Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Diary Entry

Diary Update
June 19th 2013

I love blogging but in the last few months it’s been all work with limited fun and I don't see much of Mandy. So my new goal is to have a daily post of thoughts, random stuff and anything else I feel like sharing. Most of it will be bookish but I will have the odd random stuff. I love to talk about books so this should be fun and a great outlet for me.

Happy Wednesday!

It's been a crazy week. I've been wanting to do this post daily but with family in town it's been hard but today is the start of my goal to be better at posting daily.

Today I'm reading Something Strange and Deadly be sure to check out the teaser I shared. I plan to finish today it's a zombie book so I'm in love. Plus I love the beautiful cover.

My challenges are suffering but with family leaving today I should be able to get back in the reading groove. I'm shooting for 30 books this month and I'm only at 6 for the month so I'm super slacking. I hope to be back in order by the start of next week.

I've been on a pretzel kick perfecting the perfect burger bun. We can sometimes find them at the commissary on base but not often enough so the hubby gave me the task of making them. Several batches later and I've perfected the pretzel bun.
With my hubby's mother in town I also made her my on peanut thai dish, cinnamon rolls and s'mores cookies. It's always nice having someone willing to try all my baking treats. Right now I have vanilla biscotti in the oven smells yummy. 

I took a couple of books to Santa Cruz on monday but other then get a little sand on them I didn't get much reading done. The boardwalk was calling our names same as the waves crashing on the beach. All in all it was a great day. Lots of rides, food, sun and water.

I think it's time to get the rest of my daily posts up! 
Have a great day!

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