Friday, June 28, 2013

Diary Entry

Diary Update
June 28th 2013

I've been playing with creating my own daily feature and think I have it about figured out.

Happy Friday!!!! Yay for the weekend!

This morning i'm writing my blog posts, while drinking a iced coffee. The little one is watching disney and the puppy is hanging out on the floor. The rest of the house is asleep since the hubby has the day off from work. I have a weakness for using melted wax to make the house smell and it's cupcake this morning so my house smells good enough to eat. 

Currently Reading - 
Just finished Blood and Mistletoe Review should be up today. 
I hope to start and finish Ghost Light on my lazy friday!

Kindle freebies
So many freebies today on amazon I spent a hour browsing the selection adding a few dozen it feels like to my already large kindle freebie shelf. Link to top 100 freebies (Here)

I'm addicted to challenges but missed out the most recent bingo. However I've been playing around with the top shelves feature on goodreads it's interesting to see how people shelves books. (Here

I'm struggling with my goal of 90 books but I'm hoping to change that and make a dent over the next month. I'm currently 9% and 18 books behind my goal of 200 for the year. 

I also was looking at covers the other day and made a wallpaper for my computer of beautiful dresses. I've got a little bit of procrastination in my bones lately. 
I'm sure that I will be making many more because it was kind of fun plus I enjoy looking at all the pretty colors. Maybe next will my July reading list or review pile. 

Have a great day!

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