Saturday, June 8, 2013

Review: Otherkin

Title - Otherkin
Author - Nina Berry
Series - Otherkin #1
Genre - YA Paranormal
Format - Kindle Ebook
Publisher - K Teen
Published - July 31st 2012


I thought I knew myself. Then I met Caleb.

Dez is a good girl who does as she’s told and tries not to be noticed.

Then she rescues a boy from a cage, and he tells her secrets about herself.
Now inside her burns a darkness that will transform her.

Everything is about to change -- and neither Caleb, nor the Otherkin, nor those who hunt them are prepared for what Dez will unleash.

Teaser (I love this)

“Well, when you think about it,” he said, “we’re not exactly normal ourselves.”
I laughed. “Totally! ‘He’s creepy,’ said the girl who could change into a tiger.”
He chuckled. “ ‘He’s weird,’ said the guy who can turn rocks into mountains.”
The shivering had stopped. It felt so good to laugh. “And I thought it was bad with the brace,” I said. “I thought no one would like me because I was this freak, this untouchable monster. Turns out I’m an even bigger monster . . .” I stopped. I’d just said out loud something I’d never told anyone, even if it came out jokingly.
The smile slid from his face, his dark brows drawing together over his eyes. But the last thing I wanted was for him to feel sorry for me. “Sorry, never mind. Stupid,” I said, shaking my head.
He looked at me another second, his face unreadable, then reached up to close the collar He looked at me another second, his face unreadable, then reached up to close the collar of his coat more tightly around my throat. I pulled back out of reflex, but stopped myself. I felt very small, very vulnerable with him so close. He said, “Anybody ever tell you that you look beautiful in black?”
My whole body grew warm and the back of my neck prickled with goose bumps. I stuttered, “It—it goes with my stripes.”
Did that even make any sense? “You know, like, when I’m a tiger,” I sounded horribly lame to my own ears, but somehow I didn't care.
He smiled in a way that twisted my heart. Keeping his hands on the coat collar, he stepped closer. I tilted my head to look up at him. “Don’t ever let anyone make you think you’re untouchable,” he said, sliding one hand around my neck and up into my hair. “Sometimes touching you is all I think about.”
I put my hand to his cheek and felt a deep tremor within. “Are you cold?” I asked.
“No.” His gaze slid down to my mouth.
His lips met mine. I kissed him back without thinking, sliding my hands around him, his heat enveloping me. His arms tightened around me, pressing our bodies together. All my senses expanded. His hands gripped me as if he’d never let go. A small involuntary moan escaped me as I arched into him. His mouth traveled down to my neck, his breath coming fast.


Dez isn't the popular girl but when she is approached by a popular boy she’s excited till he touches her back brace and she freaks out. Since she was fourteen she’s had to wear a brace because of the curvature of her spine, forcing Dez to wear baggy clothes to hide it. After the boy at school feels her brace Dez is in a moon lashing out in anger at the brace which forces her to shift into a tiger but its short lived when she’s hit with a tranquilizer dart.

Dez wakes up in a silver cage in a building wrapped in a hospital gown with no idea how she got here. There is a handsome boy in the cage nearby who knows why they are in cages and when the chance comes to escape she takes him with her. After freeing Chase from the cage the pair head for her home so she can let her mom know that she’s ok. After all she went missing, so she’s sure she’s worried. Upon arriving home she plays it off as if it’s nothing but her freedom is short lived when they return for her and she’s forced to shift. Thankfully they all get away her parents head into hiding while Dez and Chase head for the school.

When Dez and Chase arrive at the school for shifters where they will be safe each is tested to see where their loyalties lie and after a brutal council they are allowed to stay out the year. However Chase doesn't plan on staying that long since he’s not a shifter but a caller. The shifters don’t work well together it’s unheard of outside the school they stick to their tribe even though they sit on a council. It’s at the new school that Dez learns to control her shift learning to use her other senses but danger looms not to far away and when they are all put to the test the students risk it all for one of their own.

I've been dying to check out this book since I first saw the cover and I’m not sure why I didn't before this. I've always been a fan of shapeshifters, so of course I was drawn to this story. I like the concept that they are born not made, which isn't super common, plus when they shift it’s smooth like water. The story is filled with intense action from start to finish keeping me on the edge of my seat but with little twists of young love tossed about to create a perfect mix. The characters are easy to connect with Dez is fun to read about as she learns the truth about herself. I really like the idea of Chase and Dez he’s kind of perfect for her, they both are intelligent, strong and each has their own issues. Otherkin has some great supporting characters at the school that are very memorable it’s very reminiscent of a typical high school on a whole new level. The story gives a conclusion but leaves the reader wanting more. I can't wait to see what happens next for Dez and Chase.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
4 out of 5 Stars


  1. Glad to hear that you enjoyed this book. I'm in the same boat as you. I've seen the cover and love it but I've not read it yet.
    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous

  2. Awesome review, I may need to check this one out
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