Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Book Tour & Review: Twisted Bond

 The wait is finally over! Twisted Bond is coming out on October 18th, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Visit one of our Bookstagram hosts to win a hardcover edition of this stunner!

Twisted Bond (Twisted Series #1)

Publication Date: October 18, 2023

Genre: YA Fantasy

🗝️ Found Family 

🗝️ Hidden Royalty 

🗝️ Friends to Lovers 

🗝️ Chosen One

Three Girls.

Three Lives.

One Bond.

After almost a decade apart, Cammie, Hannah, and Sabina never expected their paths to cross again so suddenly. But when Cammie is plagued by memories of a person she has never met, she has no choice but to reach out to the friends she lost touch with years ago.

A charismatic stranger—by the name of Caelan—claims he holds the answers to her mounting list of questions. Instead, Cammie winds up in a comatose state. With Caelan’s help, Sabina races against time to find the man in Cammie’s memories who holds the key to an unseen world… before her friend is lost within her own mind forever.

Meanwhile, Hannah finds herself fighting for her life after being thrust into the middle of a war between beings rumored to be myth. In the midst of the chaos, one element holds true… fate pulled them back

together for a reason. Will the trio uncover the truth they seek? Or run from an answer they fear will shatter their world as they know it? 


I received Twisted Bond in return for an honest review as part of the tour hosted R&R Book Tours. 

Three former friends each living their own lives until they suddenly collide in a whirlwind adventure that will test them all and change their lives forever. Sabrina can't seem to do anything right living at home and jumps at the chance to help Cammie who's struggling with a forgotten memory while Hannah jumps at the chance to leave home with her friends only to end up kidnapped by a stranger. 

I love the girls each one brings something to the trio and they each complement the others even if they haven't seen each other in a while. They still have this strong connection, but I think Sabrina is my favorite there is just something about her I find interesting. However, I feel like Cammie is a lot like me as she loves books too and Hannah is a bit of a wildcard at the moment. 

I really felt like I was able to connect with all the girls as we had a little more inside into how they are feeling and their story even thought Hannah wasn't my favorite I still liked her in the end. I love multiple pov I think it's why I was able to connect with all the girls. Twisted Bond is full of action packed suspense adventure that kept me on my toes till the very end. I loved all the paranormal elements, and the way the girls are dragged into another world. 

I really enjoyed the world building that went into tying the girls together and into another magical world it. I ended up devouring the over just a couple days as she's a little on the chunky side, but I'm sure if I had all day to read I could easy finish it in just one. I found the story captivating and it just drew me in I had to know what would happen next to our girls. The author has done a lovely job weaving an enchanting story and I can't wait for the next book to see what happens next. 

About the Author

Katlyn DeRouen is a multi-genre author who dabbles in science fiction, fantasy, and romance. Driven by her love of the written word, she penned her debut book of poetry in 2019, which received an outpouring of glowing reviews. Encouraged by the support of her readers, she allowed her imagination to take her to the stars and back with countless new engaging characters and compelling novels. She lives in Kansas with her husband and two fur babies where she can always be found getting lost in a story. 

Katlyn DeRouen

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