Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Teaser Tuesday


It's Teaser Tuesday time! 

I'm about the start 

The Beast 
by Jenika Snow
Published June 13th 20233 
Fantasy Romance

I wasn't embarrassed to admit I thought about running, slipping out in the night and escaping. But as I looked at my father, knowing they'd kill him slowly because I wasn't here to once again clean up his mess, and thoughts of leaving him to the proverbial wolves flew out the door. 


What if the Beast never turned into the prince?

My father had just sold me off.

Bartered my body to erase his debt to the very devil himself.

A Beast of a man. Literally.

A creature whispered about amongst the villagers and feared by all.

He was a beastly visage at three times the size of a man, his monstrously huge body covered in fur. Sharp fangs and eyes that held an unearthly red glow. He had pawlike hands tipped with claws and horns that arched back from his inhuman face.

I was to live with him, to be his in every way—all ways—he saw fit.

I was to be his wife, and so I offered myself up as the proverbial sacrifice to the very devil himself.

I just didn’t expect to enjoy being with a monster as much as I did.

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