Monday, May 8, 2023

RELEASE BOOST - Cherry Picked by May Archer

Title: Cherry Picked
Series: The Sunday Brothers #3
Author: May Archer
Genre: MM Romance
Tropes: Brother's Best Friend/Age Gap
Release Date: May 2, 2023

Never ask your brother’s best friend to… pick your cherry.
When I asked Jack Wyatt to help me lose my pesky v-card, I didn’t expect him to keel over in shocked disapproval and nearly tumble us down a mountain.
You might think a guy who's been reading romance novels his whole life would've figured out a smoother way to broach the subject, but in my defense, I’ve been pining for Jack for seven long years, just waiting for him to notice me.
Jack sees me as sweet, shy Hawk Sunday: his Pride and Prejudice-obsessed hiking buddy; his dependable employee; the honorary little brother he’s determined to protect, not…deflower.
But to me, Jack is everything a romantic hero should be: tall, gorgeous, kind, and brilliant.
Or at least I thought he was brilliant… until he started getting so many things so boneheadedly wrong.
Like refusing to do the deflowering himself, but also, erm... blocking any other potential plant-lovers from getting all up in my garden.
And like continuing to see me as someone who needs protecting, rather than a man who needs possessing…
A man who's determined to get his cherry well and truly picked this summer, whether Jack Wyatt likes it or not.

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Free in Kindle Unlimited

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May is an M/M author who lives in Boston. She spends her days raising three incredibly sarcastic children, alternating eating Jax and Tostitos, planning beach vacations, avoiding the gym, reading M/M romance, and occasionally writing it.


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