Thursday, July 11, 2013

Literary Addicts Weekly Meme

Literary Addicts Weekly Meme

Week of 7/10/13

What's your favorite fairytale story?

It's hard to pick just one and I can't if I have to pick just one. I'm torn between two which are my all time favorites. It would be Beauty and the Beast (IMDB) and Mulan (IMDB). I've seen both disney's a zillion times, even my daughter will watch them which makes me super excited. I guess when I think of fairytales I think disney movies. I've seen Beauty and the Beast on ice with my mom which was really awesome. As a kid I used to wish I was Belle because I loved that she's bookish plus I think it's where my fascination with shapeshifters comes from. What's not to love about Mulan she's totally kick-ass which is my ideal character add in a black horse and talking dragon I'm sold. 

What's your favorite Fairytale?

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