Friday, October 13, 2023

Book Review: Pebbles and the Biggest Number

Title -  Pebbles and the Biggest Number
Author - Joey Benun & Laura Watson
Genre - Picture Book
Format - Hardback Book
Published - January 31
th 2023 
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Even the youngest children know big numbers: a thousand, a million, even a billion! But what comes next? A curious butterfly named Pebbles wants to know, too.

Follow Pebbles' globetrotting adventure and meet animal friends in exotic landscapes. From idyllic butterfly fields to scorching deserts, vast oceans, and the splendors of space, Pebbles is always eager to explore. This fact-filled science book for kids is overflowing with vibrant illustrations that pull the story forward.

Even as the numbers grow to unimaginable sizes, author Joey Benun finds imaginative ways to help kids grasp the concept. Big ideas feel manageable when compared to relatable, everyday objects, like sand and stars. Reading about math is even more fun with 'Did You Know?' trivia, 'Number Notes', and 'Science Spots' on every page!

Pebbles and the Biggest Number is perfect for independent elementary readers or a read-with-me introduction to toddler math. Plus, there's so much to re-read and explore after the story. Dig deeper with a kid-friendly science glossary, fascinating number visualizer, and supplemental online activities.

Will Pebbles ever find the biggest number? Flutter in and find out!


I received Peebles and the Biggest Number in return for an honest review from the author. 

Pebbles is a butterfly who loves to count but counting everything in his home never get's him very high. So he sets off on an adventure to find the biggest number he can find. Along the way he makes new friends and finds many new large numbers. 

I don't have any little kids in the house just my teenager but we quickly found someone who would enjoy listening to the story. I read the story to her and our kitten Seaweed the first time and she's read it to him multiple times before bed. He snuggles up in her arms as she reads to him it's super cute he just loves being the center of her attention. 

I've never been a huge math person in school it was always my least favorite class but I love science. I love learning new facts and this book was perfect for that full of fun interesting facts. My favorite is the malamute fact as we do have a big fluffy malamute though he has never seen snow.

 I absolutely loved Pebbles adventure as he hunts for the biggest number. The art work is beautiful but it's the story that captured my heart. I had no idea numbers went so high to be honest of course my daughter seems to know how high they went. I honestly think this is a great story to read to kids because they will love the story and all the fun facts. My daughter is still reading it to our kitten before bed since she enjoys is so much. She said it was really cute and loves all the adorable artwork. I think it's a must have for every classroom perfect for kids to learn and enjoy the story. We loved every moment of Pebbles story. 


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