Saturday, July 29, 2023

Manga Review: A Business Proposal

Title -  A Business Proposal 
Author - Haehwa & Narak
Series - A Business Proposal Vol 1 
Genre - Manga 
Format - Arc Kindle Copy
Published - May 23rd 2023
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After being worked to the bone at her office job, getting introduced to her longtime crush’s new girlfriend, and dealing with her family’s debt hanging over her head, Hari Shin's life seems to have hit rock bottom. Luckily, her friend Youngseo has a business proposal for her: go to an arranged date in her stead and Hari will receive a hefty compensation. Things grow complicated, however, when it turns out that the other party is Hari’s new CEO—and he's dead-set on marrying whoever shows up to the date! 


I received A Business Proposal in return for an honest review from the publisher. 

Hari Shin has been crushing off her long time best friend and when she is introduced to his new girlfriend she has to accept that it's not going to work out. Her friend Youngseo needs someone to take her place on a blind date her father set up. She offers Hari Shin an offer she can't pass up all she has to do is get the guy to not want to date her again and she get's paid to help her family. How could she pass up the chance to make some money and a night out. Only things go horribly wrong when the date is her boss. Good thing he doesn't recognize her. 

This one is so much fun poor Hari Shin can't seem to catch a break when what should have been easy money has quickly tossed her life upside down. I love the characters you can't help loving Hari Shin even our Steamy CEO Taemu Kang. Her's determined that a wife is the solution to all his problems and Hari Shin is going to be her. 

I devoured this one in just a little over and hour instantly hooked and I can't wait to get my hands on the rest of the series. The artwork is beautifully done and matches the equally beautiful story. I absolutely adore the story it's a perfect start to a fake marriage and happy ever after I suspect. This is my first by the authors but I've become a fan and I'm addicted to Hari Shin's story. I actually picked up a physical copy as it's in color and so beautiful. If you are a romance fan this is a must even if you are new to webtoons. This may just be my favorite webtoon of the year. 

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