Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer 2013 Challenges

The Bachelorette Facts and Items to Find

May 27th to August 27th 

1. The next bachelorette is Deiree Hartsock- find a heart or sock on cover.
2. Desiree is a brunette- find a brunette on cover.
3. Desiree has a huge white smile- find a smile on cover.
4. All of her men to choose from stay in a large mansion together- find a cover with several males on cover or with a house. Unknown (Review)
5. There is always a pool at the mansion- find a body of water of any kind on cover.
Triangles (Review)
6. The guys are usually half naked most of the time- find a bare chest on cover.
7. There is always a lot of drinking- find a drink on cover.
8. Desiree will be giving out roses to the guys she wants to keep- find flower(s) on cover.
9. One guy always sings a song and plays an instrument to the bachelorette at some point- find a musical instrument or microphone on cover.
10. The guys arrive in a limo on the first night- find a vehicle on cover.
11. There is always some kind of bungee/free-falling date from way up high- find clouds on cover.
12. A carriage ride is also common- find a large animal or a couple on cover.  Otherkin (Review)
13. Hand-holding abounds- find hands touching on cover.
14. Also tons of kissing with many men- find kissing on cover.
15. Picnics are also popular for a date- find a food item or blanket on cover.
16. Most guys leave broken-hearted (in a black mood)- find a cover that is mostly black or stormy scene. Reboot (Review)
17. There are overnight dates where cameras aren't allowed- find underwear on cover ;)
18. The season ends with a proposal- find a piece of jewelry on cover.
19. The final couple always embrace in the final episode after proposal- find an embrace on cover. Bittersweet (Review)

20. The final couple usually have a sunset in the background of the final shot- find a sunset on cover.


Dress the Bachelorette or a Bachelor

Find 5 items of clothing similar to what was worn on the show from 5 different covers. 

For example- a bathing suit, high heels, a tank top, long dress, hat, etc. Any article of clothing works. They just need to be 5 different pieces of clothing. For example, you can't use a pair of jeans twice. 

1. Dress The Elite (Review)

Quarterly Challenge #10
 June 1st to August 31st

1) Read a book that from ALA's 2013 Teens’ Top Ten Nominations list. The list can be found here: you find nothing you want to read on that list, you may read from other other years. The full list is here

2) Read a book that is a new release published in June, July or August of 2013. GoodReads offers lists of the most popular new releases by month, they might help you to make your choices – June,July or August (If you have difficulties obtaining these new books, you can read a release from the same months in 2012).

3) Read a book set in summer or that has a summery cover (beach and such).

4) Read a book whose title starts with one of the letters of the word SUMMER  

5) Read a classic title

6) Read a book with a cover that does not have a person on it Reboot (Review)

7) Read a book that involves traveling – a road trip, a trip or moving to another state, country or continent.

8) Read a book that is funny

9) Read an author's debut novel (a list of this year’s debut authors can be found here:

10) Read a book which is a 5-star favorite of one of your GoodReads friends (if you've yet to make any GoodRead’s friends, choose a 5-star favorite of a co-moderator – and friend them if you want!) 

Last is my personal challenge. 

It's summer the kids are out of school so I should have a lot more time to read. Which I've been looking forward to. I hope to finish off all my reviews and make a dent in my TBR list. 

The Big List
1. PODs by Michelle K Pickett (Review)
2. Reboot by Amy Tintera (Review)
3. Sun Poisoned by Nikki Rae (Review)
4. Blood Moon by Teri Harman (Review)
5. The Elite by Kiera Cass (Review)
6. Bittersweet by Kathy Petrakis (Review)
7. Otherkin by Nina Berry (Review)
8. Moonlit by Jadie Jones (Review)

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