Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Teaser Tuesday


It's Teaser Tuesday time! 

New week all new books. I'm currently reading a review book that I'm so excited to have gotten the chance to be apart of. 

A Hunt So Wild and Cruel 
by Rebecca F. Kenney 
Published November 2nd 2023
Dark Spicy Romance Retelling 


My brain won’t let me sleep. It churns through what I witnessed tonight over and over, replaying Helix’s words in my head like an endless refrain.


She's been a bad girl...

They’ve been summoned for a reckoning.

Queen Lauriel hoards wealth and persecutes anyone with magic. She even cancels the Midwinter Glee festival, claiming that it wastes the Crown's money. But one cold night, the Wild Hunt rides across the sky, led by three majestic Fae. They've been called to teach the Queen a lesson, and if she can't learn it by their deadline, her throne won't be the only thing she'll lose.

For the three riders, visiting the Queen is a welcome reprieve from their existence as bodiless spirits. But if they fail in their task, their place in the Wild Hunt is at risk, and the alternative is a far worse fate.

Three ghost riders...

One chance to change.

This book is a standalone spinoff of the Wicked Darlings series. It's a spicy fantasy-romance retelling of "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens, with a female main character and three hunky Fae spirits.

Trigger/content warnings will be available in the front matter of the book and on the author's website.

What are you currently reading? 

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  1. Oh man! My brain hardly ever lets me sleep! So many thoughts churn and churn around in my head too!

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