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Book Tour: Review: The Secrets of Jane

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Seriously, how gorgeous is this book?! Have you read The Secrets of Jane yet? We highly suggest you do! Read on for more details, and visit one of Bookstagram hosts to win 1 of 2 book boxes.


The Secrets of Jane: Forgotten (Improper Bastards Series #1) 
  Publication Date: September 19, 2023
Genre: Dark Romantasy 

 🗝️ Enemies-to-Lovers 💀 Empath Daddy 🗝️ Everyone is Morally Grey 💀 EPIC Pirating World 🗝️ Secrets and Mysteries 💀 One bed/ One Horse 🗝️ Captor becomes Protector 💀 Steamy, Angry Scenes until Alphahole Catches Feelings First

  “I’m a disciplined man, Jane. I can stay here for as long as you need before the lesson sinks in that you don’t run from me while in my charge." -- Soren.

He's a Mercenary with powers that allow him feel the hearts/desires/fears of others. She's his target, and must guard her identity at all costs.

My village is aflame, and a deadly legend becomes my captor.

 I’m to appear before the most elite faction of mercenaries and warlords, commanded to answer for a crime they refuse to explain. Even if my only guess for why they want me is wrong, they cannot have me. I’ve sworn to never return to Skull’s Row, home to thieves and killers; the graveyard of my childhood.

  He plans to unbury every memory until my soul is stripped bare: Soren, my captor, is strangely fascinated by me. By what I hide. Of the scars I have. 

 I’m unwillingly drawn to him. To his brutality. He harbors the same viciousness that coats my veins. He even seems persistent in taking me for himself… 

 He’ll either be my reckoning, or my undoing.

  The Witcher Meets Pirates of the Caribbean

This Dark Fantasy Romance is a Duet full of foul language, sensual scenes, and improper bastards.

Content Warning 18+: This series contains explicit scenes (3.5 chili peppers), depictions of war, battle violence, abduction, graphic depiction of violence, drugging, and overall a very crude world.
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I received The Secrets of Jane in return for an honest review from R&R Book tours. 

Jane has been on the run most of her life hiding but now her village is on fire and a stranger with a mask has arrived in town determined not to leave without her. Soren is on a mission capture the auburn haired beauty at any cost. However, she's not what he expected and the spark is instant for both. The more he learns about her secrets the more he's not willing to give her up yet if at all. 

I love Jane she's an awesome character she has her softer compassionate side but is always willing to risk it all for her friends and doesn't back down. Soren is swoon worthy for a morally gray guy who's been working for the council. The have this instant little spark that grows as the book progresses and starts to sizzle.  I love the relationship between Jane an Soren they have this steamy chemistry that just works.  I also like the few side characters we had the chance to get to know Bones and Kathleen. 

I devoured The Secrets of Jane in just one afternoon I was captivated by Jane's story right from the start I had to know what was going to happen next. I love that it's written in a dual pov because I really liked getting to see what Soren was thinking and going through. I really loved that I was able to connect with both characters they are engaging and I just love them together. 

This is my first book by the author and I'm obsessed with her storytelling style. The Secrets of Jane is a captivating whirlwind action packed adventure that keeps you drawn in till the very end. This is a cliffhanger but don't let that keep you from diving right in. It's a unique story that mixes magic and pirates in a dark gritty world. I loved The Secrets of Jane its a beautiful story that I can't wait for the sequel to get my happy ever after. In the meantime I'm going to work my way through the authors other books. Highly recommend. 

About the Author

 Charlotte Mallory is eager to share her love for Dark Fantasy Romance stories, and dabbling in a few Contemporary Romances. What she enjoys most is taking well loved tropes and adding her own take on them. Right now, she greatly enjoys anything with Fantasy or Contemporary with an Alpha male lead, paired with a female lead that can absolutely handle her own! In her spare time, she enjoys nature, bonsai trees, coffee, and taking random art classes. 

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