Tuesday, October 10, 2023

New Release: + Review: The Curse Keepers

Title -  The Curse Keepers
Author - D.G. Swank 
Genre - Fantasy, Paranormal, Mythology, Romance, Urban Fantasy
Format - Kindle Review Copy  
Published - Published October 10th 2023 
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When the keepers meet for the first time, the gate will be opened.

Two little rules have kept me safe since my mother died protecting me: always trust your instincts and forget everything about the curse.

But when I accidentally activate an ancient catastrophe I’ve spent my life running from, breaking the seal on the gates of hell and ripping the lost colony of Roanoke back through time and getting the attention of a vengeful god in the process, rules go out the window.

I can barely keep myself alive, and now somehow, it’s my responsibility to save all of humanity?

We’re screwed.

My only hope is to learn everything I can—everything I should have already known—from my fellow Curse Keeper—Collin-effing-Daily. Collin can lay on the charm when he wants to, but he’s made it clear he’s not happy I’m a novice at all of this. Unfortunately, I feel a pull to him I can’t chalk up to supernatural powers. My instincts beg me not to trust Collin, but I’m out of other options.

We have seven days to save the world, and the clock starts now.

**This book was previously published, but this edition edition has significant changes.**


I received The Curse Keepers in return for an honest review from the Valentine PR as part of the upcoming release. 

Ellie grew up knowing one day she may have to save humanity but based on the past the odds were slim until a chance encounter with Collin another Curse Keeper sets everything in motion. Now they are on a timetable to save humanity and close the gate before it's to late and they can't stop what's been set in motion. 

I liked Ellie a lot right from the start she's just a girl trying to do what she can to survive and when a chance encounter with Collin changes all of that. Collin took a little longer to grow on me but it's because he's so mysterious but he also was very frustrating. However, the more time they spend together they start forming this connection and neither one can deny the attraction to each other. 

I haven't heard a lot of the Lost civilization of Roanoke except for a briefly touching on it in history and America Horror Story. I found the concept for the Curse Keerpers interesting that it's passed down from oldest child in each generation. I ended up devouring The Curse Keeper in just a couple of reading session I was invested in Ellies story and couldn't wait to see how the story would play out. 

This is my first book by the author but I'm hooked D.G. Swank created a captivating adventure that kept me on the edge of my seat till the very last page. The author did a beautiful job creating a whirlwind story with just the right amount of romance. The characters are all lovely some you cheer on others you want to smack with the book. I really enjoyed the authors writing style it just flowed along so well. I'm looking forward to finishing this series and seeing what happens next. I need to check out her other series too. 

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