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Book Tour: Book Review: Prince of Never

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We're celebrating the release of Prince of Never by Lorelei Johnson and Hailey Jade, the first gorgeous book in their Curse of Fate and Fae series! Read on for more!


Prince of Never (Curse of Fate and Fae #1)
Publication Date: September 25, 2023 
  Genre: Fantasy Romance/ Fae 

 Destined to love him. Destined to own him. Destined to destroy him. 

 Only one thing stands between Tarian and his crown: a woman prophesised to be his downfall. He'd expected a formidable enemy, but what he found was a human librarian. One who seems to have a penchant for recklessness and a serious lack of self-preservation. One who poses a serious dilemma. 

 How to take his crown when he can't remove the one thing standing in his way?

 Imogen has always fought to keep control. Control of herself, control of her life. Because when the world thinks you're crazy, you have to show you aren't. Especially when you're not sure yourself. But when a fae prince takes her to another realm, she's forced to face her biggest fears. 

 Was she right all along or has she finally lost her mind?

 With a strange bond pulling them together and dangers lurking around every corner, will they find that love is a blessing or a curse? 

  Prince of Never is the captivating first book in the Curse of Fate and Fae series. If you like fated mates, political intrigue, and star-crossed love, then you'll love this seductive fantasy romance by Lorelei Johnson & Hailey Jade. Available Here!


I received Prince of Never in return for an honest review as part of the tour hosted by R&R Book Tours.

Imogen sees things that no one else sees, and has been attacked by creatures no one else sees. When she's kidnapped from the human world her life suddenly changes now she's the mate of the prince who doesn't want her. He's determined to find a way out because Imogen is going to be his downfall. The only problem for Tarian is he's having a hard time fighting the connection. 

I love Imogen she's an lovely character and I loved that she's a librarian she's got the best job. Tarian was a little frustrating at first but as the book progresses he just kept getting better. They have this sizzling undeniable chemistry even if they are both living in denial. I like some of the support characters we've gotten to meet some unique ones in the fae world. I love the Imogen was able to find out more about why she's seeing the beings. 

I loved the concept for the Prince of Never it's a unique story that captured my attention right from the start and I had a hard time putting it down. I ended up devouring it over the course of two days just because life get's in the way. The characters I found were easy to connect with I just really enjoyed them even if I wanted to beat some of them with a stick. 

This is my first book by the author but I'm hooked they created a beautiful story that kept me on the edge of my seat till the very end. I really enjoyed Imogen's and Tarian's adventure as are forced to accept the mate bond. I'm a huge fan of fae story and love the way the authors created the courts. I loved every moment of prince of Never and can't wait to read the next book and see what happens to our pair. Highly recommend for fans of Romantasy a perfect blend of story with just the right amount of steamy. 

About the Authors

 Lorelei Johnson is an Australian romance author, primarily writing Paranormal Romance and Fantasy Romance. She graduated from Flinders University, where she studied English Literature and Creative Writing before she discovered her degree was useless and she hated studying in an institution. She went into administrative work where she learnt just enough business sense to start publishing her own books. Lorelei is fuelled by caffeine and sarcasm, priding herself as a true 90's kid. She labels her self-publishing as anti-establishment, but really she's just a chicken who decided to avoid the gatekeepers all together and enjoy the freedom to write whatever the heck she likes. Through her writing, she likes to explore the many facets of love and revel in a little magic and a little smut, of course.

 Hailey Jade has tried to quit writing, but alas, the characters who live in her head will not stop yammering. She’s hoping that building them ink-and-paper homes will make them pipe down long enough for her to get some sleep. She likes creating fantasy worlds populated by complicated, morally-grey characters who try to resist their attraction to other complicated, morally-grey characters, but who inevitably fall in love, because everyone needs a Happily Ever After. Hailey has completed a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Teaching at Flinders University, and spends her daylight hours trying to convince reluctant teenagers to love books. She lives in regional South Australia with her partner, bouncy baby boy, and feline overlord. 

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