Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Review: Ctrl Z

Title - Ctrl Z
Author - Danika Stone
Genre - Romance Suspense
Publication March 1st 2013
Format - Physical Review Copy


Indigo Sykes has spent years trying to forget where she came from. She has a degree, a new life, and a quiet existence. Everything she ever wanted... But all of this comes to a screeching halt when an unexpected meeting with computer hacker, Jude Alden, changes her plans. Romance blooms between the mismatched duo, even while entanglements from Indigo’s past threaten to pull the two of them apart. 

Dogged by a history of running, Indigo’s hard-won security is shattered when Jude’s illegal activity drags both of them into a dangerous game. As the net of hacking and underworld crime tightens around Jude and Indigo’s dark history is exposed, the two of them must find a way out or risk bringing the consequences down on them both.


I received Ctrl Z in return for an honest review from the author. Indigo Sykes has been running from her past attempting to move forward but it keeps dragging her back. After her relationship will a college professor goes up in flames after learning the truth she struggles to forget him, refusing to trust another guy. When she happens to meet Jude one night in a bar, her friend takes her home before anything can happen but she leaves a lasting impression when he comes to fix her computer in class.

An unlikely relationship grows between the two as Jude works hard to keep Indigo for getting away. However not everything is as it seems as Jude’s work buddy talks him into writing a program for a contract that brings easy money but breaks the law. Jude is swept into a world where if he does not comply he could end up hurt or worse. As Indigo learns that Jude is in over her head she tries to pull away afraid of getting sucked into the life she’s been running from. Her attempt to avoid is short lived she’s sucked in just as deep and soon they will have to risk it all just to survive.

I like both Indigo and Jude, he’s kind of perfect for her because he doesn’t give up when she’s pulling away. She’s been hurt, yet she’s strong and has survived getting out while she can. I love how the book bounces between both points of view it gives the reader a unique perspective. Ctrl Z is a captivating story that shows a unique story about two people each struggling with the mob. This is my first book involving the mob and I really enjoyed it but I did stay up late reading and my dreams were haunted by the mob coming after me.  Ctrl Z is an intense story that kept me on the end of my seat, filled with raw emotions, romance and pain. I really enjoyed the story; it’s brilliantly filled with surprises right up to the very end. There are some real situations that may not be for younger readers. 
4 out of 5 stars

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