between two powerful werewolves, so dating a vampire and working for the council should be easy. However things with Aiden are quickly spiraling out of control even her father whom she’s only just found is less than thrilled with him as a match. When the bodies start piling up, girls drained of blood in bath tubs they SPFT has no choice but to call her in on the case to keep the body count low.

When her boyfriend Aiden reveals that the vampire rogue she’s hunting is actually an ancient vampire who he’s encountered before things start to get worse between them. While Maurin wants to use herself as bait to draw him out it’s against Aiden’s objections. However she does agree to let him mark her as his which has her father as well as Cash in an uproar, but being fae it doesn’t stick. Taking the risk Maurin agree’s to meet with our killer but finds herself at his hands after being drugged only to learn things are a lot more sister than she had expected. Will she stop the vampires and fix her relationship or is it too late?

So far I’ve really enjoyed seeing how Maurin evolves as a character she’s unique and interesting. She’s one of my new favorite characters in the urban fantasy world. I like Maurin but I think she has way too many guys in her life after all a vampire, fae, werewolf and I can only imagine what’s next.  I think the guys are a great way to keep her connected to the different supernatural being and maybe I’m a little partial to Cash but sheesh she’s blowing through them all. I’m worried she may not have any left in the future and I actually like them all.

Blood Bath is the 4th installment in the Maurin Kincaide series taking place in Salem which was once famous for the witch trials so it’s fitting. She’s not new to the supernatural world but only recently come into her abilities and learned that she’s not just a unique human like she thought.  Each book in the series so far has been primarily about one supernatural being this one focus’s around an ancient vampire serial killer which I found fascinating. The author has created this unique world that mixes the human with the supernatural even creating a council of supernatural beings to rule. It really works well and I’ve enjoyed every book in the series. I really like Mauin she’s grown so much from the first book, and she’s easy to connect with it’s hard to not like her. I’ve also very much enjoyed the authors storytelling it’s beautifully done and each book is hard to put down. Perfect for Urban fantasy fans. 

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