Monday, February 29, 2016

S & S Book Review: Dead Town Angel

Title - Dead Town Angel
Author - Raquel Lyon
Series - Foxblood 0.5
Genre - Fantasy
Published - March 24th 2013
Format - Kindle Freebie
Sophie is trapped: trapped in a town with no future, trapped in a life that’s already written. There’s only one way she can escape, and she’s worked hard to ensure that it happens.
Sam is waiting: waiting to take his place in the world, waiting for a chance to shine. Until then, he has one mission: protect the girl.
But in a town filled with trouble, one weekend could ruin everything.

Dead town Angel is a short story, novelette, prequel to the Foxblood young adult fantasy series, and is approximately 11,000 words.tember of 2013.

Sophie is living in a town that’s seen better days and she’s dying to get out. The town has fallen on bad times and doesn’t seem to be making any progress to get better. Her mom spends all her food money on alcohol and Sophie is forced to look after her brother. However her hard work has paid off the chance to leave town to do something with her life is just around the corner. She just has to survive till she can leave and what’s one little party with her best friend?

 I like Sophie she’s a sweet girl trying to make due with the cards she’s been dealt. Thankfully she’s worked hard and is on her way out of town for a better future if she makes it out of town. I like Sam he’s always around when Sophie needs him protecting her from what she doesn’t know. While this is a novella I see potential for these two.

I’ve had this one on my kindle so long that they have even changed the covers that’s how long. The concept is interesting but we don’t get a lot of it other than Sam is supposed to protect Sophie in the novella. As far as teasers go I’m curious to see what’s going to happen to Sophie and Sam they have an interesting friendship. The story is well written it’s a little mystery, a little action and just a touch of romance a perfect blend to create an intriguing prequel. I’m looking forward to reading the first one in the series and seeing what’s going to happen next.

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