Monday, June 3, 2013

Diary Entry

Diary Update
June 3rd 2013

I love blogging but in the last few months it’s been all work with limited fun and I don't see much of Mandy. So my new goal is to have a daily post of thoughts, random stuff and anything else I feel like sharing. Most of it will be bookish but I will have the odd random stuff. I love to talk about books so this should be fun and a great outlet for me.

Today I want to share a blog post from Melissa Pearl
She's going to start sharing the characters in her exciting new series The Elements Trilogy.
Unknown is the first book in the series and due out in just a few short weeks.
Also you can check out my review (Here)

I wanted to share a teaser from my current read.  

by Jadie Jones

“Can I ask you a question, but you have to promise not to move me to the psych ward?” I venture.
 “I don't think you can surprise me anymore than you already have.” 
“Well, I know I shouldn't expect everything to be back to normal yet, but I’m seeing some strange things. I think something is wrong with my eyes.” 
“I told you before that halos are perfectly normal following the extent of the trauma your body has handled,” he answers and glances at his watch. 
“But these aren’t halos. They're little horseshoes. I only see them on people’s palms. They glow. And they change color,” I add before I can talk myself out of the confession all together. 
“You’re right. That’s not normal at all,” he says. I wait for more information, but he stands stone still beside my bed. 
“Okay, so?” I push.
 The blue in his hand turns a cranberry red. What does that mean? He closes his hands into tight fists, purposefully concealing his palms. “So that’s probably a good question for Dr. Andrews.”

I also found a few freebies I just had to have today on Amazon!

Forever FAE by L.P. Dover (Amazon)
Lucky Charm by Marie Astor (Amazon)
The Princess Problem by Diana Darcy (Amazon)
Super Dark by Tanitha Morse (Amazon)
Moonlit by Jadie Jones (Amazon) My current read is free today!
Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn (Amazon)
No Such thing as Immortality by Sarah Tranter (Amazon)
Be My Yoko Ono by Phoebe Kitanidis (Amazon)

Tomorrow is an exciting day so many new releases I can't wait. 

Well I think that's enough for the moment!
Have a fantastic afternoon!

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