Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Short & Sweet Book Review: Muscles & Monsters


Title - Muscles & Monsters
Author - Ashley Bennett 
Series - Leviathan Fitness #1 
Genre - Romance Fantasy 
Format - Kindle Unlimited 
Published - June 7th 2022
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Leviathan Fitness is known for monsters, muscles, and wolven who rescue damsels in distress.

After a wedding cake catastrophe, local decorator Tegan finds herself being helped by a solid wall of fur and fangs named Atlas. She’s never met anyone like him and finds herself enamored by his wolfish charm. After their sweet encounter, Atlas invites her to his gym anytime she needs his cake lifting services.

Tegan decides that instead- she wants to lift the cakes herself. She signs up for a membership with Leviathan Fitness, determined to build her strength.

Primal desires emerge as Atlas and Tegan test just how much their new love can lift— and if there are any limits to what monsters and humans can do.

Muscles & Monsters is book one in the Leviathan Fitness series. Each book will center around the gym and feature a different monster pairing.


I've had Muscles & Monsters on my TBR list for a while and it was perfect for my current reading challenge. Tegan is a wedding cake baker and Atlas is the owner of Leviathan fitness. On his way to work he has a chance encounter with Tegan finding an instant connection. Leading the pair down a whirlwind romance. I like Tegan she's this adorable wedding cake baker who's confident and loves her body. While Atlas is struggling to love his body they complement each other perfectly. 

This is my first book by the author and I'm hooked I can't wait to read more of the Leviathan Fitness series. I enjoyed the characters as well as the story it was a fast paced sweet steamy romance. I admit this one with the Wolvens was a new monster type for me. If you enjoy Monster romance I highly recommend checking this one out. 

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