Friday, October 20, 2023

Book Review: Courting Death and Destruction

Title -  Courting Death and Destruction 
Author - Emily Shore 
Genre - Dark Fantasy Romance Dragons 
Format - Kindle Review Copy  
Published - Published October 16th 2023 
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From bestselling Kindle Vella author comes a steamier Twilight meets Throne of Glass in this dark romantasy featuring a true 'enemies-to-lovers-sharing-one-bed' forced marriage.

Will I conquer the Dragon Prince of Destruction and make him my warrior, or will I share the dark fate of his past murdered brides?

I just wanted to spend my life rescuing children from human blood farms and vampire courts.

Until the father of all vampires and his son, Neoptolemus, the Prince of Destruction, destroyed my home and family.

Now, it’s time for some righteous revenge.

When the Mother Goddess offers me my revenge on a gold platter in the form of a magical Halo, I take it. I will embrace this heavenly hula hoop with its star-fire power, become Neo's bride, and share his bed. I will learn his weaknesses and then kill him. I'm sure it's just an urban legend that he can turn into a dragon.

Did I mention how the Prince is sex-on-a-vampire-stick and just my type? If only he wasn't a bloodthirsty warrior who destroys all his brides.

The Halo doesn't get the hint!

I keep shedding stardust and lighting up like a Christmas tree whenever he's around. Perhaps...there is more to his destructive mask.

Could I break the patriarchal bond with his father and claim him as my warrior instead? If I fail, the Father will use Neo to destroy me, and with my halo power, he will enslave the world for eternity...

From Fourth Wing to Tethered to A Court of Mist and Fury, readers will fall in love with this slow-burn but steamy forbidden love story where the age-old fairytale gets a modern facelift to prove the princess can save the dragon.

*Courting Death and Destruction includes a symbolic trauma-healing theme based on author's overcoming journey*Dissociative Identity Disorder systems is featured through the eyes of a significant supporting character to show the beauty of this community. Please read the Mental Health Author's Note.
*Trigger Warning on author's website.


I received Courting Death and Destruction from the author in return for an honest review. 

Elysia has a destiny that has haunted her knowing eventually her time is coming. Her mission is to slay the dragon but the more time she spends with Neo she learns he's not the monster that she expected and finds herself falling for her husband. However, time is running out and they can't hide who she is forever. 

I love Elysia she's a fantastic character you can't help cheering her on as she risks no only her life but heart as well. I love that when she takes on the powers she asks about her wings, she's a girl of my own heart. I think Neo just perfect he's my favorite type of love interest the morally grey just works so well with Elysia's light. The longer they are together the stronger the connection grows it's steamy and sizzling. 

I ended up devouring Courting Death and Destruction in two quick reading sessions I couldn't put it down I had to know how it would all play out with Elysia and Neo. This was a wild ride the characters are easy to connect with I just love Elysia she's such a great character in this crazy world she lives in. I did have a few moments where I wanted to throw my book across the room like the last page as now we have to wait for the next one. 

This is my first book by the author and I think I read the first installment on Vella but I'm not sure why I never finished it because I loved every moment of Elysia's story. The author has done a beautiful job creating a story that captures the heart as well as the imagination. I loved the concept for the Halo it was very unique and I can't wait to see her abilities grow. I eagerly waiting for the next installment in the meantime I'm going to check out her other books since this is a crossover. Highly recommend if you like a romantasy with magic, vampires and a dragon prince. 

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