Wednesday, July 10, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge (Day 1)

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge 
Hosted by April @ Good Books & Good Wine 

15 book related confession 

1. I'm obsessed with buying books even if i doubt I will be able to read them this year I just can't help it. I have books from years ago still on my TBR shelf and you can't imagine the ebooks I've got on my kindle. 

2. I'm a dork I have 3 keyboard kindle 3's . My first till it broke purchased a new one only to find out they would replace the broken one so I had a extra and now I have my hubby's hardly used since we added a keyboard to the house. Plus I have the hd fire I use to read PDF's and at night. So in total I have 4. Why 3 keyboards? I love being able to have them read books while I'm multitasking even if it is a little computerish so I have backups. Yup I'm a dork. 

3. I never leave home without a kindle charger, my keyboard kindle, fire kindle and a book. You can never be too careful, I like to always be prepared. 

4. I'm cover obsessed, hence I love the fire and physical books. I have been making lots of backgrounds for my computer and kindle fire to look at with collages of covers. 

5. I hate to loan out books because most of the time they don't come back in the same shape. 

6. I have a hard time saying no when asked to review a book. It's gotten so bad I've hardly read anything on my non-review pile in ages unless I'm sneaking them in. I just want to help everyone promote their book. 

7. I'm a snob I don't care to read anything but fiction. 

8. I have over 4000 books on my Tbr list that I hope one day I'll be able to read. 

9. I love bookmarks to the point I hate using them because I'm afraid they will get damaged I keep them all in a ziplock like and call them "my precious". 

10. My bookshelves are so crammed that they are double and even triple stacked. I just don't have enough room to keep them all together and I'd rather have them all together they tucked all over the house. I like the little library feel. 

11. I don't rent books from the library because I like to own. It's really sad because it would save me thousands of dollars every year but I'd rather have a physical or ebook copy. 

12. I grab every kindle freebie I can because I hope to one day want to read it but I figure I might as well grab it while it's free. I've picked up enough to last a lifetime I'm sure but it doesn't stop my buying obsession. I've got over 2600 ebooks on my amazon account. 

13. I'm super shy so even though I've been blogging over a year I've not really made any close blogging buddies but I keep hoping one day. 

14. I read every email for every blog I follow even if it takes hours to read them all daily. 

15. I prefer to avoid erotica or smut heavy books recently. I've been on a clean romance kick for the last year but I do make exceptions. 

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  1. #9 The only bookmarks I use are the ones I get for free at the libary. All my author bookmarks stay in a safe spot far away from my toddler's sticky hands.

    #10 My husband complained because I did that. Instead I took over all the cabinets in the laundry room with my books.