Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Happy Release Day + Review of Tempt Me With Darkness

Title -  Tempt Me With Darkness
Author - Shayla Black
Genre - Paranormal Romance 
Format - Kindle Review Copy  
Published - Published October 24th 2023 
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I hate her as much as I can’t live without her.


I’ve been cursed, and I’m out for revenge. I’ll do anything to end my damnation, including kidnap an innocent with telling violet eyes.

For a thousand years I’ve been an immortal recluse. Suddenly, I’m tortured by filthy dreams that leave me craving my captive. Worse, once I lay rough hands on her soft skin, I demand things from her I shouldn’t. I feel things beyond the hatred that has consumed me.



And a hunger more demanding than any vengeance.



The second I meet Marrok, my heart stutters. My world stops. I’m drawn to the brash stranger, until…

He abducts me.

He vows to slake fifteen centuries of lust on me.

He demands I uncurse him, or he’ll kill me.

We should never have met. We’re enemies. Fate makes us lovers. Magic decrees us mates, unlocking secrets and unleashing a dark, paranormal power determined to burn down the world. Unless we band together, we’re doomed.


I received Tempt Me With Darkness from Valentine PR in return for an honest review. 

Marrok was cursed by Morganna over 1500 years ago and hasn't be able to die force to live in a world he doesn't know holding out hope to break the curse. When a chance encounter he finds himself face to face with her descendent he can't deny the attraction to her and maybe she has what it takes to break the curse. Will Olivia be up for the challenge of breaking the curse? Will she loose her heart in the process what about the darkness looming hunting her. 

I love Marrok he's a little broken but who wouldn't be after living during Arthurs time only to be forced to wander for 1500 years unable to die or get a release. I liked Olivia right from the start she's a little broken thanks to her mom but with Marrok hopefully she will have what she's always needed. I love the fated mate connection between them it just works so perfect they have this steamy undeniable connect. 

I devoured Tempt Me With Darkness in just one afternoon it was hard to put down and I needed to know what would happen next.  It's a steamy paranormal romance that blends story with just the right about of spice between the characters. I love the Arthurian elements as I don't see those very often in the modern world it was blended so well into the story. The characters are easy to connect and I just really loved Marrok and Olivia's story it's steamy and sizzling. 

This is my first book by the author and I'm obsessed she's created this beautiful steamy urban fantasy that made my heart so happy. I loved every moment it captured my attention from the first page till the last. The author has done a lovely job creating a captivating story that sparks the heart as well as the imagination. I can't wait for the next book to in the series and see how we get to meet next. Perfect for fans of steamy paranormal romance with Arthurian elements and swoon worthy men. 

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