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Book Review: Tormented Love

Title -  Tormented Love 
Author - Juliette Duncan 
Series - The True Love series
Genre - Christian Romance 
Format - Kindle Copy 
Published - October 30th 2016

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A missing teenager… a marriage in turmoil

When Ben and Tessa return from their holiday to New Zealand without Jayden, his absence takes an enormous toll on them both. Tessa becomes concerned that Ben will slip back into depression.

They should trust God to bring Jayden home, but reminders of him are everywhere. It’s next to impossible.

Tessa has an idea she believes is from God. This idea leads her and Ben half-way around the world. Although they meet some wonderful Christians who help them in their relationship with each other and with God, this journey doesn’t bring Jayden home.

Meanwhile, Jayden thinks life will be better with his mother, but when reality sets in, he realizes he’s made a mistake.

A mistake that could ruin his life.

He wants to go home, but how can he leave his mother?

The third book in “The True Love Series” is a clean and wholesome, contemporary Christian romance that will pull at your heartstrings, warm your heart, and draw you closer to God. The series comes to a conclusion in Book Four, "Triumphant Love” To gain maximum enjoyment, it's recommended the books are read in order.


Tessa and Ben has been hoping that Jaden will return home but so far they are still holding out hope that he will return. Needing a change of pace from the waiting at home the pair heads out with her brother on his mission half way around the world. Hoping to build on their relationship. While Jaden is in the USA dealing with his mother which hasn't gone as he planned. 

I love Tessa and Ben together they still have a lot of growing as a couple to do but they are both willing to listen to each other and grow. In this installment we are seeing more of Jaden's point of view which I think adds to the story. I really liked that the story is written from multiple points of view as we get to understand each of the characters. 

This is a sweet christian romance I picked it up because I was reading Australian authors for a Goodreads challenge. I haven't read a christian romance in a long time so I found this series refreshing the romance is sweet and the story is captivating. I enjoyed the author's writing style and devoured the book in one afternoon. I actually read the whole series one after another because I had to know what would happen next to Tessa, Ben, and Jaden. 

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