Thursday, July 20, 2023

Manga Review: Honey Lemon Soda

Title -  Honey Lemon Soda 
Author -  Mayu Murata 
Series - Honey Lemon Soda, Vol 1 
Genre - Manga, Shojo, 
Format - Kindle Review Copy 
Published - January 17th 2023
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Uka Ishimori has one dream in life: to have fun in high school! As a self-avowed dense, stone-faced introvert who spent all of middle school hardening her heart against a daily barrage of bullying, breaking out of her shell is easier said than done. Luckily, she's not alone—Kai Miura, a classmate whose blond hair reminds her of the lemon soda he so enjoys, has her back. Step by step, she endeavors to cast off the shadows of her past and reinvigorate her life!


I received Honey Lemon Soda in return for an honest review from the publisher Yen Press. 

Uka Ishimori was bullied during all of middle school so when given the chance to start fresh in high school she takes it. However, her bullies seemed to have followed her but this time she's not going it alone since she's met Kai Miura. He's determined to make all her dreams come true and help her grow as a person.

I've had my eye on this one for a while and decided to check it out when I saw the option to review. I love Uka Ishimori she's a an adorable character you can't help instantly connecting with her. I wasn't so sure what Kai Miura intentions with her at first are but the more I read the more I liked him too. I can't wait to see where their relationship will go from here. 

This is my first manga by the author but I'm hooked. I loved the sweet romance in Honey Lemon Soda. The author has a beautiful way of telling a captivating story. I loved the art work it's so detailed and I really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to explore more of the authors other works as well as continuing on this series. If you like sweet romance I highly recommend checking it out. 

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