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Book Review: Tested Love

  Title -  Tested Love
Author - Juliette Duncan 
Series - The True Love series
Genre - Christian Romance 
Format - Kindle Copy 
Published - July 2nd 2016

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A new marriage, a ready-made family, and a face from the past…

No sooner do Ben and Tessa return from their honeymoon in Fiji than Ben’s teenage son, Jayden, reverts to his old, troubling habits. The honeymoon is definitely over.

Tessa desperately wants to be a good mother, but Ben’s parenting style causes her a great deal of stress. Part of her wants to coddle Jayden, another wants to support Ben’s wishes.

She can’t do both.

As she frets over marrying Ben and taking on so much responsibility, a new challenge arises. How will Tessa and Ben cope when their worst fear is realized?

Will they have the strength to power through and hold onto God’s graces or will the turmoil be enough to make their faith falter? Can this ready-made family remain together, especially now that their worst fear has come to fruition?

"Tested Love" is the 2nd book in "The True Love Series", a clean and wholesome Contemporary Christian Romance set in sunny Queensland, Australia. The story begins in Book 1, "Tender Love" and continues in Book 3, "Tormented Love". To gain the most from this series. it's recommended the books are read in order.


Tessa and Ben are newly married and bonding with Jaden is really important to her but she finds that she's clashing with Ben. The more time they spend as a married couple the more they find they are butting heads on how Ben is parenting Jaden. However, they will figure it out as neither of them is willing to give up. Until Jaden disappears on a family vacation. 

I love Tessa and Ben together they still have a lot of growing as a couple to do but they are both willing to listen to each other and grow. In this installment we are seeing more of Jaden's point of view which I think adds to the story. I really liked that the story is written from multiple points of view as we get to understand each of the characters. 

This is a sweet christian romance I picked it up because I was reading Australian authors for a Goodreads challenge. I haven't read a christian romance in a long time so I found this series refreshing the romance is sweet and the story is captivating. I enjoyed the author's writing style and devoured the book in one afternoon. I actually read the whole series one after another because I had to know what would happen next to Tessa, Ben, and Jaden. 

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