Sunday, July 7, 2013

Diary Entry

Diary Update
July 7th 2013

I've been playing with creating my own daily feature and think I have it about figured out.

It's Sunday!

The house is quiet the kids and hubby are sound asleep. I just have two hyper dogs and one cuddly kitty distracting me. My espresso maker is heating up so I'm going to try to have all my posts done so I can read and enjoy a latte unlike yesterday when it went cold. 

I started with the hubby last night Cloud Atlas, he didn't care for the jumping around between characters so we watched like 30 minutes and turned it off. I would like to finish it but never enough time so it's going on netflix for when he's deployed. 
I loved Safe Harbor it was a wonderful story, the end had me bawling like a baby and my husband going oh to watch baseball. I'm a sucker for a happy ever after love story and granted I haven't read any of his books yet Nicholas Sparks seems to do just that. I planned to read at least a few this year I need to get on that. 

Currently Reading
Still working on Marking Time. When the hubby is home he doesn't let me read much and with the holiday he's had a lot of free time. Hopefully today I will finish before the family wakes up. I'm really enjoying the story so it's really just that I can't find the time to read =(

I learned I can send pictures and word doc's to my kindle hd and they show up just like mini books. So I can send Cover collections or reading lists and see them on it. 

I do wish the my kindle had Blogger it would make blogging so much easier. However it's the excuse I give the hubby all the time about wanting a ipad. I don't need it but I want one, just because.   

Challenge Update
I've read 83 out of 200 so far for my yearly challenge only 10% behind and 19 books. Yuck it can be so depressing. Maybe I should read a bunch of Novella's to get ahead. Tempting. 

I would love to get my hands on The One by Kiera Cass (Here). Gosh I would love to just see the cover. However If I could get my hands on this one I would lock myself in the bathroom till I was done. No interruptions.  

I'm thinking of writing reviews for books I read before I started blogging so I will have the whole series not just the most recent books reviewed. I'm thinking of making them short and fun kind of like a brief review with a catchy name. Just so share what I thought and loved or disliked. We will see. 

We are dog sitting so hopefully she will go home this week and the house will be able to get back to normal. It's crazy having to 70 pound dogs crashing around. She's having separation anxiety so it' makes things tough. Plus she's a huge chewer, the carpet, destroys his chew toys, chews up my daughters dolls, and everything else she can find. I figured ours since he's a puppy would be the chewer not the dog over 3. I need to get an updated pic of the booger with some books. 

Coffee is ready. 

Have a great rest of the weekend. 

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  1. 'Cloud Atlas' is a strange and confusing movie. Granted, I didn't read the book - maybe that would've helped. My hubby gave it two and a half stars. I was slightly more impressed - I can't get the tragic Sixsmith-Frobisher love story out of my head. But that doesn't mean I understood the movie. It's...perplexing.

    If you're going to read a Nicholas Sparks, I recommend 'The Lucky One.' The Zac Efron movie was a good movie, but the book is about ten times better.